How Did Texas A&M 4-Peat as Women’s SEC Champs Despite a Sprinting Deficit?



1. Texas A&M University             1107   
2. University of Florida          1023.5
3. Kentucky, University of         927.5   
4. Tennessee, University of, Knox  919.5
5. The University of Georgia       883.5   
6. Auburn University                 883
7. Missouri                          640   
8. University of Arkansas            517
9. South Carolina, University of,    515  
10. Louisiana State University      489.5
11. University of Alabama           429.5  
12. Vanderbilt University             153

Texas A&M won their 4th straight SEC Women’s Championships tonight, fighting off a rebuilt Florida team. This A&M victory is an impressive one, especially considering this team’s weakest points are likely the sprint free events. The Sprint freestyles are commonly thought of as the most beneficial events to a team, due to their double role as relay events, but A&M taught a masters class in how to get around that disadvantage. In total, the Aggies had 2 B finalist and 4 C finalists between the 50 and 100 free combined. Additionally their 200 free relay came in 5th, and the 400 free relay came in 9th. To add to the hurdles for A&M, Sydney Pickrem had to medical-scratch the 400 IM, an event where she was the defending champion.

So the question now is how did they make it past that relatively large disadvantage, and did so fairly easily. The answer is actually pretty straightforward: they have a huge amount of depth. Only 1 swimmer did not score individually for the Aggies. Even more impressively, 18 Aggies scored 20+ inidividual points. That level of depth just wasn’t matched by any other team in the conference. 6 of those swimmers scored 50+ points, while Alais Kalonji scored 49 points and Taylor Pike scored 48.

This is the list of the Aggies top scorers (50+):

  1. Anna Belousova – 79
  2. Claire Rasmus – 68
  3. Haley Yelle – 62
  4. Monika Gonzalez-Hermosillo – 58
  5. Sydney Pickrem – 56
  6. McKenna DeBever – 52

It should be noted that Pickrem would have all but certainly been the team’s top scorer had she swum the 400 IM.

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The michael phelps caterpillar
2 years ago

Incredible, but don’t give them too much praise. When my club team won their fifth straight Age Group title they celebrated, and as a result I made them do 10 x 500s as punishment. Celebration leads to complacency!

Reply to  The michael phelps caterpillar
2 years ago

You punishes your swimmers for celebrating…. wow

Reply to  The michael phelps caterpillar
2 years ago


Reply to  Thoughts
2 years ago

That’s probably sarcasm

Reply to  The michael phelps caterpillar
2 years ago

You’re why kids burn out and hate this sport

Reply to  The michael phelps caterpillar
2 years ago

Didn’t know Merv Marinovich had a swim team.

2 years ago

Word is at least 4 tennessee swimmers came down with the flu at some point in the meet. Doesnt explain all points lost though, Texas A&M had a great meet

samuel huntington
Reply to  Vol
2 years ago

sounds like a weak excuse to me. Tennessee has nowhere near the depth of A&M, plain and simple.

Reply to  samuel huntington
2 years ago

“Doesnt explain all the points lost.” Not an excuse at all. Just a note. A&M is a great team, plain and simple.

Reply to  Vol
2 years ago

Small, Mosely…who else?

Reply to  VFL
2 years ago

Stanzi conveniently has the flu at a lot of big meets 🙄

Reply to  Vol
2 years ago

I heard it was 11 of the Girlie-Vols and 5 of the Manly-Vols came down with flu and food poisoning.

2 years ago

One answer. S-T-E-V-E B-U-L-T-M-A-N and Tanika. Ok maybe that’s 2 answers.

Reply to  Elmo
2 years ago

Total TEAM Effort !!

Reply to  Elmo
2 years ago

*Tanica 😉