How can Matt Grevers Top his Terrific 2012?

by Garrett McCaffrey 3

January 14th, 2013 News

In 2012 Matt Grevers made his 2nd Olympic Team, won his first individual Olympic Gold Medal, and got engaged to his long time girlfriend Annie Chandler. Pretty tough year to top. It doesn’t help that he started off his 2013 with a flat tire and an attempted break-in to his new home, but anyone who knows the gentle giant has faith that karma is on his side and 2013 will be another terrific year. After his amazing performances in London at the 2012 Olympics, Grevers took the victory lap of talk shows and clinics a little more seriously than in 2008. He also started coaching, which he says is something he’d like to do after he’s done in the pool. Grevers and Garrett McCaffrey discuss his performances at 2012 US Short Course Nationals and Short Course World Championships, his upcoming meet at the Austin Grand Prix, as well as his 2013 goals.

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Daniel Barth

Matt Grevers is a class act! I’ve gotten a chance to meet him twice now and he is a truly awesome guy. I hope that 2013 turns around for him and he kicks butt in the upcoming season!

For Topping his 2012 it would be pretty much impossible.. unless he surprise everyone and also start to swim the 200 events (back and free, the free just for the relay)

But if he can help the USA to keep the Gold on Medley Relay and score any medal on the 400 Freestyle relay now without phelps, keeping his 100 back, he could easily say 2013 was so terrific as 2012..

I totally agreee with that . he is not getting younger But he still can Help Usa in Barcelona in a few key important relays and the 100 back ( even if Stravius from France will contest his supremacy in that event ) . I am pretty confident about what he can acheive . With such great spirit and talent , he can acheive a great year .

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