Banned MN Youth Coach Charged With Three More Sex Crimes

Former swim coach Alfred John O’Neill, already banned by the U.S. Center for SafeSport, has been charged with three more counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct, local media report.

O’Neill, 61, was charged earlier this fall with one count of criminal sexual conduct. That was after a former swimmer called police over the summer and claimed O’Neill abused her multiple times in the late 1980s while she was under the age of 18. The woman says she started swimming for O’Neill at 14, that he “treated her as a favorite” and started engaging in sexual contact with her when she was 17. O’Neill admitted to having sexual contact with her, but said he only had sex with her after she had turned 18.

Now, KSTP reports that another victim has come forward, this one alleging sexual abuse nearly a decade after the original victim. The new victim says O’Neill “engaged her in a sexualized relationship” when she was 16, per KSTP. She says she was abused multiple times, leading to three new charges of third-degree criminal sexual conduct for three separate incidents. The victim says she was coached by O’Neill from 1997 to 1999.

O’Neill is already permanently banned from coaching swimming (or any other Olympic sport) by the U.S. Center for SafeSport. He is scheduled to appear in court again this week for the original charge, and will have a Dec. 3 court date for the new charges.

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Flip Turns
4 years ago

Where are the haters now? There was no other cases, no true evidence. Get this coach reinstated NOW!

4 years ago

Is this case still going on ? Does anyone know who the contact is for it ? I have information and evidence I need to turn in, these girls were not lying and I cannot anymore either.

BHS alumni
Reply to  Lyingnomore
4 years ago

It is time for Mr Shawn DeLeary to come to the light and reveal why he has so much interest in damaging Mr. O’Neill’s reputation. There is no new information, there is no evidence.

5 years ago

This second claim was dismissed on January 3rd (dropped by the prosecutor), since the claims were false. Most likely the first charge will also be dismissed. Hopefully this coach can be reinstated by USA Swimming as there was never any wrongdoing. Saddened by the hateful comments here.

Swim Family
5 years ago

Let’s remember that he is innocent until proven guilty. So often people start judging and throwing out their opinions before the defendant is convicted. All I am saying is let’s be civil.

Reply to  Swim Family
5 years ago

He has admitted contact with a swimmer when he was her coach and she was “18”. He was in a position of power regardless of age – why teachers are culpable even if a student is 18. That is fact not opinion. But by your judgement seems that is OK and “civil”.

Reply to  Schwimmin’
5 years ago

Time, and a court of law, will decide this. It doesn’t look good for Mr. O’Neill! 2 sides to every story is the norm. Not sure I believe that with this predator!

Swim Family
Reply to  WOW
5 years ago

This second case was just dismissed yesterday Jan. 3rd. Just wanted to share the good news.

Mn swimmer
5 years ago

this is sick

i always thought he acted kinda weird sometimes around some of my teammates but i never imagined this

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