France’s Lacourt Says Sun Yang “Pisses Purple” in Interview

Joining Mack Horton in slamming Sun Yang, French swimmer Camille Lacourt said Sun “pisses purple” in an interview following last night’s session that was highlighted by the controversial Chinese star winning gold in the men’s 200 freestyle.  In an interview with French radio station RMCsport, Lacourt, who finished fifth in the 100 backstroke last night, also expressed his fears of how prevalent illegal drug use is in swimming, estimating there are “two or three doped in each final.”

Lacourt specifically called out Sun Yang, stating “Sun Yang, he pisses purple.”  He added “When I see the 200m podium I want to be sick. I prefer to remember the crowd that cheered when we went out.  I am very sad when I see my sport getting like this. I have the impression I am looking at athletics, with two or three doped in each final.”  He finished with “I hope that FINA (the world governing body) is going to do react and stop this massacre, because it is getting sad.”

Sun, of course, previously served an unexpectedly quiet and short suspension after testing positive for trimetazidine in 2014, and has been the source of numerous controversies surrounding both his credibility as a clean athlete, as well as his out-of-the-pool (and in the pool) behavior.

Between the Russian scandalMack Horton and Sun Yang going at it,  Lilly King trending worldwide for repeatedly calling out Yulia Efimova, this is the most prevalent swimming doping controversies have been in the public eye since the 1976 East German fallacy in Montreal.

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4 years ago

I tell you, it sounds even trashier in french. He’s always been that way Camille. With his southern accent, the punchlines certainly deliver !

Reply to  SLab
4 years ago

Now we all know what Shirley Babashoff went through and what she said fell on deaf ears. So glad to see things are changing! Thanks Horton, King and Lacourt????

Lane Four
Reply to  Aserra1
4 years ago

What the hell?????? Why are you getting thumbs down? This pisses me off that there are trolls out there defending the dopers!

4 years ago

Let’s hope Lacourt doesn’t have a Twitter account. At least he took the heat off of Horton.

Reply to  swimdoc
4 years ago

He actually does have one ^^

Reply to  swimdoc
4 years ago

Chinese people flooded his Instagram account…

Reply to  swimdoc
4 years ago

His instagram account has already been flooded with rude comments by the chinese fans.

Reply to  Chopper
4 years ago

to be fair he asked for it

4 years ago

I tell you, it sounds even trashier in french. He’s always been that way, Camille. With the southern accent, the punchlines certainly deliver !

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