Annie Lazor Adds 50 Breast To Worlds Lineup

The vacant spot on the U.S. World Championship roster in the women’s 50 breaststroke has been filled.

Annie Lazor, who qualified for the team by virtue of her second-place finish in the 100 breast last week in Greensboro, has accepted the invitation to swim the 50 in Budapest, USA Swimming told SwimSwam Thursday.

Initially, it appeared as though Lilly King, Lazor’s training partner at Indiana, would be the lone American entrant in the event, having won the race at trials (#1 priority) and placed first in the corresponding 100-meter event (#2 priority). The next priority to fill the vacant spot would then go to the fastest swimmer already on the roster in the race, provided they’d achieved the FINA ‘A’ cut.

Lazor, who achieved the FINA ‘A’ cut of 31.22 with her opening 50 split of 31.04 in the 100 breast final, had yet to accept the invite when USA Swimming initially announced the stroke 50 additions to the roster without a second swimmer in the women’s 50 breast.

Here’s an updated look at the swimmers representing the U.S. in the stroke 50 events at the World Championships:


2022 FINA World Championships Roster [image]
Name Age Event(s) Hometown Club College Affiliation*
Phoebe Bacon 19 200 BK Chevy Chase, Md. Nation’s Capital Swim Club/Wisconsin Aquatics Wisconsin, ‘24
Katharine Berkoff 21 50 BK Missoula, Mont. Missoula Aquatic Club/NC State NC State, ‘23
Erika Brown 23 50 FR; 4×100 FR-R Modesto, Calif. Tennessee Aquatics Tennessee, ‘20
Mallory Comerford 24 4×100 FR-R Kalamazoo, Mich. Cardinal Aquatics Louisville, ‘19
Claire Curzan 17 100 FR; 50/100 FL; 100 BK Cary, N.C. TAC Titans ^Stanford, ‘26
Kate Douglass 20 200 BR; 4×100 FR-R Pelham, N.Y. University of Virginia Virginia, ‘23
Hali Flickinger 27 200 FL; 4×200 FR-R York, Pa. Sun Devil Swimming Georgia, ‘17
Katie Grimes 16 1500 FR; 400 IM Las Vegas, Nev. Sandpipers of Nevada N/A
Leah Hayes 16 200 IM Sugar Grove, Ill. Fox Valley Park District Riptides N/A
Natalie Hinds 28 4×100 FR-R Midland, Texas Gator Swim Club Florida, ‘16
Torri Huske 19 50/100 FR; 50 FL/100 FL Arlington, Va. Stanford University Stanford, ‘25
Lilly King 25 50/100/200 BR Evansville, Ind. Newburgh Sea Creatures/Greater Evansville Aquatic Team Indiana, ‘19
Annie Lazor 27 50/100 BR Beverly Hills, Mich. Indiana Swim Club/Mission Viejo Nadadores Ohio State/Auburn, ‘16
Katie Ledecky 25 400/800/1500 FR, 4×200 FR-R Bethesda, Md. Nation’s Captial/Gator Swim Club Stanford, ‘20
Bella Sims 17 4×200 FR-R Las Vegas, Nev. Sandpipers of Nevada N/A
Leah Smith 27 200/400/800 FR; 4×200 FR-R Pittsburgh, Pa. Longhorn Aquatics Virginia, ‘17
Regan Smith 20 50/100 BK; 200 FL Lakeville, Minn. Stanford University Stanford, ‘25
Alex Walsh 20 200 IM; 4×200 FR-R Nashville, Tenn. Nashville Aquatic Club/University of Virginia Virginia, ‘24
Claire Weinstein 15 200 FR White Plains, N.Y. Sandpipers of Nevada N/A
Emma Weyant 20 400 IM Sarasota, Fla. Sarasota Sharks Virginia, ‘25
Rhyan White 22 200 BK Herriman, Utah University of Alabama/WFFM Alabama, ‘22
Name Age Event(s) Hometown Club College Affiliation*
Michael Andrew 23 50 FR; 50/100 BR; 50/100 FL Encinitas, Calif. MA Swim Academy N/A
Hunter Armstrong 21 50/100 BK; 4×100 FR-R Dover, Ohio The Ohio State University Ohio State, ‘24
Coby Carrozza 21 4×200 FR-R Austin, Texas University of Texas Texas, ‘24
Shaine Casas 22 200 BK McAllen, Texas Longhorn Aquatics N/A
Charlie Clark 20 800/1500 FR Sandusky, Ohio The Ohio State University/Vacationland Swim Club Ohio State, ‘24
Brooks Curry 21 100 FR Atlanta, Ga. Louisiana State University LSU, ‘23
Caeleb Dressel 25 50/100 FR; 50/100 FL Green Cove Springs, Fla. Gator Swim Club Florida, ‘18
Nic Fink 28 50/100/200 BR Morristown, N.J. Metro Atlantic Aquatic Club Georgia, ‘15
Bobby Finke 22 800/1500 FR Clearwater, Fla. Gator Swim Club Florida, ‘22
Carson Foster 20 200/400 IM; 4×200 FR-R Cincinnati, Ohio University of Texas/Mason Manta Rays Texas, ‘24
Trey Freeman 22 400 FR; 4×200 FR-R Emigration Canyon, Utah University of Florida/Baylor Swim Club Florida, ‘23
Ryan Held 26 4×100 FR-R Springfield, Ill. NYAC/Sun Devil Swimming NC State, ‘18
Trenton Julian 23 200 FL; 4×200 FR-R Glendale, Calif. Rose Bowl Aquatics Cal-Berkeley, ‘21
Chase Kalisz 28 200/400 IM Baltimore, Md. Athens Bulldog Swim Club Georgia, ‘17
Drew Kibler 22 200 FR; 4×100 FR-R Carmel, Ind. University of Texas Texas, ‘22
Ryan Murphy 26 100/200 BK Ponte Vedra Beach, Calif. California Aquatics Cal-Berkeley, ‘17
Justin Ress 24 50 BK; 4×100 FR-R Cary, N.C. Wolfpack Elite NC State, ‘19
Kieran Smith 22 200/400 FR Ridgefield, Conn. Ridgefield Aquatic Club/University of Florida Florida, ‘22
Charlie Swanson 24 200 BR Richmond, Va. Club Wolverine Michigan, ‘21
Luca Urlando 20 200 FL Sacramento, Calif. University of Georgia/DART Swimming – Davis Georgia, ‘24
* Future year marks anticipated graduation date
^ Verbally committed
NOTES: Age at the opening of the 2022 FINA World Championships on June 18, 2022; Relay line-ups will be determined by the coaching staff.
Women’s Team Head Coach: Todd DeSorbo (University of Virginia)
Men’s Team Head Coach: Anthony Nesty (University of Florida)
Assistant Coaching Staff: Ron Aiken (Sandpipers of Nevada), Carol Capitani (University of Texas), Bill Dorenkott (The Ohio State University), Bruce Marchionda (TAC Titans), Greg Meehan (Alto Swim Club), Eddie Reese (University of Texas)
Events are subject to change. Athletes, coaches and events are updated as of May 3,, 2022.

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6 months ago

Can you imagine explaining this to a non swimmer?

I took second.

So you made the team!?

No, they only take two.


Reply to  Swimpop
6 months ago

I don’t think it’s that hard to explain. “You can enter up to two people per race as long as both meet the time standard, but the total size of the team is capped so you can’t enter two swimmers in every event unless some people swim multiple events. Certain events are less prestigious than others so for those only the winner gets entered and the second entrant is whoever else on the team has the best time in that event”. That was two sentences and pretty simple.

Reply to  jamesjabc
6 months ago

I will take this as sarcasm. Well done.

tea rex
6 months ago

I want to see someone break a 50 breast and 100 breast record in the same race.

Tik Tok
Reply to  tea rex
6 months ago

Kieran Perkins broke 800m and 1500m WRs in the same race.

Reply to  tea rex
6 months ago

Didn’t Jessica Hardy do this in 2009 at the US open?

MA swims 56 100br in Paris
Reply to  tea rex
6 months ago

It’s coming

There's no doubt that he's tightening up
Reply to  MA swims 56 100br in Paris
6 months ago

Don’t think they count 150 IM WRs unfortunately

6 months ago

comment image

Steve Nolan
6 months ago

It’s important to trust the process.

That process being, “uhh well loogit that we got someone else actually eligible welp guess they can do it.”

Last edited 6 months ago by Steve Nolan
6 months ago

Katie Ledecky: 4x200FR-R still missing under events.

6 months ago

That settles that issue.

6 months ago

At least they did the right thing and added her.

Reply to  Dan
6 months ago

The rules are screwed up. The right thing to do would be to add the second-place finisher at trials, Kaitlyn Dobler, who went 30.54. Plenty of room for more swimmers on the team, which would mean a bigger cheering section at Worlds. Spread the riches, rather than hoard the wealth.

Reply to  RCP
6 months ago

They have there own rules for selection process deal with it😉 every swimmer who swam at trials understands it

Reply to  Swimfan
6 months ago

Anyone who says, “Deal with it,” or, “Rules are rules,” are always the most fun people. You must be a blast to hang with.

Imagine if people took that tone with other moments of unfairness.

Fean Darris
Reply to  SWIMGUY12345
6 months ago

Rules are rules

Reply to  SWIMGUY12345
6 months ago

Deal with it

Reply to  dddddddd
6 months ago

no sunglasses for you

Reply to  RCP
6 months ago

I’m not a big fan of the stroke 50s, but I would not be opposed to adding second place into one of the lower priorities. If there is room, they get to go to worlds, but otherwise it reverts back to how it is now.

Reply to  RCP
6 months ago

Wait really but i thought no one else made it under the cut?

Reply to  Owlmando
6 months ago

Dobler made it under the cut but she didn’t win the event. Only the winner of the stroke 50s get added to the team. The second swimmer in the stroke 50s have to already have made the team in another event. Technically King is the only one on the team with an A cut in the actual event, but since Lazor’s first half of her 100 was faster than the 50 A cut they are using that to qualify her. Which totally makes sense because I believe FINA recognises opening splits as potential records.

Reply to  jamesjabc
6 months ago

thats where I was misunderstanding it too; I kept thinking it was that no one else in the entire US had that A cut, not that no one else already on the team had the cut

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