Dryland 101 for Parents Course, FREE courtesy of SURGE Strength

Parents can greatly help their swimmers’ success in the water with effective dryland training. And it doesn’t have to be complicated! But if a parent doesn’t know the basics of dryland training it can seem overwhelming. The new Dryland 101 for Parents Course by SURGE Strength is your solution.

Dryland 101 for Parents

Parents face a difficult decision of when their child “should lift” when it comes to dryland training. If parents start their child too soon or too young then mixed results are to be expected at best. And at worst injuries may occur! While on the other hand, if parents delaying intense dryland training for their child for too long it can hold back their progression. Parents will learn how to best approach when their child should do dryland training and the most appropriate methods in the Dryland 101 for Parents Course.

Another variable parents must navigate regarding their child and dryland training is how many sessions they should do in a week. A parent’s answer to this also depends on how intensely their swimmer is training and at what level of competition. But when parents enroll in the Dryland 101 for Parents Course they’ll learn how to navigate these decisions. This will ensure the parents are setting their swimmer up to be as successful as they can be.

In addition to these key lessons, parents will also get access to self assessments their swimmer can perform for core and upper body strength. SURGE Strength is here to help every swimmer realize their true potential in the water through effective dryland training and we hope to see you in the SURGE Strength Academy!


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SURGE Strength - Dryland Training for Swimming

Courtesy of SwimSwam’s exclusive dryland training partner, SURGE Strength.

SURGE Strength, a strength training brand created by Chris Ritter, CEO of RITTER Sports Performance, aims to build better athletes and faster swimmers through dryland programs and educational courses.

Get started with a SURGE Strength Dryland Program or enroll in a dryland course in the SURGE Strength Academy today!

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