Mack Horton Calls Out Sun Yang: ‘I don’t have time for drug cheats’


After competing in the final heat of the men’s 400 freestyle this morning, Australian Mack Horton was quoted (referencing Sun Yang): “I don’t have time for drug cheats”.

We reported earlier in the week that Sun Yang had splashed Horton while in the warm-up pool, and this is what Horton was asked about when he made his comment. “He splashed me to say hi and I ignored him because I don’t have time for drug cheats.”

Horton and Sun both easily qualified for the final of the 400 free, with Horton finishing 2nd in the final heat in 3:43.84, qualifying 2nd overall. Sun, who won the sixth heat, qualified 4th overall in 3:44.23.

This race shapes up to be a very intriguing final tonight, with Horton and Sun set to swim side-by-side, in lanes five and six.

Conor Dwyer of the United States qualified 1st in a personal best time of 3:43.42.

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6 years ago

Serious question. People keep offering the defense that Trimetazidine has since been “taken off the banned list” but if you look on the WADA website, it is still under the “Prohibited at all times” section. It is not however under the “Prohibited in competition” section. Can anyone shed some light on what this means? Because it seems like the defense that the status of Trimetazidine has since changed is not really lessening the severity of Yang’s having tested positive if the drug is still prohibited. At all times…

6 years ago

I will always support SUN YANG .I am a chinese,too.

6 years ago

now i hate Australia

6 years ago

This is a violation of the spirit of the Olympic games!

6 years ago

Although Horton won the game, but he was a breach of the Olympic spirit and the gold medal is shame, Australian media should not reprinted the cartoons on the Sun Yang personal attacks, this is Australia’s arrogant display in front of the world, crazy and ignorance.

6 years ago

Horton really empty urine of universally Wizards .

6 years ago

yeahyeah, everyone whose not “stupid” knew Horton was trying to put pressure on sunyang cuz Chinese athletics are so great. Just admit it, lets say Horton and sunyang both table tennis players, and I guarantee you Horton will say the same thing cusz he want to beat him by cheating, I support the innocence athletic, and i wish Horton culpable of punishment

6 years ago

new technology:drug test by Horton’s mouth!!!

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