Banned Park Begs His Nation’s Olympic Committee For Chance To Compete

On the heels of the release of the initial roster of South Korean swimmers set to compete at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, the nation’s once mega-star, Park Tae Hwan, is now begging to be included. At a meeting with the Korean Olympic Committee (KOC) today, Park got down on his knees begging for an opportunity to race for South Korea at this summer’s Games in Rio.

Although on March 2nd Park completed his 18-month FINA-imposed ban for having tested positively for steroids back in 2014, he is now serving a punitive ban by the KOC. The ban entails having to wait 3 more years before being selected for a national team, per the punitive KOC.

Park recently competed at the South Korean Olympic Trials, where he earned golds across the 100m/200m/400m/1500m freestyle events, swimming faster than the FINA “A” Olympic Qualifying standards in each.

Speaking to the KOC, Park said, “As a swimmer, I feel it is most important to speak through records and results in the pool. I hope I am given a chance so that I can deliver a good performance for the people and contribute to the nation.”

Some speculate there is still a chance the KOC may relax its rule, with critics calling it a double punishment for the same offense. However, last month, the KOC said it was “not appropriate to amend national team selection regulations for a specific person.”

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bobo gigi

That photo is ridiculous. He’s just making things worse for himself.

Years of Plain Suck

Reminds me of Obama bowing to the Saudi King in 2009.

Swimmer A



This type of comment does not belong on this page. I think you got your forums mixed up.

Years of Plain Suck

@E Gamble: you’re entitled to your opinion. Most Americans aren’t used to seeing their celebrities, sports stars, or presidents bow down, and when it does happen it, it is memorable (as well as discomfort-inducing). Side note: the US flag-bearer at the Olympics has never dipped the US flag (equivalent to a bow) at an Olympics opening procession ceremony.


Clearly, this was an unstaged, unscripted moment. That photographer just happened to be in the right place at the right time, low to the ground and two feet away from Park’s bowed head, with a stern-looking Korean official in the background. Give this guy a Pulitzer for capturing this spontaneous, heart-felt expression of sorrow by Park.

What a joke. Park’s ticket to Rio was punched the day FINA shortened the suspension to a very convenient 18 months. He will swim, no question. I do, however, look forward to future installments of Park’s aopolgy PR tour.

Joel Lin

We all saw this coming.


I’m as anti-doping as anyone, but if the FINA penalty is 18 months, I have a real problem with national federations making them longer. It’s not right for a swimmer from one country to serve a different length ban than one from another for the same offense.

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