Defending Champion Texas Longhorns Lead Men’s CSCAA Preseason Poll

The College Swimming and Diving Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) have released their preseason poll, with very few surprises at the top, with Texas and Cal taking the top two spots. Texas received all 15 first place votes, while the Golden Bears received all 15 second place votes. Florida, NC State and Indiana round out the top five.  

While some teams have begun competition, as the ‘preseason’ poll, pollsters were instructed to not penalize teams that have not yet competed.

Note: the CSCAA polls are designed to reflect dual meet strength, not necessarily a projection of NCAA Championship meet finish.

The Texas-Cal rivalry looks primed for yet another showdown at the end of March. At last year’s NCAA Championships, Texas edged out Cal 595 to 568, with both teams being over 200 points clear of third-place Florida. 

The two team hegemony has been the dominant storyline of the men’s NCAA Championships in recent years, as Texas and Cal have been the top two teams every year since 2014. In that time, Texas has claimed five national championships, while Cal has won two. Since 2010, Michigan’s title in 2013 is the only time a team other than Cal and Texas has finished in the top two. 

The biggest shakeup from last year’s NCAA results is the return of two programs to the poll that did not compete last season. The Arizona State Sun Devils, who redshirted their entire roster last year check in at 13th, while the Harvard Crimson, who return to competition after the Ivy League cancelled the 2020-21 swim season, rank 22nd.

One top 10 matchup highlights the men’s college dual meet schedule this weekend, as #2 Cal welcomes #9 Virginia to Berkeley.

Rk Prv Team Points
1 Texas 375
2 California 360
3 Florida 343
4 NC State 325
5 Indiana 295
6 Michigan 289
7 Louisville 286
8 Georgia 285
9 Virginia 259
10 Stanford 236
11 Ohio State 226
12 Virginia Tech 224
13 Arizona State 187
14 Missouri 178
15 Florida State 150
16 Texas A&M 140
17 Tennessee 117
18 Wisconsin 112
19 Georgia Tech 95
20 Alabama 91
21 North Carolina 61
22 Harvard 60
23 Southern California 49
24 Northwestern 36
25 Penn State 31


Also receiving votes: 

Arizona (19), LSU (13), Purdue (13), Notre Dame (10), Pittsburgh (5), Kentucky (3), Navy (2)

Men’s poll committee: 

Steve Barnes, Penn State; Jason Calanog, Texas A&M; Jerry Champer, Georgia; Matt Crispino, Princeton; Daniel Dozier, West Virginia; John Hargis, Pittsburgh; Jessica Livsey, Old Dominion; Craig Nisgor, Seattle; Bill Roberts (Chair), Navy; Dan Schemmel, Stanford; Rachel Stratton-Mills, Arizona State; Neal Studd, Florida State; Trevor Maida, Wisconsin; Braden Keith, SwimSwam; David Rieder, Swimming World.

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5 days ago

Guarantee Harvard will be better than 22nd at NCAAs.

Reply to  Snarky
4 days ago

Then I guess they’ll be ranked higher than 22nd when the first “NCAAs” poll comes out 😉

Old Retired Guy
5 days ago

As well they should…

Swim Dad
5 days ago

NC State…….lol

ACC fan
Reply to  Swim Dad
4 days ago

#4 for NC STATE, how odd.

Coach Cwik
5 days ago

I see someone voted for themselves 5 times.

5 days ago

Georgia, ASU way under rated in this poll. Luckily championships aren’t on in the polls

Reply to  Ghost
5 days ago

RemindMe! 27 March 2022

Reply to  Ghost
5 days ago

There are lots of teams with top 5 potential right now. Stanford and Virginia should do well also

Reply to  Ghost
5 days ago

10 points separating 5-8. It’s close and will come down to who can improve the most and which freshmen show up!

Top 5
Reply to  Redhawk
5 days ago

Aikins and Worth 🤫🤫

ur fav swim dad
Reply to  Top 5
4 days ago

worth? come on now..

Reply to  Ghost
4 days ago

they will rise once Sales shows up.

5 days ago

With their postgrads and incoming freshman, Cal should again get the most swim points. Texas diving is going to be much improved from last year. But I say we have no idea which team will prevail in March.

Reply to  enchantedrock
5 days ago

I really doubt that

Reply to  bobthebuilderrocks
5 days ago

Which thing do you doubt?

Reply to  enchantedrock
4 days ago

Cal swimming going for the four-peat.

Reply to  Swimmer
4 days ago

Cal has Only won one time in the last 7 years. 4 peat only done by Texas.

Doc says hi
Reply to  Swimfan
4 days ago

I must not understand your comment because texas is definitely not the only school to have four peated.

Reply to  Doc says hi
4 days ago

Meaning in recent years… since “swimmer” is referring to Cal’s recent streak of 2nd place finishes.

Reply to  Swimfan
3 days ago

How quickly you forget Cal came to Austin in 2019 and crushed the horns.

Reply to  Swimmer
4 days ago

Are you talking about Cal going for a 2nd place four-peat?

Reply to  Enchantedrock
3 days ago

Cal has out swam Texas the past four years. Texas diving has saved the day for the horns

5 days ago

Bayne Bennett. Zones qualification. First dual meet of the season. Watch out.

NC Fan
Reply to  StateGuy
4 days ago

Wow. First positive reference (ever?) to NC State diving in SwimSwam comments. New dive coach is either a commenter (eh StateGuy?) or maybe he is starting the journey toward something eventually good on the boards in Raleigh

tx swimmer
5 days ago


Last edited 5 days ago by tx swimmer