Follow The 2018 Japan Pan Pacs Team On Social Media


Below, find links to the Twitter and Instagram accounts of the 2018 Japanese Pan Pacific Championships team. Follow your favorite athletes during the biggest international competition of the year. The meet is set to take place August 9th-14th in Tokyo, Japan.

You can check out our full roster announcement here.

Men’s Roster Twitter Instagram
Naito Ehara @71knight10 @ehara_knight
Hiromasa Fujimori @fhiromasa @hiromasa_fujimori
Kosuke Hagino @haginokosuke @kosuke.hagino
Ayatsugu Hirai @drzesaya @ayatsugu.hirai
Nao Horomura @n131flyswim N/A
Ryosuke Irie @ryosuke_irie @ryosuke_irie
Masaki Kaneko @masaki0327 @masaki_kaneko_
Yuki Kobori @yuki_kobo @kobori.yuki
Yasuhiro Koseki @kosekki14 @yasuhiro_koseki
Katsuhiro Matsumoto N/A N/A
Juran Mizohata N/A N/A
Katsumi Nakamura @katsumohi21 @katsumi.221
Shunichi Nakao N/A N/A
Reo Sakata N/A @tareo0201
Daiya Seto @daiya_seto @daiya_seto
Shinri Shioura @shinri_shioura @shinri_shioura
Keita Sunama N/A @kei_chan58
Shogo Takeda N/A N/A
Yuya Yajima N/A @yuya.yajima
Kohei Yamamoto N/A N/A
Ippei Watanabe @noppo_pei @ippei_watanabe
Women’s Roster Twitter Instagram
Sayaka Akase @sykaks @syk_aks25
Reona Aoki @reona_aoki @reonaoki
Tomomi Aoki @tomoomi47_7 @aotm25_
Suzuka Hasegawa N/A @suzuka.hasegawa
Chihiro Igarashi @igacccc @chiiiii24pink
Rikako Ikee @rikakoIkee @rikako.ikee
Waka Kobori N/A N/A
Anna Konishi N/A @ansan0518
Sachi Mochida @sachiomocchi @sachi.mochida
Yukima Moriyama N/A N/A
Yui Ohashi @yui_ohashi @yui_oashi_
Natsumi Sakai N/A @natsumi_sakai
Sakiko Shimizu @sakiko20s N/A
Rio Shirai @rioshirai @rio_shirai
Ai Souma N/A N/A
Satomi Suzuki @satomi_bomber N/A
Miho Teramoto N/A N/A
Kanako Watanabe @kanaaako15 @watakanako
Mayuka Yamamoto @mayukaaaa02142 N/A
Yui Yumane N/A N/A


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