Dominika Sztandera Splits 1:06.07 Breast Leg To Help Poland To Relay Title (Relay Analysis)



  • World Record: 3:50.40 – USA (2019)
  • European Record: 3:53.38 Russian Federation (2017)
  • Championship Record: 3:54.01 – Great Britain (2021)
  1. Poland (Piskorska, Sztandera, Peda, Fiedkiewicz) – 3:58.71 Polish Record
  2. Hungary (Komoroczy, Bekesi, Ugrai, Padar) – 4:01.50
  3. Danmark (Tabor, Rybak-Andersen, Bach, Janesen) – 4:02.03
  4. Sweden (Rosvall, Klint, Junevik, Morstrand) – 4:02.27
  5. Greece (Drakou, Angelaki, Damasioti, Drasidou) – 4:05.05
  6. Israel (Spitz, Golovaty, Hayon, Murez) – 4:08.47
  7. Slovenia (Segel, Celik, Sekuti, Pintar) – 4:08.85
  8. Slovakia (Potocka, Podmanikova, Ripkova, Ivan) – 4:09.34

Poland got out to the lead from the start as Adela Piskorska led off in a 1:00.40, just off her 59.79 that she swam to win the event in last night’s final. Then, Dominika Sztandera made the relay’s gap even larger as she blasted a 1:06.07 on the breaststroke leg, the fastest by over a second and a half. That swim was much faster than her flat start 1:07.75 that she swam for 4th place earlier this week.

Sweden’s Sara Junevik dove in for the butterfly leg and shrunk Poland’s lead from 2.87 seconds to 2.11 seconds as Junevik had the fastest fly split of a 57.39.

The freestyle leg proved to be crucial. Hungary’s Nikolett Padar split the fastest split with a 54.02 to move the relay up from 3rd to 2nd while Denmark moved up from 4th to 3rd after a 54.2 split from Julie Kepp Kensen while Sweden fell to 4th.

Back Breast Fly Free
Piskorska POL 1:00.40 Sztandera POL 1:06.07 Junevik SWE 57.39 Padar HUN 54.02
Komoroczy HUN 1:01.08 Celik SLO 1:07.88 Bach DEN 57.82 Fiedkiewicz POL 54.09
Rosvall SWE 1:01.24 Rybak-Andersen DEN 1:08.04 Ugrai HUN 57.91 Jensen DEN 54.2
Spitz ISR 1:01.44 Klint Ipsa SWE 1:08.10 Peda POL 58.15 Murez ISR 54.68
Tabor DEN 1:01.97 Bekesi HUN 1:08.49 Damasioti GRE 58.23 Drasidou GRE 55.35
Drakou GRE 1:02.18 Angelaki GRE 1:09.29 Hayon ISR 58.54 Mortstrand SWE 55.54
Segel SLO 1:03.20 Podmanikova SVK 1:09.31 Ripkova SVK 1:01.18 Ivan SVK 55.56
Potocka SVK 1:03.29 Golovaty ISR 1:13.81 Sekuti SLO 1:01.55 Pintar SLO 56.22

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18 days ago

Hungary also broke the (Hungarian) NR I believe in the women’s 400 medley relay.

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