Dressel, College Stars Highlight U.S. Winter National Psychs

It’s a college-heavy psych sheet for the U.S. Winter Nationals, with Olympian Caeleb Dressel heading a young list of stars from the college ranks.

USA Swimming published the psych sheets today, and you can view the first version here. Dressel is set to swim a full event lineup of the 200 IM, 50 free, 100 breast and 100 free for the Florida Gators. The 50 and 100 free should be locks for the sprint stud at NCAAs, as Dressel is the defending champ and American record-holder in both. Last season, he swam the 100 fly as his third event and has already been stellar in that event this year. But the 100 breast has always been an outside option, and could be somewhat open for a national title this year.

Other American Olympians on the psych sheets include butterflyer Tom Shields (50 free, 100 fly, 100 back), Amanda Weir (50 free, 100 free, 200 free), Breeja Larson (100 breast, 200 breast) and Claire Donahue (50 free, 100 fly).

The meet – conducted in short course yards – will feature some of the nation’s top college swimmers. Indiana will be represented, though Olympians Lilly King and Blake Pieroni aren’t entered. Michigan won’t compete, but recent IU transfer Miranda Tucker is enteredFlorida will bring Dressel, blue-chip freshman Maxime Rooney and more. Ohio State’s Lindsay Clary and Minnesota’s Brooke Zeiger look set to battle for some wins in the longer events.

Plus keep an eye on high school senior and junior world record-holder Sean Grieshopwho recently committed to Cal as one of the nation’s top recruits.

The meet runs from Wednesday, November 30 through Saturday, December 3 in Atlanta, Georgia. Stay tuned to SwimSwam.com for full coverage of U.S. Winter Nationals.

Full psych sheets here



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Tom Shields just went 1:39 in the 200 fly and 45.00 in the 100 fly at that college challenge meet. Assuming he wasn’t too rested for that, we may be in for some fast times here. 44 mid and 1:39 low (below his old AR) don’t seem out of reach at all, and would be very respectable for a post-Olympic year.

bobo gigi

Yes. He should be fast. It will serve as a warm-up the week before SCM world championships.


Probably explains why he’s not entered in the 200 fly. Who wants such recent memories of the piano going into the big meet?


He did go 1:39 a few weeks ago at the National Team vs Big Team meet. LCM and SCY are two very different animals for UW kickers like Shields.


Agreed, but that extra 10 seconds from SCY to SCM is awfully long. He held up pretty well at the Duel in the Pool in 2015 (52.7, 1.49.0), even though LeClos outsplit him with his 1:48.5 WR by a second in the second 100, The Duel in the Pool format also had no prelim rounds.


He’s not entered in the 200 fly.


Ah, thanks for the correction. I neglected to even look, and just assumed. It would have been cool to see what he could do, but oh well.


Didn’t he say he had just gotten over a cold also?

bobo gigi

Caeleb Dressel is also entered in the 200 free. And I’d prefer to watch him swim that event rather than the useless (for him) 100 breast or 200 IM.
Most of US biggest names missing but some young swimmers to watch like Sean Grieshop, Nikol Popov, Isabel Ivey (a future 200 free star in my opinon), Tristen Ulett, Michael Taylor, Margaret Aroesty or Jack Dolan (one of the biggest US sprint hopefuls).
Also very interesting to watch a probably fully rested Maxime Rooney in action.


Michael Taylor back in the tub after an impressive summer, can’t wait to see what the future Gator has up his sleeve


He went 48.08 in practice suit+beard at Dynamo invite meet and took down Phelps’ pool record. Should be quick at Nationals.

Dj Trap

who asked?


Didn’t he sign with Cal?


The 200 IM is wide open now post-Phelps and probably post-Lochte. Troy keeps saying Dressel is the most talented swimmer he’s had since Lochte, and I don’t think he means just in the 50-100 free. Dressel can swim one stroke (free) faster than just about anyone in the world, another stroke (fly) where he keeps up with the best, and a third stroke (breast) where he can final in the NCAAs. Backstroke is underwaters, so he can do that well in SCY and SCM. Theoretically, he’d be faster than Morozov in the 100 SCM IM. Since Troy has guided him so well thus far, I wouldn’t dismiss Dressel’s chances in the 200 IM over this 4 year cycle. Granted “the… Read more »


lol. just lol


I wouldn’t laugh at his 200 IM. Remember his 1:42.7 recently, closing in 23.3? That should put him right up there with guys like Murphy and Licon. 200 IM LCM is obviously a completely different race, but that isn’t the focus right now.


Very interesting & smart bunch of reflections . I believe too that Dressel could seriously think about that 200 IM LC version .


The big pool is a totally different challenge.
At last Ncaa’s finals, Ryan Murphy swam a great 200 im SCY, but he doesn’t even consider to swim 200 im LCM.
Dressel is still young to widen his swimming range of races in the big pool, for sure, but he’s so talented for raw speed that it’s unlikely for me to watch him swimming a 200 im LCM at an international level even in the future.


Again, Dressel — and Murphy — are now looking at a post-Phelps, and likely post-Lochte 200 IM era for the U.S. Olympic team. It was practically pointless for the past two Olympics to even try to make the team U.S. team against the two fastest — by far — 200 LCM IMers of all time. For both Dressel and Murphy, I doubt their college coaches knew what they had as IMers. You’re right that some SCY IMers never pan out in LCM — David Nolan being the classic example. If either Dressel or Murphy gets it into their heads that their generation’s version of the next GOAT (the LeBron to MJ), they’re young enough and talented enough to expand their… Read more »

G Lee

Swimmers didn’t swim the 200IM because it was assumed that Michael and Lochte would go 1-2…. and they did. It’s wide open now.


I’ve said it before, and I believe it even more now after seeing that 23.3 on the end of a midseason IM: Dressel will be a major factor at the world level in the 200 IM by 2020. He is far more versatile than the average sprinter. He’s essentially developing into a hybrid between Lochte and Manaudou, and the 200 IM is right in that sweet spot. Paul Bergen once told me that he never trained Inge de Bruijn for the 50; he trained her for the 100 and 200 and the 50 was a byproduct of her natural fast-twitch gifts and the work she did at longer distances. I think the same will be true of Dressel in the… Read more »


Haha, just enjoy their swims and have fun, if the swimmers are. We spread know Dressel is good at sprinting, why not see what else he can do and improve on, so he stay hungry for more improvements (is better time). If his training has variety and he wants to see where he is at, what better place to do so at a bigger but less pressurized meet. He will be more focus at NCAA & WC. I almost feel like some of the professional swimmers or other who chose to always race their best stroke missed out some fun and eventually put too much pressure on themselves. Not everyone is good at doing that. Even KL, 4IM has been… Read more »


Oops, I mean “already knew Dressel is good at sprinting”.


You have become a parody of yourself

He Gets It Done Again

Maxime Rooney will definitely NOT be fully rested. He won’t be fully rested until SEC’s or NCAA’s

Gator Chomp

Florida doesn’t rest for Nov/Dec meets.

jay ryan

Note that Kevin Cordes is entered with LCM times.

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