Dear Katrina interviews Olympic Coach, Ross Gerry on dryland tips – part 3

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October 05th, 2012 Lifestyle, Training

Dear Katrina – part three with Olympic Coach and former Stanford Coach, Ross Gerry. He shares tips for swimmers to use dryland and the 7 Ultmate Fitness Routines DVD package to help you perform your best. Some topics include:

1. posture

2. core strength

3. pilates (basic dryland)

4. breathing

5. strength and flexibility

6. elite athletics – importance of developing body for the final 15 meters of a race.

7. endurance to keep it all together with proper power output

8. All of this can be trained

9. dumbbell routines

10. shoulder exercises

11. even if injured or mentally burnt out, strength work can lead to success!

12. synergistic balance between dryland, water, and bringing out the best performance in you!

If you would like to reach Ross, you can email him at [email protected] He is available for phone consults, or helping you create a specific seasonal plan (if you want something beyond the great DVD). If you are interested in the 7 Ultimate Fitness Routines, you can check them out at and/or purchase them here: and click on ONLINE STORE in upper right, to order.

To receive $20 off the package now through end of November, please use promo code: SWIMSWAM



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