Protestors Sit-In At Georgia Southern Swim Meet Over Racist Text

A group of student protestors marched across Georgia Southern’s campus and some engaged in a “sit-in” at the swim team’s first meet in response to a text message containing the N-word sent by a team member over the summer.

In July, a Twitter user published screenshots of text messages between two students, one white and the other black. The conversation suggested the two would be roommates. The white student was identified in the tweet as Courtney Schaefer, a senior on Georgia Southern’s swim team. The screenshot shows Schaefer sending a message containing the racially-charged N-word, immediately after claiming she meant to send the message to someone else and that auto-correct changed the word “triggerish” into the racial slur. You can see the full screenshot below:

The George-Anne, Georgia Southern’s student newspaper, reports that the protest took place on Friday, the date of Georgia Southern’s first home swim meet of the season, against UNC Asheville. The report says students marched, chanted and carried signs, starting at the student union and ending at the school’s aquatic center. The protesters continued to chant outside the building while the swim meet happened, then concluded with a 30-second moment of silence. After that, some protesters sat in at the swim meet. The student newspaper said it could only get comment from one spectator, a mother of a swimmer who said the sit-in was “very peaceful.”

Protesters quoted in the student newspaper said they believed Schaefer should have been punished more harshly, even perhaps kicked off the swim team:

“I definitely, 100 percent, think she should have been kicked off the team. I feel like there should have been some form of punishment, and there wasn’t, and I think that’s a lot of the reason why a lot of people are angry,” student Megan Siefert said in the story.

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3 years ago

That was almost a good save

3 years ago

Triggerish …it didn’t autocorrect

3 years ago

To be sure, Kanye West has used the word in a very popular song

3 years ago

this is ridiculous grow up

3 years ago

Maybe Swim Swam can post their next Georgia Southern article commending some Georgia Southern Student Athletes of all races that spend their spring breaks doing mission work in impoverished countries. 🤔

SUM Ting Wong
Reply to  Normalswimmom
3 years ago

What exactly do these young unqualified superior people do in these ‘ impoverished countries besides lying on beaches & sucking up resources?

Reply to  SUM Ting Wong
3 years ago

Provide water filters for clean water that you probably take for granted. Guess you are#hatenotlove Sum Ting Ding Dong

3 years ago

This is difficult. Upsetting to hear, but ultimately I’m not sure what the University can do. Sometimes the remedy has to come from the guilty individual. Courtney Schaefer could right this wrong by owning up and asking the other girl involved what she could do to reconcile. Having the decency to be truthful in situations like this really does go a long way.

Reply to  Dee
3 years ago

Would think the athletic teams have a code of conduct and that this will fall under it..

E Gamble
3 years ago

That is not a commonly used word today… even in the black community. There is no way that word exists as an autocorrect in 2018. It’s not in my autocorrect either. Just say sorry. You got caught.

Eric Fox
3 years ago

I guess I don’t get what we’re protesting here. You can’t have a text discussion in your private life these days? My goodness, a terrible word, and something I’d never text or utter to anyone, but marches and moments of silence? Pitchfork nation. How will these kids ever carry on with this massive injustice that’s pretty much none of their business?

Reply to  Eric Fox
3 years ago

Relieved by your comment, Steve.

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