Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Beecroft

Young Victorian Emily Beecroft is shaping up to be a hot contender for the Swimming Australia Paralympic open squad after one again impressing at the Georgina Hope Foundation Australian Age Championships.

A butterfly specialist, the 16-year-old from Traralgon picked up two age group titles tonight, grabbing the gold in the 15/16 years Multi Class 50m freestyle and the 100m butterfly events.

Beecroft’s first gold of the night came in the 50m free where the rising star scored and impressive 920 points for her time of 29.86 to take the win ahead of Nikesha Harding (30.82 703 points) and Maddie McTernan (31.06 687 points).

Beecroft didn’t have to wait long for her second trip to the medal dais, winning in her pet event the, 100m butterfly, in 1:12.42 for 783 points. The silver medal once again went to Nikesha Harding (1:15.71 729 points) with Paige Leonhardt third in 1:13.13 (662 points).

A member of the Swimming Australia Youth Squad Beecroft is one to watch in the race to Rio and will be back up on the blocks at the Hancock Prospecting Australian Swimming Championships next week (April 7-14) with her eyes on Paralympic selection.

For results and information click here: http://liveresults.swimming.org.au/SAL/2016age/

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Georgina Hope Foundation Australian Age Multi Class Championships, SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre, Adelaide RESULTS:

Girls 17 – 18yrs MC 50m Butterfly

Amy Cook (SLC Aquadot NSW) 33.19 (750 points) Jenna Hohn (Concord NSW) 33.77 (712 points) Jamie Getson (MLN VIC) 34.78 (652 points)

Boys 17 – 18yrs MC 50m Butterfly

Jordan Dessent (Aquablitz Toongabbie VIC) 33.29 (598 points) Patrick Getson (MLN VIC) 33.08 (549 points) Liam England (RND) 33.06 (429 points)

Girls 11 – 14yrs MC 100m Backstroke

Keira Stephens (Fraser Coast QLD) 1:17.32n (618 points) Jasmine Greenwood (BBASC NSW) 1:24.35 (540 points) Monique Wegener (Unattached  QLD) 1:23.47 (466 points)

Boys 11 – 14yrs MC 100m Backstroke

Alex Kirchner (Nunawading VIC) 1:05.92 (706 points) Nicholas Layton (MVC VIC) 1:10.35 (581 points) Darcy Gilson (SNGL NSW) 1:11.43

Girls 15 – 16yrs MC 50m Freestyle

Emily Beecroft (Traralgon VIC) 29.86 (920) points Nikesha Harding (Abottsleigh NSW) 30.82 (703 points) Madeline McTernan (Coffs Harbour NSW) 31.06 (687 points)

Boys 15 – 16yrs MC 50m Freestyle

Jack Ireland (Gladstone QLD) 25.63 (879 points) Ben Robins (Cherrybrook Carlile NSW) 27.25 (638 points) Jarrod Dyer (WGNG NSW) 29.59 (571 points)

Girls 17 – 18yrs MC 50m Backstroke

Jaime-Lee (MLN VIC) 35.65 (699 points) Jenna Hohn (Concordia QLD) 39.51 (514 points) Megan Botha (CA Tritons VIC) 42.08 (425 points)

Boys 17 – 18yrs MC 50m Backstroke 

Jordan Dessent (Aquablitz Toongabbie VIC) 35.42 (661 points) Patrick Getson (MLN VIC) 34.80 (627 points) Henry Pickering (Bayside VIC) 37.32 (509 points)

Girls 11 – 14yrs MC 50m Breaststroke 

Keira Stephens (Fraser Coast QLD) 37.74 (810 points) Jasmine Greenwood (Bay and Basin NSW) 39.41 (711 points) Ruby Storm (Traralgon VIC) 40.88 (623 points)

Boys 11 – 14yrs MC 50m Breaststroke 

Darcy Gilson (SNGL NSW) 35.48 (622 points) Nathan Jason (USC Spartans QLD) 37.68 (500 points) Darcy Ryan (SNGL NSW) 41.38 (392 points)

Girls 15 – 16yrs MC 100m Butterfly  

Emily Beecroft (Traralgon VIC) 1:12.42 (783 points) Nikesha Hardng (Aquablitz Toongabbie VIC) 1:15.71 (729 points) Paige Leonhardt (Wingham NSW) 1:13.13 (662 points)

Boys 15 – 16yrs MC 100m Butterfly  

Jack Ireland (Gladstone QLD) 1:06.76 (676 points) Bailey Stewart (Brisbane Jets QLD) 1:13.91 (498 points) ben Robins 1:09.31 (470 points)

Girls 17 – 18yrs MC 50m Breaststroke    

Jaime-Lee Getson (MLN VIC) 41.07 (615 points) Monique Beckwith (MLC VIC) 40.64 (549 points) Jenna Hohn (Concordia QLD) 47.55 (396 points)

Boys 17 – 18yrs MC 50m Breaststroke 

Jake Michel (Carina Leagues QLD) 34.49 (677 points) Patrick Getson (MLN VIC) 37.81 (514 points) Etan Daws (Kilmore VIC) 42.81 (502 points)

Swimming news courtesy of Swimming Australia.

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4 years ago

Greatest admiration for every Australian para swimmer doing the right thing of course. However, for every swimmer doing the right thing there seems to be another doing the wrong thing. Para swimming has little to no hope of being taken seriously until the Aussies are brought to task. IM is as sinister and as deceitful as doping, likewise as is ignoring rules and regulations set in place to protect athletes and their sport. It appears that the IPC are quite content with merely ‘inspiring and exciting’ the world so perhaps they could do us all a favor and stop with the association with elite swimming. At what point is it going to hit the IPC that it is all pointless,… Read more »

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Lauren Neidigh

Lauren Neidigh is a former NCAA swimmer at the University of Arizona (2013-2015) and the University of Florida (2011-2013). While her college swimming career left a bit to be desired, her Snapchat chin selfies and hot takes on Twitter do not disappoint. She's also a high school graduate of The …

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