2024 World Championships Preview | SWIMSWAM BREAKDOWN

This week on the SwimSwam Breakdown, we bring you a comprehensive preview of the most exciting events at the 2024 World Championships in Doha.

See full list of topics below:

  • 0:00 Worlds Preview Intro
  • 1:40 How much do these World Champs count?
  • 7:00 Men’s 400 Free/Medley Relays
  • 12:56 Women’s Sprint Free
  • 20:45 Men’s Sprint Free
  • 31:00 Men’s Distance Free
  • 35:27 Women’s Breaststroke


  • 41:48 Will Kate Douglass Win a Medal in the 50 Fly?
  • 44:47 Will Michael Andrew Medal in All Four 50s?
  • 46:56 Will Shaine Casas Win an Individual LCM World Title?
  • 49:37 Over/Under – 1.5 World Records Get Set in Doha
  • 53:45 BONUS: YanYan Schools us on Caitlin Clark Going Pro Because Why Not

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Fraser Thorpe
2 months ago

Totally here for all the Sjostrom praise – even though she’s widely celebrated I think we still don’t quite appreciate her enough. She and Ledecky have been so consistently brilliant for so long, we have to remind ourselves how amazing it is.

2 months ago

Anyone else notice YY says “the a hundred” a lot? As in “Kate Douglas should swim the a hundred breast.”

Free Thinker
2 months ago

Draft kings is taking numbers on this? Has anyone looked at what they got wrong? Can we go clean up there?

Reply to  Free Thinker
2 months ago

Haven’t seen it on DK, but Caesars is in some states – https://swimswam.com/caesars-will-offer-betting-on-swimming-at-2024-world-championships/

Steve Nolan
2 months ago

A truly stacked podcast and I’m going to tell Kate that.

2 months ago

Casas’ problem isn’t necessarily big meets. It’s his self destructive and immature behavior the worst of which tends to occur right before big meets. He posts his partying on SM. Not a good look if you want to won Olympic gold. His track kind of reminds me another former A&M star, Johnny Football. I hope he can pull him self together.

Reply to  Snarky
2 months ago

What’s SM?

Reply to  bobthebuilderrocks
2 months ago

Oh that means social media, huh? I thought it was referring to a specific app.

2 months ago

Curiously, Sink or Swims discussed by Coleman & Yinyan did not line-up with those listed above

Apropos of nothing, my thoughts:

  1. Whilst possible, lean towards Sink
  2. Whilst this is most likely the best chance Andrew will ever get for a big LCM Worlds swag; I cannot see him medalling across all four 50s. Sink
  3. If the question were framed CAN Casas collect gold in Doha; I’d might Swim it but rather it’s framed as “Will he ?” Sinking it
  4. Under
2 months ago

Coleman and Yanyan, over/under 4.5 medals for Claire Curzan?

Reply to  Willswim
2 months ago

Under—I think she’s a lock in the 100/200 back and the 100 fly, and I don’t think she’ll medal in the 50 free because it’s a competitive field behind Sjostrom and Curzan just hasn’t been the same in that event since 2021.

I think she’ll sneak in for a minor medal either in the 50 fly or 50 back, but not both events.

Reply to  Coleman Hodges
2 months ago

Thanks for responding! You guys do a great job with the breakdown. I think the U.S. women will scratch the free relays but swim the medley, so that’s possibly one more for Curzan.

Edit: Also, who knows if they swim the mixed relays. I kinda doubt they will, but if they do she’ll be in the mix for even more medals.

Last edited 2 months ago by Willswim
Reply to  Willswim
2 months ago

They should swim the mixed relays. Armstrong-Fink-Curzan-Douglass for the mixed medley, is a better shot for gold for the US than everything but maybe 5 other events.

Reply to  oxyswim
2 months ago

The main thing that makes me hesitant to pick USA relays in the pick ‘em is didn’t Douglass say a while ago that she didn’t expect to swim any relays?

john RH
2 months ago

Does this devaluation also count for 1980 or the 1984 Olympics? It cheapens any medallist. Medals are won. those who show up.

Reply to  john RH
2 months ago

I think the reality is that it devalues medals in the short term, but then history forgets or washes over the context.

On the spectrum I tend towards agreeing – Everyone has the same Olympic target this year, so credit to those who show up in Doha and win medals. I do wish they would have reframed this meet as something other than a World Championship, but with the same prize money and grandeur. Some races will be better than others too – whoever wins the men’s 50 fly, for example, will have won a dynamite race that could easily have been the World Championship final last year.

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