Kara Silva

Kara Silva

Kara Silva was born on May 4th, 1993 in Boston, Massachusetts to parents John and Karen Silva. She was raised in Reading, Massachusetts where she began swim lessons at a very young age. Then, at the age of six, Kara began swimming competitively for the Thompson Country Club Tigers. In her six summer seasons as a Tiger, Kara achieved a great deal and in her final season she was named “Tiger of the Year”. When Kara was eight, she joined the club team at the Burbank YMCA, and after one year left to swim for the YMCA Hurricanes in Andover. Kara swam for the Hurricanes for five years until she was fourteen. When she entered high school, she took a two year hiatus from the sport because her high school at the time did not have a team. However, in her junior year, she started school at the Academy of Notre Dame and joined their high school team where she completed two seasons. When Kara graduated in 2011, she enrolled in the Nursing program at Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts where she swam three out of her four years at the College. She was named captain her senior year, and accomplished a great deal in her time as a Simmons Shark. Kara specializes in distance and individual medley events, and is approaching her last collegiate level race!


As a child Kara competed for both the Burbank YMCA and the Andover YMCA Hurricanes. As a junior and senior at the Academy of Notre Dame, she received two varsity letters!

College-Simmons College


Kara is soon to complete her third season as a Simmons Shark. In her collegiate career, Kara competed at multiple GNAC Championships and qualified and competed at many NEISDA Championships. In addition, Kara proved to be a great leader as she was elected captain for the 2014-2015 season. Kara excelled in distance events, and expanded her specialty to IM in her junior year. Kara achieved a great deal in her time as a Shark, and will soon swim her last race as a collegiate athlete!


Kara studies Nursing at Simmons College and upon her graduation she hopes to explore her options. She is interested in working with vulnerable populations in the community and combining social justice activism with nursing!

Best Times

Course Event Time Date Meet
scy 1000 Free 11:55.62 02/14/15 NEISDA Championships
scy 200 Fly 2:43.36 12/07/14 GNAC Championships
Simmons College
scy 1650 Free 19:59.07 02/16/14 NEISDA Championships