4-Time Olympian Allison Schmitt Begins 6-Month Recovery from Surgery

by Riley Overend 12

September 22nd, 2022 News

Allison Schmitt, a four-time Olympian and 10-time Olympic medalist, is beginning a six-month recovery process after undergoing successful hip surgery last week.

“First ever surgery…and we went big,” Schmitt wrote on Instagram. “Cheers to the next 6 months of rehabbing these hips back to stronger than before. Thankful for all the FaceTimes and messages during this time of recovery.”

Schmitt last competed at last summer’s Tokyo Olympics, where she took home a silver medal in the women’s 4×200 freestyle relay and a bronze in the 4×100 free relay. 

The 32-year-old freestyle specialist confirmed to SwimSwam that she has not officially retired from competitive swimming. If Schmitt attempts a comeback, she would be seeking to become just the second American woman to qualify for five Olympics after Dara Torres achieved the feat back in 2008. 

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Nancy Schmitt Braden
2 months ago

My name is also Schmitt (with 2 t’s) I’m from western NY. Father Joseph from western NY and Pennsylvania.

2 months ago

Were both hips replaced in the same surgery?

Reply to  Elmer
2 months ago

It didn’t say that a replacement was what she had. There are all sorts of hip surgeries

Fraser Thorpe
2 months ago

Schmitt’s decimation of the field in the 200 in 2012 is still one of my favourite races. Look forward to a fast recovery.

2 months ago

Prayers for a complete recovery. Do whatever your rehab folks tell you to do! 🙂

2 months ago

Vail, nice place to have surgery

Reply to  Horninco
2 months ago

Kind of makes sense right? Vail probably does more orthopedic surgeries/population than any city in the country, complete with a patient base that can afford top-tier care. Makes sense that they would have really good surgeons for this kind of thing.

DCC Parent
Reply to  Braden Keith
2 months ago

additionally, it’s home of the Steadman Clinic which pioneered some of the ortho procedures for hip surgery. Top athletes from all sports have been known to travel there for hip procedures. Whether she had it done at Steadman or another clinic nearby, I’m sure she was in really good hands.

Reply to  DCC Parent
2 months ago

Steadmen is one of the best of the best for athletes, especially for hip labral tears and FAI.

Derek Albertson
2 months ago

Allison rocks. Such an inspiration. Wishing her the best. Great for the sport.

Virgil Hilts
2 months ago

Good luck in your recovery!

I had a joint (successfully) replaced not too long ago.

My takeaways from the experience:

— be in shape (beforehand)
— take rehab very seriously: you’ve got a serious workout ethic but don’t overdo it
— have a good PT (or PT team) to encourage and stretch you
— have a goal (I wanted to get back in the water as soon as possible)
— have a loving partner (or support community) to help you through it
— stay positive

You have all of these ingredients!

I look forward to seeing you compete at US Oly Trials in June ‘24!

2 months ago

Woo! Rowdy says it’ll only take you 3 months to get back in shape once you hit the water again, no problem!

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