Horton: “I said Drug Cheat because he tested positive” (Video)

Captured by D’Artagnan Dias. 

Produced by Coleman Hodges. 

Reported by Mitch Bowmile.


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Top Seed: 3:43.42 – Conor Dwyer – USA
World Record: 3:40.07 (2009) – Paul Biedermann – Germany
JR World Record: 3:44.60 – Mack HortonAustralia
Olympic Record: 3:40.14 (2012) – Sun Yang – China
2012 Olympic Champion: 3:40.14 – Sun Yang – China

Things between Australian Mack Horton and rival swimmer Sun Yang have been heating up over the last few days in anticipation of this final.

Horton called Yang out for his previous doping violation, and backed up his talk with a gold medal performance in the 400, dethroning Yang who was the defending Olympic champion.

James Guy of Britain took things out fast, leading the way at the  halfway point under world record pace. Quickly, he fell off that pace and both Yang, Horton, and America’s Conor Dwyer emerged in front.

At the 350-meter wall, Yang took the lead ahead of Horton and Dwyer. With 50-meters to go, Horton wouldn’t lose. He passed Yang, held on for the touch, and grabbed his first individual gold medal with a 3:41.55 performance.

Yang lost it all at the touch, with a 3:41.68. The two were icy to each other following the swim, not even acknowledging the race with anything but a tough stare.

Gabriele Detti of Italy picked up the bronze in 3:43.49, making him the first male Italian medallist in swimming since the 2000 Olympic Games.

Dwyer settled for fourth in 3:44.01, his American counterpart Connor Jaeger was fifth in 3:44.16. Guy faded to sixth with a 3:44.68

  1. Mack Horton – Australia – 3:41.55
  2. Sun Yang – China – 3:41.68
  3. Gabriele Detti – Italy -3:43.49
  4. Conor Dwyer – USA – 3:44.01
  5. Connor Jaeger–  USA – 3:44.16
  6. James Guy – Britain – 3:44.68
  7. David McKeon – Australia – 3:45.28
  8. Jordan Pothain – France – 3:49.07

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6 years ago

Mack Horton does not deserve Olympic gold medal.He is just the bastard with rough and language and behavior resulting from the genes of his ancestors who were ganster,rogue,hoodlum,hooligan;loafer or scoundrel.He called Sun Yang as “drug cheat” based on his wrong proof,so what are you? He hurted not only Sun Yang, but also Chinese.He must apologize for this, or he will not be welcome to China forever.All Chinese will spit on him and his grave.

me of here
6 years ago

So did Kylie Palmer, she tested positive too! and the entire AU men’s swimming team for knowingly taking AOC banned drugs. Does Horton call them drug cheats too?

6 years ago

theres 430,000 comments on mack’s latest Instagram post which is like all the Chinese

Joel Lin
Reply to  leonardmatt
6 years ago

Well, he can come back with one reply: “I’m the Olympic champion. Deal with it. FOREVER.”

Reply to  Joel Lin
6 years ago

which would be utterly irrelevant beause that hasnt anything to do with his disrespectful behaviour

samuel huntington
Reply to  anonymoose
6 years ago

please he did a little trash talk, nothing wrong with that, and he backed it up in the pool. This is good for the sport.

Reply to  anonymoose
6 years ago

Sun does not deserve any respect. He is a full blown cheat. There is nothing honorable in that. The Chinese federation is a joke and those defending Sun are delusional about their “hero”.

ciel Man
Reply to  Rumbuns
6 years ago

nobody questioned the championship of Horton, just his disrespecful behavior. You guys should really look into the truth before making these ignorant comments. Sun was so closed to Horton at the finish line this time and a gold medalist last time, which already proved his capability. And you call him a drug tricker without any solid proof, excuse me?

Yao Ming
Reply to  ciel Man
6 years ago

Solid proof? He got suspended for 3 months by his own country! How’s that for proof?

Reply to  leonardmatt
6 years ago

I think I found his follow up interview


6 years ago

Whats up with the Steve Bartman headphones?

Reply to  xenon
6 years ago

They are so a translator can translate the questions from normal English into Aussie accent English 😉

northern light
Reply to  Daaaave
6 years ago

Good one!

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