Brown to split men’s and women’s teams after coach’s retirement

Brown University will be splitting it’s men’s and women’s swimming & diving programs on the heels of longtime head coach Peter Brown‘s retirement.

Since Brown announced his retirement earlier this month after 13 years at the helm of both programs, the university has listed its men’s and women’s head coaching positions separately on the NCAA jobs site. Athletic Communications Assistant Mike Billings confirmed this week that the school plans to separate the programs with the hiring of the new coaches.

The search process is still in its early stages, but the team does have large, solid recruiting classes coming in this fall on both sides to help ease the transition for the new head coaches.

Job seekers can find the listings here: men’s head coach and women’s head coach.

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9 years ago

I admire your passion Bruno. Unfortunately you are what your record says you are and his record was consistent with his idiosyncratic approach to recruiting and reputation for unreliability. Rumor is that his top sprinter couldn’t even get her calls returned during the recruiting process and got in to Brown on her own because she loved the school. I am also surprised that as a Brown grad you take issue with the statement that Brown has natural recruiting advantages . . . Didn’t you receive an elite education in a vibrant setting?

5A Dad
9 years ago

That would certainly be a tragedy for Williams as Kuster is all you said and more as a coach. He inspires fanatical loyalty in his swimmers and every one of them seems to leave his program a better person than when they came in. Rumor has it that he has turned down Ivy jobs in the past, so he may be a tough get.

Reply to  5A Dad
9 years ago

My understanding is also that Kuster has turned down higher profile jobs (including in the Ivy league) in the past and I would be surprised if he took this one. He has certain benefits at Williams that would be hard to replicate elsewhere.

In addition, while I admire Bruno’s passion for the former coach, that program was in decline even before the roof collapsed. It is admittedly hard to follow in Matt Kredich (and Josh Stern’s) shoes, but there is no doubt that it was headed down.

9 years ago

Brown should look to hire Steve Kuster from Williams as the new Head Coach of the Woman’s Team.

Tremendous success at DIII NCAA’s. Experience balancing academics and athletics and an Ivy League degree so he knows the game.

5A dad
9 years ago

Got to be plenty of room to grow this program. We spent a lot of time in the recruiting process a few year’s back and Brown’s former coach was by far the least impressive coach we met, consistent with his generally horrible reputation in our LSC. I think the former coach had to work extra hard to have as poor a program as he had given Brown’s stature as a university and other natural recruiting advantages. Combined the new facilities, I would be shocked if Brown were not close to the top of the Ivies in a few years if they make the right hires.

Reply to  5A dad
9 years ago

The Smith Swim Center at Brown was closed during December of the ’06-’07 season when the roof of the facility was found to be unsafe. This incident left Brown without a pool to hold practices, not to mention a lack of team locker room facilities for athletes, and offices for coaches. The team’s only option was to spend 2 hours every day bussing to and from practice held in MA for the remainder of the ’06-’07 season and the following ’07-’08 season. In January 2008, a temporary “bubble” pool was placed on Brown’s campus; a huge improvement from the previous situation. However, for the next 4 seasons, “home” meets were held at larger facilities in MA and there were still… Read more »

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