Erika Brown Breaks NCAA Record With 21.15 50 Free


Tennesee junior Erika Brown roared to a new NCAA Record at SEC’s tonight, throwing down a blistering 21.15. The time comes in under Simone Manuel‘s NCAA Record time of 21.17, set at the 2017 NCAA Championships. Brown was off the American and U.S. Open Records, both of which are held by Abbey Weitzeil at 21.12. We’ll see Weitzeil and Brown go head-to-head in just a few weeks at NCAAs.

Brown’s previous best was 21.33, which she swam this morning to establish a new SEC Record and UGA pool record. Before today, Brown’s best time was 21.39, which she swam at SEC’s last year (2018). She was slightly slower at NCAAs last year, swimming a 21.51, but she did still come in 2nd, behind only Manuel (21.18). Before she started college at Tennessee, Brown had a personal best of 22.84 in the 50, which she swam at the 2016 NCHSAA 4A State meet.

21.15 is, of course, the fastest time ever in the NCAA, and it comes in 2nd all-time for the SCY 50 free, only behind Weitzeil’s American and U.S. Open Records.

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2 years ago

Smoke on the water

2 years ago

22.8 to 21.1 damn

2 years ago

Congrats Erika!! 22.8 to 21.1 is insane…

2 years ago

slippery when wet!

2 years ago

22.8 to 21.1? That is some serious coaching, team atmosphere, whatever going on there. Nice work, Tennessee. Smalls drop is impressive too. Seems like it might take a year or two to adjust to Kredich but everyone starts making big drops.

Reply to  Gaucho
2 years ago

For Small I would say her college results weren’t what was expected until now. Think the adjustment period you mentioned makes sense.

2 years ago

SEC is always a question mark. They go so fast and then most go slower at NCAA. Is it because it’s a coed meet for them?

WV Swimmer
Reply to  Superfan
2 years ago

This doesn’t make any sense

Reply to  WV Swimmer
2 years ago

Don’t you know that the male swimmers at SECs are ninja-drafting the women by virtue of swimming in the same pool as them? Like, the men come in, karate chop all the water atoms, and therefore make it easier for the girls to swim through.

Gardner Howland
Reply to  Superfan
2 years ago

More than any other conference, the AD’s place a real premium on the SEC All-Sports Trophy. I’m not sure that “most” go slower at NCAA’s. While physically arduous and burning a lot of adrenaline, the SEC meet is the premier conference meet in the country… and the NCAA atmosphere(smaller numbers and a different kind of real pressure) can be almost clinical and anti-climactic by comparison for some. That said, I bet many of these athletes will be present and accounted for next month! GBO!

Reply to  Gardner Howland
2 years ago

If your school/conference would rather win a conference title than national title I’m not sure what to say to that. Sounds like the same ridiculous rationale to explain the SEC’s subpar bowl record the past few years.

tea rex
Reply to  Superfan
2 years ago

There’s an extra day at SECs, which helps spread out the relays a little. The southeast is really big on their regional rivalries, and for the most part these aren’t national title contenders.

Reply to  Superfan
2 years ago

By this do you mean that swimmers would get more time between races because both genders are competing at SEC vs NCAA? I could see that impacting swimmers with multiple individual races plus relays on any given day.

2 years ago

Wow! Incredibly fast… please post a video.

2 years ago

:20.8 on the relay split too. Not a bad night.