David Marsh Posts ‘Urgent Request’ To CA Gov. Gavin Newsom to Reopen Pools

In a video posted to Twitter Saturday, 2016 Olympic head coach David Marsh made a plea to California Governor Gavin Newsom to allow pools to re-open amid the COVID-19 pandemic under social distancing guidelines.

Marsh’s professional team, Team Elite, is based in San Diego. Some members of the team, including Kathleen Baker, have been working out in a local two-lane 22-yard backyard pool with Marsh and assistant coach Javier Sossa on deck.

Marsh is also the director of Team Elite’s developmental arm, TE Stingrays, which practices at the Lawrence Family JCC in La Jolla under normal circumstances.

“We can do it very safely in a controlled manner with coaches and lifeguards making sure physical distance is taken care of,” Marsh says. “I also want you to know that with the chlorine and the UVs, it’s one of the safest places you can be, and we will take good care of our time and be super careful.”

The video has 31,000 views and nearly 200 retweets as of Monday morning. In the replies, Marsh posted a link to USA Swimming’s recommendations for facility reopenings, and says that “many would argue” that swimming is essential (or at least worthy of “Stage 2” reopening).

California’s reopening plan has four stages, with Stage 1 already complete in some counties – but not in San Diego. Stage 2 includes the gradual reopening of retail (curbside pickup only), child care, manufacturing & logistics, and some outdoor activities. Those outdoor activities so far include golf and tennis, but not pool swimming.

A handful of states around the U.S. have begun reopening pools at a limited capacity or plan to do so in the near future. In California, some club teams – including Mark Schubert‘s Mission Viejo – have been able to appeal to local government and get approved to return to practicing under heavy restrictions.

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Concerned Swimmer

Is this so he can continue to use the La Jolla Jewish Community Center pool space for Team Elite, even though no Israelis are currently in San Diego? According to the article below, the ISA confirmed only 3 Israelis have been coached by David Marsh on a regular basis (Meiron Cheruti, Andrea Murez, and Anastasia Gorbenko). All while according to the article below, he makes over $200,000 a year from the ISA. https://www.shvoong.co.il/המשתכר-הגדול-בספורט-האולימפי-הישראלי/134068/ From the article: “But Marsh enjoys the Israeli connection in another way. After the University of San Diego stopped hiring about two years ago, Marsh began using the local Jewish Community Center pool as a major training facility for his professional team. The Israeli connection also contributes… Read more »

Concerned Swimmer – as we told you when you brought this story to us, it’s not one that we’re interested in reporting based on you as a single anonymous source.

If you would like to go on the record with your accusations, we’re happy to discuss the story further with you.


Concerned Swimmer

The reporting was done by the largest, most credible sporting newspaper in Israel. Generally speaking, you report swimming news from around the world, especially when other countries publish news. This has nothing to do with accusations. Rather, the article should have been translated like every other swimming article, as the ISA did not say the information was false in their quote. Let the readers decide if they believe it or not.


It’s pretty obvious that the article linked above includes only information from Aaron Greenberg, and they probably don’t have a good understanding of how little credibility he has within his own community.

Also, is shvoong.co.il the largest, most credible sporting newspaper in Israel? I’ve never heard of it, and just spent a few minutes trying to research it and haven’t found anything that indicates it’s credible.


It’s pretty obvious that the article linked above is in Hebrew. Sadly, my Hebrew is non-existent. Not sure what the issue is anyway, my daughter went to acting classes at the SF Jewish Community Center for years. Don’t think any of the kids in the program were Israelis, and probably only a couple that were Jewish . . . .

Regardless, I hope Marsh is successful and the pools are reopened soon.

Aaron Greenberg

Marshmallow — If you read it in Hebrew you’d realise the article wasn’t about me at all, and the reporter actually said in the article that the information was taken from many sources. I did not provide quotes in that article, nor is the article about me. The only quote taken was from the Israeli Swimming Association. I personally have no comment regarding the article, nor do I have any accusations I would like to make. Your credibility comment is not only untrue, but completely unsubstantiated and frankly a poorly executed personal attack. The second you pretended that the article was about me, you lost all credibility. By the way, Shvoong has the broadcasting rights to Israeli Swimming for National… Read more »

Swim Parent

Sounds like Marshmallow is just a troll


Still trying to get a handle on this. Aaron – there seems to be a text message screenshot in the article from Marsh removing you from his training group. And yet you say that the article has nothing to do with you, nor did you have anything to do with the article.

The text message seems to have been sent to only one person, which is you.

So…help us understand how that screenshot got in there if you were uninvolved in this?

You must admit that you’ve been on the Israel Swimming Facebook pages complaining about how they spend their money lately. That much is public and we can all see it’s true.


Sorry, I must be dense, but I am missing the substance of the “accusation.” Why am I supposed to care?


I think that concern swimmer is against American coaches selling there services to not American buyers. He must not support American free trade and enterprise.


It appears that he is accused of using his Israeli coaching status to procure pool time for team elite at a Jewish community center. This guy also believes that Marsh is overpaid for what he is providing to Israeli swimming. I don’t think anyone in America cares. Maybe there some old Jewish lady who is being denied her early morning aqua aerobics class and it’s this guys mother.

Bad policies

It has more to do with pushing another team out who had leased there for a long time and had good ties with the community. Marsh should go back to NC.

Corn Pop

Something to do with anti *ionism is my guess.


imho if both parties benefit then who really cares. being overcompensated isn’t his fault. i’m going on a limb and with absolute all due respect *one of* the community center’s highest and best uses (not the only one, but as i said one of) is accommodating Marsh & co

Coach Mike 1952

Hope this initiative is successful!

Wuhan Jimmy

It would be nice for all current and past Olympic swimming coaches to call for opening pools up (safely, of course).

I feel sad for the children. As things stand now in many parts of the country, many kids are going to miss out on a summer of baseball and t-ball games, swimming practices and meets, judo matches, and soccer skill development camps.

About Torrey Hart

Torrey Hart

Torrey is from Oakland, CA, and majored in media studies and American studies at Claremont McKenna College, where she swam distance freestyle for the Claremont-Mudd-Scripps team. Outside of SwimSwam, she has bylines at Sports Illustrated, Yahoo Sports, SB Nation, and The Student Life newspaper.

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