Bob Bowman updates us on MP in 30 Seconds (Video)

Between being the head coach of the Arizona State Men’s and Women’s swimming and diving programs, recently revealing his Bob Bowman Sun Devil Swim Camps, and being a major part of the MP brand, I don’t understand when Bob Bowman sleeps.

The MP brand was revealed in 2014, and it has been growing at a strong rate ever since. Bowman seems optimistic about the company’s trajectory, and how it will grow in the future, even with it’s key ingredient and namesake, Michael Phelps, seemingly staying in retirement after a big announcement of his own, a second child.

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Would like to see this be successful similar to the model the NBA uses with Jordan and Kobe post retirement.

crooked donald

Not sure what you mean. MP is an athlete-branded company. There are no Jordan or Kobe branded companies — they’re all through other major corporations. Jordan is controlling owner of the Hornets. He’s helping the NBA out more than the NBA is helping him out. This venture will depend on Dressel’s development. If he becomes the superstar it looks like he will, memories of MP will fade quickly, just as they did for Phelps. Glad he’s cashing in while he can.

Harry Dresden

The counterexample to your logic is in your own comment, dolt. You mention Kobe and Jordan, same sentence, even though one retired 2 years ago and the other retired almost 20. (The Washington Wizards thing never happened) When you’re the greatest of all time memories of you do not fade, ever. Hence the terminology, “of all time.”

crooked donald

Love the ad hominem attack. Perfectly aligns with SwimSwam posting policy. A high school sophomore’s dad is marketing a $395 basketball shoe, and I bet it will outsell Air Jordans this year. So much for memory.

Harry Dresden

Love the whiny, emotionally hurt reply, perfectly aligns with most of the commenters here. As far as your actual info, all of it is wrong. We still remember Spitz, and Armstrong is still the cycling GOAT, drugs or no drugs. The fact that you expect lamelos shoes to outsell Jordan’s is astounding to me, so much so that I don’t even know how to respond to it. Maybe get off lavars twitter feed

The real swim shady

The ball shoe will out sell Jordan?? I am beginning to think this is the real Donald Trump spewing his usual nonsense. Jordan brand sold more than Lebron, Kobe, and Durant combined last year!


That is just not true

crooked donald

You’re the GOAT, until the next guy/girl comes up and is the GOAT. Or until they get caught cheating (Armstrong). You think Phelps was the first GOAT?


What are you talking about? MP’s brand is under Aqua Sphere. It’s just as much as an “athlete based company” as Jordan and Kobe with Nike.

Even more so actually. Don’t act like Phelps is doing something brand new. Phelps is probably hoping his line pans out like Jordan and Kobe. He probably got the motivation to even do it in the first place from looking at their success.

crooked donald

If you’re comparing Aquashpere (a minor, one sport company) to Nike, I don’t know how to argue with you. Nike has a dozens of athletes that they brand, depending on the season, the event, and the country. Aquasphere has one.


Personally I don’t think what Dressel does will have any effect whatsoever on the success of MP, the success of MP will be down to whether it can remain innovative, appealing and affordable to the people in the swimming world.
Nobody in the swimming world in our generation is going to forget about Micheal Phelps achievements and nobody interested in Olympic sports around at the moment will, his name will be mentioned for many many years to come.
We have a hugely successful brand in the uk which is based on a tennis player who won Wimbledon over 80 years ago, the kids won’t have a clue who he is but they still wear his brand so who knows what will happen.

crooked donald

No one mentions Mark Spitz, much less Pete Sampras, Martina Navratilova, Bob Gibson, and I could go on and on. And that’s even before the instant fix information culture set in. He has one Olympic cycle left for marketing. After that, people will be on to the next thing.

Harry Dresden

I love how you ignore counterexamples to your argument and just keep repeating the same drivel. Great job by you!


You mention Bob Gibson in the context of baseball greats being remembered. I would argue that the analogy between Mark Spitz and Gibson is inaccurate; Mark Spitz is fairly objectively the 2nd greatest Olympic swimmer in history (based on medals) whereas Gibson – although undeniably great – is not the clear cut 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th greatest in the history of baseball.

There are so many famous baseball players of yesteryear that are remembered by almost everyone: Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, Mickey Mantle, Ty Cobb, Joe Jackson, Sandy Koufax, etc.

If Phelps is the swimming version of Babe Ruth, Spitz is Mantle.


There goes bob bowman once again exploiting the fame of Phelps


Lol, without that guy Phelps would only be the 2nd or 3rd greatest Olympian. Maybe not near the greatest.


As he should. The guy spent over 2 decades coaching him and truly is the mastermind who helped build Phelps. He deserves fame. I hope he’s making some good money off the brand.


Let’s ask Lonzo how it’s working out so far. The bottom line is the athlete will negotiate the best deal they can and in phelps case I’m sure it included equity.

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