Division III psych sheets officially released this morning

The NCAA released its official psych sheets this morning for the Division III men’s and women’s championships. Here are links to all the just-released info:

DIII Women – Official Psych Sheet

DIII Women – Official Invited Swimmers by Team

DIII Women – Official Meet Alternate List


DIII Men – Official Pysch Sheet

DIII Men – Official Invited Swimmers by Team

DIII Men – Official Meet Alternate List


These sheets are very similar to the unofficial ones posted last week, but as usual, there were a few changes, most likely related to late scratches. You can read Braden Keith’s analysis of the unofficial psych sheets here.

A couple of updates from the unofficial versions: the number of invited men has grown from 236 to 237 as the two swimmers tied as unofficial first alternates now take the last spots in the meet. They are Lake Forest freshman Samuel Freedberg and Denison sophomore Nathan Thorne, who each went 4:01.06 in the 400 IM.

In addition, Johns Hopkins has one less invitee after freshman Patrick Flynn appears to be a scratch.

It looks like the top two alternates are also in on the women’s side. They were Amherst sophomore Charlotte Chudy and Whitworth freshman Jacqueline Beal. They fill the spots of Gustavus sophomore Leah Anderson and Kenyon sophomore Hannah Lobb.

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ole 99

Random thought… given that the D3 meet is four day schedule, I’m a little surprised none of the D3 conferences, or at least the NCAC, haven’t moved their conference championship format to match. I know money is a large concern at this level, but seems like at least Kenyon and Denison would push for it.


I believe the Empire 8 has made the transition. That is the only conference that I am aware of that follows the same format as the NCAA Championships.


Yeah UNYSCSA/E8 has been running the same format. they switched over from 3 days in 2011. Also they alternate who goes first (guys or girls) yearly to match the NCAA meet


The middle atlantic conference switched to a four day program this year. At the same meet, the Albright men’s swim team won its fourth consecutive conference title with RJ Porazzo qualifying to represent them at NCAAs in the 1 and 2 back.


The link here to the women’s invited list by team goes to the psych sheet instead.
Based on my cursory review of the psych sheet, though, it looks like Emory women may not have a full 18 for the first time in years — is that right? And Kenyon has increased their number of women exponentially from recent years (12-13) – do they have a full roster?


I’m not familiar with the team selection procedures here, but I do know Emory is also sending a diver if that makes a difference

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