Articles by Jonathan Dray

Find The Invisible Improvements

Invisible Progress is anything you do that increases your swim potential—the causes you make to positively impact your performance.

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What Swimmers Can Learn From An NBA GOAT

One quality of Kobe Bryant that helped him excel so much faster than others was his courage to try new things without getting hung up on outside perspectives.


A Swim Parent’s Guide for Coaches and Teams

Parents and coaches forming a partnership is essential for a team’s growth and leadership on the way to a truly successful program.


Swimming With Fear: Discover How It’s Impacting You

When we peel back fear and can see what it’s really trying to say, we can use it as a source of inner strength.

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How Scaling Can Help You Take The Next Step Toward Your Goals

Scaling is a simple tool for taking action toward one’s objectives in a manageable way.

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2023 Timothy Welsh ASCA Fellows Dive In At The 2023 ASCA World Clinic

The ASCA Timothy Welsh Fellows Program is an annual initiative that was formed by the long-time University of Notre Dame coach Timothy Welsh.

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8 Ways To Build Confidence This Season

With consistent practice, we can guide our confidence on an upward trajectory over time.

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Channel Your Pressure, Cancel Your Stress

Knowing the difference between pressure and stress and becoming familiar with their role in your training can drastically impact how you perform at any level.

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Bulletproof Your Season

The often-overlooked weapon of a successful swimmer’s arsenal lies in the power of how they direct and utilize their mind.

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Focus On The One Percent

Rather than trying to implement massive changes in our lives, it’s a much more sound approach to incrementally seek improvement little by little.


The Secret Powers of Recovery

Allowing our bodies the space and time away from the stresses of swimming is essential to coming back harder, faster, stronger, and better.


Every Swimmer Needs This Tool in Their Mental Swim Bag

Reframing is simply looking at situations, experiences, events, ideas and emotions from a different angle, playing an essential role in athlete psychology.

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Want Different Results? Ask Different Questions

As coaches, we’ve never fully arrived as a leader, but we can always grow into our potential, just as our swimmers do.

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The Zen of Swimming

How did you find zen in swimming? Swimmers become creatures of habit as time goes on. Swimmers have to find ways to create new sparks again.