American Short Course Championships Relocated to San Antonio

The American Short Course Championships set for March 2nd-4th have moved from Texas’s Lee and Joe Jamail Swimming Center to the Northside ISD Natatorium in San Antonio. The meet dates have not changed, and prelims will still start at 9:30 am CT with finals at 6:00 pm CT.

According to Charles Logan, the facility director, “The Texas Swimming Center has experienced a plumbing leak, and as a result, we’ve elected to relocate the American Short Course Championship.”

The American Short Course Championships serve as a joint club meet and last chance meet for college men’s swimmers before the NCAA Division I Nationals at the end of the month. Though the meet is not a USA Swimming-defined national championship, it has drawn big-name senior swimmers in the past. Last year, Abbey Weitzeil set new American and U.S. Open record in the 50 yard free at this meet with her 21.12.

This time around, top-flight senior swimmers like Amanda Weir will take on nationally-ranked high-school-aged talents like Sean Grieshop, Nikol Popov, Eva Merrell, and Regan Barneyalongside NCAA swimmers like Will Glass and PJ Dunne.

You can see the psych sheets for the meet here.

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Old Man
5 years ago

You have athletes that have trained their butts off all season for this meet. Something totally out of anyone’s control occurred and frankly UT turned on a dime to get a replacement venue and all the logistic nightmares associated with that. We train athletes to focus on what is within their control. That’s the swim. So let’s stop griping and start posting results and applauding the efforts of these kids turning lemons into lemonade! There’s some really good swimming going on in a warm up pool in San Antonio.

Reply to  Old Man
5 years ago

“Old Man”. UT Austin knew about this disaster on Tuesday morning and failed to tell anyone until Wednesday evening. Meanwhile, we heard their team had already left town for another meet and did not attend the meet in San Antonio, even thought they were hosting. They knew how bad the pool was in San Antonio. It’s a training /warm up pool- not a competition pool and our kids flew in from out of state with big hopes for good times at a world class facility to help them with college recruiting. We felt terrible for the college men from A & M and Mizzu who did show up for their last chance NCAA shot and were not given a fair… Read more »

Kurt Rambis
Reply to  swimmom
5 years ago

Topkek this is maybe like 15% accurate. LOL.

5 years ago

This meet is a piece of Kropp

Crown Bird
5 years ago

The meet is awful. Changed it from UT to a warm down pool in San Antonio. Lots of parents and kids disappointed to say the least.

Paul J
Reply to  Crown Bird
5 years ago

Coaches were given notice at 5:30pm the night before about the change of location. Complete joke.

Yeah Right
5 years ago

The UT pool leaks more than the NISD pool? That is surprising.

5 years ago

The caption on your picture says the meet is being moved from Austin to Austin. Might wanna fix that.

5 years ago

Very sad that the entire Austin has only one pool for that level of competition.

By the way, real swimming action will be few miles away – South Texas A+ Age Group Championship will be also at San Antonio this weekend. 🙂

5 years ago

Going to be some hotel cancellations.

5 years ago


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