3 Dryland Tips You’re Not Hearing About

We’ve had an incredible response to our weekly webinar series on dryland for both swim coaches and swimmers alike.

There’s still a few more weeks so if you haven’t REGISTERED yet, you can still join us live or get the replays emailed to you, so don’t wait!

Each week we’ve taken a different topic in dryland and broken it down. Many coaches and swimmers are telling us this information has been game-changing to them and that they never thought of many of the concepts that are being presented each week.

Here’s a quick recap of the past weeks’ webinars (remember if you REGISTER to join us the next few weeks you’ll also get access to these past webinars as well!).

Stretch, but do it the “right way”
In many workouts floating around the web and social media the emphasis seems to be centered around your heart rate or how many burpees or push-ups you’re doing. But Chris Ritter believes one of the best things swimmers can be doing right now is making improvements in their mobility, especially around the shoulder. During this webinar, Chris also shared his two rules for stretching, they’re straight forward but you probably haven’t heard about them before. Watch the replay to learn them and more!

Core training is critical but in a “3D” way
Most swimmers and coaches understand the important of core training. And right now, swimmers are probably doing a lot of it, but is it working? There are some really effective ways for swimmers to work their core and it involves a “3D” approach that Chris explained in this week’s webinar. Do you know what you’re doing when it comes to your core training? Watch the replay to learn more!

Manage your movements in a dryland workout
Swimmers are trying to consistently get some physical conditioning in while they’re out of the pool. And that usually leaves them with dryland workouts as the only option. But common mistakes that many coaches and swimmers make with these workouts is not understanding what types of movements to do in a dryland workout and how often to perform them either. Messing this equation up can set up swimmers for increased likelihood of injury or simply wasting their time and effort. Don’t let this happen to you or your swimmers. Watch the replay to learn more!

Don’t take our word though on how impactful these webinars have been, listen to what swim coaches from around the world are saying about these dryland webinars:

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