Australian Swimmers Set To Make Return To Pool After COVID-19 Shutdown

by Keaton Burke 7

May 09th, 2020 Australia, News

The restrictions on pool openings all around the world have begun to ease up as Australia joins the group where they plan to relaunch sports in the country.

In cooperation with their government guidelines, the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) set up an outline on how the sports will plan to return in a COVID-19 environment.

The document says the “AIS Framework is a timely tool for ‘how’ reintroduction of sport activity will occur in a cautious and methodical manner, to optimize athlete and community safety”. These decisions are to be made in close consultation with Federal, State/Territory, and Local Public Health Authorities.

Australian high performance squads have already returned to the pool in South Australia, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory. The return comes from a drop in COVID-19 cases in these states and territory, while they are still following strict social distancing guidelines.

Elite level Aussie swimmers like Kyle Chalmers, Peter Bishop and Madi Wilsontrain in South Australia. Brianna Throssell, among others, trains in Western Australia.

The states of Queensland, New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria will be opening pools as well. These states should see a full return within the next two weeks. Much like in the U.S., the guidelines also vary on a state to state basis.

This group contains a lot of Australia’s top talent. Swimmers in these states include Elijah Winnington, Cameron McEvoy, David Morgan, Emily Seebohm, Emma McKeon, David McKeon, Thomas Fraser-Holmes, Laura Taylor, and Georgia Bohl.

The pools in Australia have been closed since March 23rd. While practices are beginning to resume, the teams still must follow social distancing guidelines. The use of locker rooms will be limited and practices potentially could have one swimmer per lane.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made its impact in Australia with nearly 7,000 cases and almost 100 deaths.

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3 years ago

And so the inequality begins as different nations will be training while others are still sidelined… … 😳🙏🏼❤️🇨🇦

Reply to  Cindy
3 years ago

It hasn’t begun. It’s always been there. Australian swimmers have had 6 weeks out or more. Some nations , some swimmers ( even in the USA), have been training right through ). Some swimmers have access to much greater facilities year round eg. proper weights etc Or computer programs that allow underwater analysis . Should Australian swimmers wait until every nation can swim ?

Reply to  Cindy
3 years ago

The inequality’s always been there but people only notice it when it affects them.

Texas Tap Water
Reply to  Troyy
3 years ago

This x1000000000

Corn Pop
3 years ago

I call on Swim Mom to apologise t o Dean Boxall. She called him an ignorant coach ! His message hit home as this week the PM even included LAP SWIMMERS saying they need to be able to get back to their exercise.

It’s not many places in the world where lap swimmers are up there in national addresses . .

Building champions is a tough job
Reply to  Corn Pop
3 years ago

I say keep criticizing him!
The champions use it for fuel! He is walking a very well worn path laid it by great coaches before him.
Ignorance is criticizing somebody you don’t know
Ignorance is criticizing SPW when you have no experience there.
Appears to be he is carrying the torch very well and as always results will do the talking!

Corn Pop

Aye. I just love watching guys like that .coach .