Coach’s Log, Brett Hawke Speed Work

This workout was submitted by 2012 SEC Coach of the Year, Brett Hawke of Auburn. If you would like to submit a workout to SwimSwam Coach’s Log email Garrett: [email protected]

The idea of the set is to develop speed. I look at different elements of the race: Dive, Turn, Technique, Power, Explosiveness, Kick, Breath control, and basic speed, and try and incorporate them all into each workout. Skills are developed over time and must be trained every day in order for them to shine in the most pressure packed situations like finals of an NCAA championship.


2 rounds:

150 – swim

50 – Dive and Glide to 15m/35 easy

150 – 3L/3R/3 cycles swim

50 – Dive u/w fast to 15m/35 easy

150 – Drill/Kick/swim

50 – Dive 15m sprint/35 easy


Skill turn work: At full speed

Odd: freestyle

Even: stroke

10 x 10m in and out fast. Kick out with 1 cycle fast out of breakout. 25 easy back to mid pool.


6 X 100 Pull breath (3,5,7 x 100’s) x 2. On 1:15


2 rounds: 2nd round with fins

75 Kick 25 surface, 25 u/w, 25 surface Blast

50 Hypoxic 2 breath max/Tech

25 All out stroke choice

150 easy


75 All out stroke choice

50 kick 25 surface, 25 u/w Blast

25 No breath Tech

150 easy


75 Hypoxic 3 breath max/Tech

50 All out stroke choice

25 Kick u/w Blast

300 easy


Each segment is done at shortest rest as possible, with a longer rest coming after the 150/300 easy.


A long cool-down is recommended. Anywhere form 1000-2000 yards.



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8 years ago

No Gatorade?

Reply to  CraigH
8 years ago

Ha! I was about to write the exact same thing.

Reply to  CraigH
8 years ago

That just for the throw up training, and it was actually fun when there were 2 guys who could go to hospital later because of that but would not admit losing to anyone (Cielo and Bousquet)

8 years ago

What is the Surface Blast, Blast Tech or Tech in general?

Reply to  Drkhorse
8 years ago

Surface Blast means kicking as fast as you can on the surface of the water. “Tech” is “Technique”.

8 years ago

How much rest does shortest rest possible mean? Was there an interval?

Reply to  UICSwim
8 years ago

UICSWIM – had a chat with coach Hawke on this, and there was no interval. He does it at coach’s discretion, by looking at their effort and body language. If they are flying, you keep pushing. If they look dead, you lengthen the rest to make sure it gets quality. Very much the “art” part of coaching – have to know your swimmers and recognize the difference between “not trying” and “tried as hard as they could” beyond just how fast they’re swimming.

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