BCW Releases 2021 Social Media Report – FINA Ranks #2 Views Per Facebook Post

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January 30th, 2022 Industry, News

Communications agency Burson Cohn & Wolfe released the results of their 2021 International Sports Federation Social Media Ranking. The rankings sought to capture the social media footprint of the federations. The report provides a series of top 10 lists rankings of the most followed, most active, and most interacted with international federations (IF) on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok.

The International Federation of Swimming (FINA) ranked #2 this year in two categories: most interactions per post on Facebook and most views per video on Facebook. According to the report, FINA received 354,486 interactions per post (second to the International Cricket Council at 596,767). The report defines “interaction” with any like, comment, or share on the post.

FINA was also #1 in the ‘views per video’ category with 752,111, which was behind the ICC’s 1,013,872. In total FINA received 102,091,981 views on Facebook videos in 2021. On the 2020 report, FINA ranked 8th overall in the category with 143,698.

FINA also ranked 9th overall on the list of most followed IFs on LinkedIn with 10,942 followers, a 16% growth from the previous count.

FINA wasn’t in the top 10 in any of the Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or TikTok rankings. FINA remains active on the majority of platforms, but does not seem to have pursued a following on TikTok.

FINA (Jan 30, 2022) 10th Ranked IF on 2021 BCW Report
Number of Followers on Instagram 368k 777,297 (International Judo Federation)
Number of Followers on Twitter 95.8k 281,299 (World Baseball Softball Confederation)
Number of Subscribers on YouTube 125k 573,000 (Official ITTF Channel)
Number of Followers on TikTok NA  3,998 (World Baseball Softball Confederation)

The International Cricket Council (ICC) sits atop nearly every ranking in the report, with significantly higher totals than every other IF. Check out the list below to see where the ICC rank #1 and find all of the top 10 rankings here.

Categories Where the International Cricket Council Ranks #1

  • Most Followed Non-Olympic IF on Social Media (79,696,575)
  • Most Followed IF on Social Media – Combined (79,696,575)
  • Highest Number of Followers on Instagram (21,298,761)
  • Most Posts Per Day on Instagram (9.32)
  • Most Views Per Video on Instagram (592,767)
  • Most Interactions Per Post on Instagram (595,767)
  • Highest Number of Followers on Facebook (33,335,013)
  • Most Posts Per Day on Facebook (6,871)
  • Most Views Per Video on Facebook (2,560,304,963)
  • Most Interactions Per Post on Facebook (565,500,079)
  • Most Tweets Per Day (24.04)

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