Brazil’s Cesar Cielo Drops 50 Free, Leaves Kazan

In an unexpected turn of events, sources have told SwimSwam this morning that Brazilian speedster Cesar Cielo has left Kazan.

Due to his nagging shoulder issues, Cielo, who finished 6th in the men’s 50m butterfly event on Monday, has scratched his final individual event, the men’s 50m freestyle.   Cielo is three-time defending world champion in the event, having won the 50m freestyle at the 2009, 2011 and 2013 World Championships, the latter in a time of 21.32. Cielo sat as the 7th seed coming into this year’s competition.

By leaving the meet, Cielo will also forego his role as freestyle anchor on the Brazilian squad’s 4×100 medley relay. Cielo had already missed swimming on his team’s 4×100 freestyle relay earlier in the week citing shoulder issues, a move which may have contributed to the relay’s fourth place finish.

Sources say “his Brazilian teammates are ‘stunned’ by his decision.”

Brazil will still have powerhouse Bruno Fratus in the men’s 50m freestyle, where he is seeded 5th in a time of 21.74.

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8 years ago

He has been a prima donna for years. Could care less about his team. He’s done.

8 years ago

Just make sure Katie doesn’t leave! 🙂

Rick Mears
8 years ago

Why leave in such a hurry? At least stick around and enjoy the races while supporting the team.

Reply to  Rick Mears
8 years ago

Olympics are a year away right now. Every day matters

Big Daddy
Reply to  Rick Mears
8 years ago

He has to hurry back home to fire his coach x 5!

Reply to  Big Daddy
8 years ago

You beat me to that….i am sure it was his coaches’ fault . it is always his coaches fault.

8 years ago

Ship, not shop.

8 years ago

Cielo might be done. Same with Mag. Wish them both well but I think their shop has sailed.

Philip Johnson
8 years ago

Such a shame! Wish him a speedy recovery and hope he’s 100% for Rio!

Gina Rhinestone
8 years ago

Likelyneaggravated an existing injury . Seems to me to be the right decision to leave & get a consult asap . If surgery is required the sooner the better .

Nobody for no reason should feel obliged to swim with a shoulder injury . They are life wreckers .

8 years ago

i feel like i had him picked for something. and this is no bueno. hope he is better for next year

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