Fratus Hits 21.8, Chierighini 48.8 in Sprint Practice at Auburn

Three weeks separate us from the start of the swimming portion of the Olympic Games, and Brazilian sprint stars Bruno Fratus and Marcelo Chierighini put on a clinic in practice at Auburn’s James E. Martin Aquatic Center today.

Thanks to Auburn assistant coach Ozzie Quevedo, who filmed Fratus’ and Chierighini’s impressive swims and posted them to his Twitter account. According to Quevedo’s tweets, Fratus sprinted his way to the way in 21.8 seconds for a 50 free, while Chierighini clocked a 48.8 in a 100 free.

Fratus’ swim:

Chierighini’s swim:

Fratus and Chierighini are two leaders of a deep Brazilian sprint group that will be gunning for individual and relay medals at their home Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

To put their practice swims done today into context, Fratus’ swim would rank just outside of the world’s top 10 for this season. He owns the #1 time in the world this season with a 21.37 from the Brazil Open in December of 2015. Chierighini, meanwhile, would’ve been a few tenths away from cracking the top 25 in the world this season in the 100 free. He holds the #12 time of 48.20, however, which was swum at the 2016 Maria Lenk Trophy in April.

It’s unclear from the video if a scoreboard and touch pads were used to determine the sprinters’ times, but it looks as though the Auburn coaches were going off of their stop watches. While that leaves something to be desired in terms of precision of their times, those are some pretty impressive sprints for an in-practice time trial three weeks out from the Olympics.

If you want to read more analysis on the sprint situation in Rio, check out our special Olympic previews for the men’s 50 free and the men’s 100 free.

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Lol hey recruits look at how fast a couple of pros go and not how fast our actual college swimmers go. Watch times are always way fast anyways.

Attila the Hunt

Yeah.. That ‘Hey recruits and entire world” thing sounds like super desperation to me.
Embarrassing really. Adrian and Earvin are probably swimming those times or faster now but you’d never in a milion years see Durden tweeting it like that.


Sorry to say to you, but Fratus doing sub22 before taper is incredible.Fratus made sub22 in season only one time in his life.21.9 at some USA GP last year(or the year before). All other sub22 in his life are made in rested or tapered meetings.Adrian likes to rest a bit before GP´s, and that makes a big difference.Remember Adrian doing 21.6-21.8 in several GP’s.

Attila the Hunt

eh, given the same condition, 50 free is usually faster when you have no one else on the pool creating waves and all that. Popov swam his one time 21.64 WR in a specially-arranged time trial when both lanes next to him were empty. Otherwise he was never within 0.2 seconds of that WR. Not in 4 olympics, not in 4 world championships.


Popov was tapered.And that don’t change the fact the two(Adrian and Fratus) have the same PB(21.37) and swim in season in totally different way.We will know in some weeks if it was just an Auburn PR stunt or a really great time for now.

Attila the Hunt

Sure. But Popov was also tapered/rested/what have you in all olympics and world championships, and yet he was nowhere near that 21.64 which he did in a quiet lane.

I don’t doubt that Fratus and Chierghini swam those times (or something similar accounting for the accuracy of stop-watches), but we have often heard over the past few years similar claims that so and so Brazilian sprinters blitzed fast times untapered promising much faster times when they are tapered, only to swim disappointingly slow at world championships/pan pacs/pan ams.

Joel Lin

Excellent points. Open lanes around you must be worth a tenth or two in the 50.


Does someone really have to mention that a 21.8 hand timed 50 is still very likely not sub 22?

Attila the Hunt

Someone does?


Did you time it yourself?

Attila the Hunt

What??? Are you talking to me?
The only one who may have some doubt about the accuracy of the times is “swimmer”, the first commenter.
I, in fact, wrote in the above:
“I don’t doubt that Fratus and Chierghini swam those times ”


Could go either way though.


I am glad for Coach Ozzie. He finally got some print space on Swimswam. This is CLEARLY the highlight of his coaching career. Go Warchicken – Cluck, cluck.

bobo gigi

Looks like Fratus will be the main rival for Manaudou.

Attila the Hunt

Sorry, but Adrian will take the gold thank you very much #manaudWHO


Love to see McEvoy pipping them all & winning the double 50-100.


Robbo whilst CW is not here -lets go for the 50 100 200 400 relay 800 relay -5 gold. That should get him a seat to the Space station .


Hey G.I.N.A. riding that space ship all the way!!!!


it will be a Russian one unless he waits till he is 50.

aussie crawl

Aussie Olympic swim team arrive at auburn tomorrow.

Zika Ziki

No more exotic location like Costa Rica, Panama or something?


YAAAAAAASSSS – They can take a bus trip to Manchester Al. Happy Days!

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