A Peek Inside the FHSAA 1A District Championships

FHSAA 1A District Championships

The smallest of the Florida high school classes, 1A, will begin their road to the state championships next week with the 12 district championship meets.

To many 1A powerhouse schools, districts is only a meager beginning to the battle at the state championships. Here are some of these dominant forces that are not only expected to make an impact at their district meet or even regional meet, but the state championships.

School Districts Regionals State
Bolles (District 2) 1st 1st 1st (333.5 pts)
Pine Crest (District 11) 1st 1st 2nd (288 pts)
St. Andrew’s (District 10) 1st 2nd 3rd (208.5 pts)


School Districts Regionals State
Bolles (District 2) 1st 1st 1st (350 pts)
St. Andrew’s (District 10) 1st 2nd 2nd (202 pts)
Trinity Prep (District 4) 1st 1st 3rd (193 pts)
Pine Crest (District 11) 1st 1st 4th (187 pts)

Yet to some of these schools, the district meet is what makes or breaks a team leading to the state championships. In one example, one small shortcoming followed a team throughout the state series and affected their final outcome.

Trinity Prep Girls V. Montverde Girls (District 4)

Last year at the District 4 meet, the Trinity Prep girls came back as the defending district champions and a 6th place finish at the state meet. However, the big hit the Trinity Prep girls took was the first event of the meet – the 200 medley relay.

The Trinity Prep girls finished the 200 medley relay with a disqualification, losing almost 40 points if won right off the bat. If the team even got third place in the event, they would have won the meet by only 5 points. Instead, it gave way for the Montverde girls to remain head of the team and secure their own title.

As the series progressed, the hole the 200 medley relay disqualification left followed Trinity Prep throughout the state series.

School District 4 Region 2 1A State
Montverde Girls 1st (516 pts) 1st (448 pts) 6th (131 pts)
Trinity Prep Girls 2nd (489 pts) 2nd (370 pts) 9th (82 pts)

This year, could the Trinity Prep girls redeem themselves, take back their district title from Montverde, and even crack a top 5 finish at the 1A state championships?

Other Defending 1A District Champions:  

  • District 1: North Bay Haven Girls/ Mclay Boys
  • District 3: PK Younge
  • District 5: Cocoa Beach
  • District 6: Lake Placid
  • District 7: Berkeley
  • District 8: Shorecrest Prep
  • District 9: Bishop Verot
  • District 12: Ransom Everglades

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