Cody Miller on DC Trident/Aqua Centurions Battle: “It’s a good rivalry” (Video)


Reported by Anne Lepesant & Jared Anderson.


  1. Ilya Shymanovich – ENS – 56.35
  2. Nicolo Martinenghi – AQC – 56.97
  3. Fabio Scozzoli – AQC – 57.32
  4. Nic Fink – CAC – 57.70
  5. Kevin Cordes – DCT – 58.39
  6. Andrew Wilson – CAC – 59.46
  7. Cody Miller – DCT – 59.60
  8. Sergey Shevtsov – ENS – 1:00.78*

*did not meet time standard

200 breast champion Ilya Shymanovich of Energy Standard was out first and maintained his lead throughout, holding off Aqua Centurions teammates Nicolo Martinenghi and Fabio Scozzoli who charged hard at the end. Energy Standard picked up only the 9 points from Shymanovich because Sergey Shevtsov missed the time standard and was penalized a point.

Shymanovich held on to beat a surging duo from the Aqua Centurions. We talked over the week about the Centurions needing to better press their breaststroke advantage, and a 2-3 here is much more in line with that. Energy Standard was 1-3 last week, but losing Anton Chupkov hurt them badly as their second entrant was 8th and will get zero points after missing the benchmark time. Both Cali entrants moved up one spot, and so did both DC Trident entrants. Adding Kevin Cordes to that mix was a nice boost for the Trident.

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