Chinese Butterflyer Chen Xinyi Fails Doping Test, Brazilian Site Says

Chinese butterflyer Chen Xinyi has failed an anti-doping test taken prior to the Rio Olympics, a Brazilian website is reporting.

Estadao Sports reports that Chen failed a blood test before heading to Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics. Chen was reportedly informed of the positive test on Tuesday of this week, and appealed the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), which is expected to rule Thursday night.

CAS has not yet returned our query asking if they are indeed hearing a case involving Chen.

Chen was China’s top 100 butterflyer, swimming to 4th place in the 100 fly and missing the bronze medal by just .09 seconds. She’s also the likely butterflyer on China’s 4×100 medley relay, but if the allegations of a failed doping test are true, that spot could be in jeopardy.

If Chen does serve an immediate suspension, she’ll be off the relay for sure. Even if her status is still up in the air, China may elect to use Lu Ying instead, because if Chen is eventually suspended, the team could be stripped of any medals it earns due to her leg being compromised.

Lu isn’t much of a step down from Chen – she was 56.76 to Chen’s 56.72 and the two finished 4th and 5th in the 100 fly final. Chen is also slated to swim the 50 free tomorrow.

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5 years ago

how are people so dumb to dope RIGHT before the olympics, did they think they wouldnt be caught?

Attila the Hunt
Reply to  Kaez
5 years ago

The chinese brought a whole luggage full of HGH vials into 1998 Perth World Championships.

Tom from Chicago
5 years ago

Doping is not a victimless crime. Xinyi prevented American Kelsi Worrell from swimming in an Olympic final. Not cool.

Reply to  Tom from Chicago
5 years ago

Not only that but if this hadn’t been announced then the entire Chinese medley relay might have been eventually DQ’ed. Now that they know they can use Yu Ling and avoid having the whole relay out, whereas if this hadn’t come out the whole relay would likely have lost.

5 years ago

Lets hear the details, but likely from when she was training with the national team – makes you wonder how many were tested and whether others may have also been doping.

5 years ago

I believe her!

Eugene Lee
5 years ago

Chinese are strongger now, this is only blooding test, not urine test. We should spend more time to wait the result, not bibi now.

Reply to  Eugene Lee
5 years ago

Drug cheater’s logic, can’t face it

Reply to  Eugene Lee
5 years ago

so you are saying she should be allowed to compete ? and deny the starting spot to another athlete ?

5 years ago

Is Estadao Sports the official website that represents the Olympic organization? I trust her. Wait for the official result.

5 years ago

As a Chinese who was unhappy with horton’s affront words days ago, now right are thinking why we still keep the swimming team in our national team, they should be just dismissed and go home, sorry for bring trouble to Olypic. Wake up others. they did cheat.

5 years ago

I’m sure he’s not a drug cheat but, just another chinese swimmer with a heart problem LOL

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