Azusa Pacific Supplies 2 of Water Polo Week 7’s 4 Upsets

Week 7 of collegiate water polo action featured 15 matches between ranked teams, including four Top 10 battles.

#1 USC held rank against #8 UC Irvine on Thursday (11-5). #2 Stanford bested #9 Arizona State 10-7 on Saturday. #4 Cal held on for a 10-9 win over #5 Hawaii on Sunday.

UC Irvine suffered another Top 10 loss later in the week, falling to #10 UC Santa Barbara in its Big West opener.

With six ranked teams among its field, it is no surprise the Aztec Invitational in San Diego was ripe for upsets, supplying three of the four on the weekend. Vote getter Azusa Pacific made a case for entering the Top 25 with two of those upsets among a 2-1 mark at the event.


  • RV Azusa Pacific edged past host #22 San Diego State 10-9 to open the Aztec Invitational on Friday. It marked APU’s first ever win against the Aztecs in eight tries. Milena Guzman Ortiz and Sarah Adams each had hat tricks in the victory as the team rallied from down 9-8 to steal away the win.
  • The Azusa Pacific struck again on Saturday, besting #24 Bucknell 11-10. Five players turned in multi-goal efforts for the Cougars, while Ally Furano put in four scores in the losing effort for the Bison.
  • #10 UC Santa Barbara topped #8 UC Irvine 6-5 on Saturday, taking a 6-4 lead with 6:28 left in the game and holding on for the win. It was the Gauchos’ first win in three tries against the Anteaters in 2019.
  • #17 Long Beach State downed #14 UC San Diego 5-1 at the Aztec Invitational on Sunday. Marilia Mimidi and Katie Dill each notched two goals for the 49ers in the upset.

Overtime Affairs

  • Saint Francis (PA) edged past LaVerne 11-10 on Tuesday. SFU rallied from down 8-6 to send the game to extra time and boasted a 10-9 lead after the first overtime period. In sudden death, Ani Aghakhanian slammed home the winning goal.
  • The Red Flash also went to extra time in its Saturday win over Fresno Pacific (10-9).  With the game tied at 8-all after regulation, FPU scored first in overtime, but Aghakhanian evened it up again. Metztli Enriquez dropped in her second score of the game with 20 seconds remaining to clinch the Red Flash victory.
March 4.
7 p.m. Occidental def. Penn State Behrend 15-8 Occidental Recap Penn State Behrend Recap
8 p.m. Whittier def. Villanova 13-7 Whittier Recap Villanova Recap
March 5.
2 p.m. Saint Francis (PA) def. LaVerne 11-10 OT Saint Francis Recap LaVerne Recap
4 p.m. RV Azusa Pacific def. Saint Francis (PA) 12-7 Azusa Pacific Recap Saint Francis Recap
10 p.m. Cal Tech def. Penn State Behrend 14-11 Cal Tech Recap Penn State Behrend Recap
March 6.
6 p.m. #20 Cal State Northridge def. Saint Francis (PA) 12-3 Cal State Northridge Recap Saint Francis Recap
6 p.m. #22 San Diego State def. Villanova 14-2 SDSU Recap Villanova Recap
7 p.m. Whittier def. LaVerne 12-8 Whittier Recap LaVerne Recap
7 p.m. Chapman def. Occidental 9-5 Chapman Recap Occidental Recap
10 p.m. LaVerne def. Cal Tech 14-7 LaVerne Recap Cal Tech Recap
Cal Lutheran def. Claremont-Mudd-Scripps 11-4 Cal Lutheran Recap CMS Recap
March 7.
7 p.m. #25 Indiana def. Wittenberg 23-2 Indiana Recap Wittenberg Recap
9 p.m. #1 USC def. #8 UC Irvine 11-5 USC Recap UC Irvine Recap
March 8.
3:30 p.m. #1 USC def. #19 San Jose State 22-8 USC Recap San Jose State Recap
6 p.m. #23 Cal Baptist def. Santa Clara 8-6 Cal Baptist Recap Santa Clara Recap
9 p.m. #14 UC San Diego def. Fresno Pacific 11-5 UC San Diego Recap Fresno Pacific Recap
Aztec Invitational (San Diego, Calif.)
6 p.m. RV Azusa Pacific def. #22 San Diego State 10-9 Azusa Pacific Recap SDSU Recap
7:15 p.m. #22 San Diego State def. Saint Francis (PA) 12-6 SDSU Recap Saint Francis Recap
March 9.
Noon #15 Princeton def. George Washington 14-8 Princeton Recap George Washington Recap
2 p.m. Claremont-Mudd-Scripps def. Cal Tech 13-6 CMS Recap Cal Tech Recap
2 p.m. Redlands def. Chapman 8-7 Redlands Recap Chapman Recap
2 p.m. Pomona-Pitzer def. Whittier 8-5 Pomona-Pitzer Recap Whittier Recap
2 p.m. Cal Lutheran def. Occidental 16-5 Cal Lutheran Recap Occidental Recap
3 p.m. #2 Stanford def. #9 Arizona State 10-7 Stanford Recap Arizona State Recap
3 p.m. #10 UC Santa Barbara def. #8 UC Irvine 6-5 UCSB Recap UC Irvine Recap
3 p.m. #5 Hawaii def. #11 UC Davis 13-9 Hawaii Recap UC Davis Recap
4 p.m. Cal State East Bay def. Cal State Monterey Bay 14-9 Cal State East Bay Recap Cal State Monterey Bay Recap
6 p.m. Santa Clara def. Redlands 14-6 Santa Clara Recap Redlands Recap
Washington & Jefferson Invitational
11 a.m. Grove City def. Washington & Jefferson 18-9 Grove City Recap Washington & Jefferson Recap
12:15 p.m. Connecticut College def. Penn State Behrend 16-15 Connecticut College Recap Penn State Behrend Recap
2:30 p.m. Grove City def. Utica 20-6 Grove City Recap Utica Recap
4:45 p.m. Connecticut College def. Washington & Jefferson 8-6 Connecticut College Recap Washington & Jefferson Recap
6 p.m. Penn State Behrend def. Utica 14-8 Penn State Behrend Recap Utica Recap
Aztec Invitational (San Diego, Calif.)
11 a.m. RV Azusa Pacific def. #24 Bucknell 11-10 Azusa Pacific Recap Bucknell Recap
12:15 p.m. #14 UC San Diego def. #20 Cal State Northridge 11-4 UC San Diego Recap Cal State Northridge Recap
1:30 p.m. #17 Long Beach State def. #22 San Diego State 7-6 LBSU Recap SDSU Recap
2:45 p.m. Saint Francis (PA) def. Fresno Pacific 10-9 OT Saint Francis Recap Fresno Pacific Recap
4 p.m. #14 UC San Diego def. RV Azusa Pacific 12-7 UC San Diego Recap Azusa Pacific Recap
5:15 p.m. #22 San Diego State def. #24 Bucknell 12-8 SDSU Recap Bucknell Recap
6:30 p.m. #17 Long Beach State def. Saint Francis (PA) 17-4 LBSU Recap Saint Francis Recap
7:45 p.m. #20 Cal State Northridge def. Fresno Pacific 12-4 Cal State Northridge Recap Fresno Pacific Recap
VMI Tournament (Lexington, Va.)
9 a.m. #16 Wagner def. St. Francis Brooklyn 22-5 Wagner Recap St. Francis Brooklyn Recap
10:30 a.m. #21 Marist def. LaSalle 24-5 Marist Recap LaSalle Recap
Noon Villanova def. Siena 12-5 Villanova Recap Siena Recap
1:30 p.m. #16 Wagner def. Iona 23-4 Wagner Recap Iona Recap
3 p.m. #21 Marist def. VMI 13-5 Marist Recap  VMI Recap
4:30 p.m. LaSalle def. St. Francis Brooklyn 13-12 LaSalle Recap St. Francis Brooklyn Recap
6 p.m. Villanova def. Iona 12-11 Villanova Recap Iona Recap
7:30 p.m. VMI def. Siena 9-5 VMI Recap Siena Recap
CBU Lancer Joust (Riverside, Calif.)
Noon #19 San Jose State def. #23 Cal Baptist 9-6 SJSU Recap Cal Baptist Recap
3 p.m. #19 San Jose State def. Concordia (CA) 16-8 SJSU Recap Concordia Recap
6 p.m. #23 Cal Baptist def. Concordia (CA) 15-10 Cal Baptist Recap Concordia Recap
March 10.
4 p.m. #4 Cal def. #5 Hawaii 10-9 Cal Recap Hawaii Recap
Cal State Monterey Bay def. Sonoma State 8-7 Cal State Monterey Bay Recap Sonoma State Recap
Washington & Jefferson Invitational
8 a.m. Grove City def. Connecticut College 17-11 Grove City Recap Connecticut College Recap
9:15 a.m. Washington & Jefferson def. Utica 12-10 Washington & Jefferson Recap Utica Recap
11:30 a.m. Grove City def. Penn State Behrend 16-9 Grove City Recap Penn State Behrend Recap
1:45 p.m. Connecticut College def. Utica 11-8 Connecticut College Recap Utica Recap
3 p.m. Washington & Jefferson def. Penn State Behrend 17-13 Washington & Jefferson Recap Penn State Behrend Recap
Aztec Invititational
Noon #24 Bucknell def. Fresno Pacific 17-3 Bucknell Recap Fresno Pacific Recap
1:30 p.m. #17 Long Beach State def. #14 UC San Diego 5-1 LBSU Recap UC San Diego Recap
4 p.m. #17 Long Beach State def. Fresno Pacific 21-4 LBSU Recap Fresno Pacific Recap
5:15 p.m. #14 UC San Diego def. #24 Bucknell 11-4 UC San Diego Recap Bucknell Recap
VMI Tournament (Lexington, Va.)
9 a.m. Iona def. LaSalle 15-8 Iona Recap LaSalle Recap
10:30 a.m. VMI def. St. Francis Brooklyn def. VMI 13-6 VMI Recap St. Francis Brooklyn Recap
12:30 p.m. Iona def. Siena 13-9 Iona Recap Siena Recap
3 p.m. Villanova def. St. Francis Brooklyn 12-10 Villanova Recap St. Francis Brooklyn Recap
4:30 p.m. VMI def. LaSalle 14-13 VMI Recap LaSalle Recap

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