Caeleb And Meghan Dressel Welcome Baby Boy August Wilder

American Olympic champion Caeleb Dressel and wife Meghan Dressel welcomed their first child into the world.

Baby August Wilder Dressel was born on February 17th, weighing 8 lbs, 10 ounces.

Dressel took to social media to convey his awe and excitement.

“Our baby boy came bursting into our arms on Saturday morning after a very swift and powerful labor.

“Mom and Dad were in it together, and we had the intervention free birth that we had so hoped and prepared for. It was more raw, incredible and beautiful than we ever could have dreamed of, and brought us this perfect, healthy, chunky baby boy.

“God is so good! We are still at a loss for words over it all🤍

“August, you have forever changed our world and our hearts. We love you so so much little man”


Meghan and Caeleb have been in a relationship since 2013 when they were both teenagers as they trained under the same high school program Bolles Sharks. Although the two went spent their high school years together, they went to rival colleges. Caeleb went on to swim at Florida while Meghan went on to attend Florida State.

The Dressels got married back in February of 2021, after getting engaged in November of 2019. They revealed last October they were expecting a boy.

In the pool, Dressel most recently raced at the at the Florida Invitational earlier this month where he produced a lifetime best of 1:32.57 in the SCY 200 freestyle.

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1 month ago

Look out 2044 and 2048 Olympics!!!

1 month ago

Congrats to them!

While it’s obviously absolutely nothing like new moms have to go to, imagine having a newborn is tough for someone training like dressel. Lots of midnight wake ups and crying baby’s when ideally he’d be home recovering. Sure he’ll make it work but probably an underrated hurdle we don’t talk about much

Reply to  Klorn8d
1 month ago

The dad strength will make up for it.

50 freestyle gold medal incoming 🥇

Becky D
Reply to  Klorn8d
1 month ago

Midnight is easy. It’s the 3 am wakeup after the midnight session that really hurts.

Reply to  Becky D
1 month ago

Mmmhm and then the 5/6 am shortly thereafter. Right in time for morning practice, probably. The interrupted sleep is truly torturous. My husband slept absolutely fine though lol.

Last edited 1 month ago by Yikes
1 month ago

Why do they have to say “intervention free”? It just doesn’t matter at all how a baby arrives. It’s a bit disparaging towards people who needed intervention.
I am glad that mum and bub are healthy.

Michigan Fan
Reply to  Sally
1 month ago

I suppose it prevents people from asking “was it a c section”? (Even though that’s no one’s business- everyone still wonders)

Reply to  Sally
1 month ago

…to celebrate and express gratitude about the fact that intervention was not required? Just like when someone doesn’t require braces (dental intervention), we can say “Wow, you have such naturally straight teeth!” without disparaging anyone else in the slightest. Complimenting someone else or celebrating the fact that the didn’t have to endure something painful and meddlesome is not about you. It’s not about anyone else but the person being celebrated.

Reply to  Sally
1 month ago

I’m guessing she had a natural birth with no epidural and this is how they worded it? Kinda TMI to share with millions of strangers IMO but I don’t think it’s intended to be offensive, just grateful they could execute their birth plan.

Beginner Swimmer at 25
1 month ago

Dad Buff

1 month ago

With only 4 months to train I don’t think August will make the Olympic team

Sun Yangs Hammer
Reply to  McDingle
1 month ago

Not putting in nearly enough yardage to be in the conversation

1 month ago

He is so chunky! I love it! Super healthy ! You will love being parents!

1 month ago

8 lbs 10 oz. Gah damn thats a big baby

Alison England
Reply to  KSW
1 month ago

2 of my 4 were 8lb 10oz.

Reply to  Alison England
1 month ago

you’re a warrior

1 month ago


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