2024 U.S. Olympic Trials: Swim-Off Palooza Continues – Kulow & Chaney Tie (AGAIN!!!)


Swim-off: Chaney vs Kulow Rnd 2

  1. Adam Chaney (FLOR), 21.81
  2. Jonny Kulow (SUN), 21.99

This race played out similarly to how the first swim-off did: both got off the blocks quickly (separated by only .01 second on their reaction time) but Chaney charged ahead to the lead. Kulow didn’t let him get far though, and once again the Sun Devil kicked into gear during the closing meters of the race.

But it wasn’t enough to get past Chaney this time — the Florida Gator got his hand on the wall in 21.81, just .02 seconds off his lifetime best from the first swim-off. Kulow finished second in 21.99.

So, it’s Chaney who moves on to tomorrow night’s final after one of the most exciting swims we’ve seen at this meet — which is saying alot.

Rnd 1.

In what has been one of the most swim-off-filled meets that I can remember, we appear set to have another swim-off. Adam Chaney of Florida is set to swim off against Jonny Kulow, who represents ASU for a spot in tomorrow’s 50-free final. The pair tied at 21.89, with tonight marking Chaney’s first time under 22.0, while Kulow has a personal best of 21.87.

In the swim-0ff, Chaney appeared to get the better of the starts and surged to the halfway mark, but Kulow, who hails from Wyoming, surged to the finish and caught even up with the Florida Gator. In a photo finish, Kulow TIED with Chaney. AGAIN. AGAIN

Both hit even in 21.79.

Men’s 50 Freestyle – Semifinals Swim-off

  1. Jonny Kulow (Sun)/Adam Chaney (FLOR) – 21.79

The time stands as a new personal best for each, and they would have finished 4th in the semifinals. While some nations have used nine lanes in the final instead of resolving swim-offs, SwimSwam expects there to be another swim-off tonight but will update this post as soon as we hear more. On a personal note, I may feel some guilt for this as I have expressed my love for swim-offs here. Oh and here too.

Update: 9:50 confirmed Swim-off!!!! Welcome to the Swim-off Live Recap


  • World Record: 20.91 — Cesar Cielo (BRA), 2009
  • American Record: 21.04 — Caeleb Dressel, 2019 / 2021
  • U.S. Open Record: 21.04 — Caeleb Dressel (USA), 2021
  • World Junior Record: 21.75 — Michael Andrew (USA), 2017 / 2017
  • 2021 U.S. Olympic Trials Champion: Caeleb Dressel, 21.04
  • 2024 Olympic Qualifying Time: 21.96

Final Qualifiers: 

  1. Chris Guiliano (ND), 21.59
  2. Caeleb Dressel (GSC), 21.61
  3. Jack Alexy (CAL), 21.66
  4. Ryan Held (NYAC), 21.82
  5. Michael Andrew (SUN), 21.83
  6. Quintin McCarty (WOLF), 21.85
  7. Matt King (TFA), 21.88
  8. Adam Chaney (FLOR) / Jonny Kulow (SUN), 21.89*

*swim-off required

Chris Guiliano just keeps rolling in Indianapolis this week. He shattered the personal best 21.83 that he swam in prelims with a 21.59 that won the first semifinal and moved him through to the final as the top seed. If Guiliano does qualify in the 50 free, he will be the first person since Matt Biondi in 1988 to qualify individually in the 50/100/200 freestyle.

After a 22.00 in prelims, Caeleb Dressel exploded to win the second semi-final. Dressel rocketed to a 21.61, his fastest time in two years.

Jack Alexy sits just .05 seconds behind Guiliano in 21.66, improving from his prelims swim by eight-hundredths. And after tying for the top time this morning (21.70), Ryan Held and Michael Andrew remain close, separated by just a hundredth of a second in 4th and 5th.

There will be yet another swim-off at this meet. Florida’s Adam Chaney and Arizona State’s Jonny Kulow will swim-off for a spot in the final after tying in 21.89. Kulow was just off his lifetime-best while this marks Chaney’s first swim under 22 seconds.

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Alex Wilson
21 days ago

When one considers that Jonny Kulow will be only a junior next year, he will be a sprinter to watch! I am sure that coach Herbie will work on starts. Jonny is amazing in that besides being a beast in the pool he also has a 4.0 grade average in microbiology! He is from the small western Wyoming town of Lander, pop.7500.

Tracy Kosinski
21 days ago

Absolutely incredible.

21 days ago

Full video?

Reply to  Dressel_42.8
21 days ago

Check out @/willlerch on Twitter. Technically it’s a violation of the meet’s video policy to post it (because NBC has exclusive rights) so SwimSwam probably can’t post it or link to it because they might get in trouble. Super stupid since NBC chose to not stream one of the most exciting moments of the meet but SwimSwam can’t risk their media credentials so I get it.

21 days ago

Probably the most exciting race of the night and NBC show a replay of yesterday’s synchro diving instead?? Unbelievable!

Last edited 21 days ago by Swimdad
21 days ago

Let them both in.

Steve Nolan
Reply to  SwimmerGuy
21 days ago

They absolutely should have

Reply to  SwimmerGuy
21 days ago

no need to use lane 9. their 21.79 time topped MAs and Heads times so MA and held should get bumped down two seeds (to 7 & 8) and Chaney and Murrow gain 5 & 6 seed. and sadly for him the initial 8th place finisher gets moved to reserve.


Because that would be fair? Maybe let guys time trial as many times as they want until finals want up start, top 8 times swim final

21 days ago

Chaneys & Kulows time of 21.79 beat MAs 21.83! would be entirely wrong not to seed ’em both based on 21.79 time ahead of MA in the finals! MA & his parents will whine but right is right and they beat MAs time fair and square!


I love to $hit on MA & Co w/ the best of them, but this would be too far. Especially in a 50, it really doesnt matter what lane they are in. Lil splash-and-dash action wont have time to look around. Get your hand to the wall in 21.low and you are in. Otherwise, congrats on making trials finals.

21 days ago

Chaney got it! 21.81 vs 21.99. Chaney’s having a great meet

Reply to  chickenlamp
21 days ago

They have got to be tired. Both are solid swims after doing it 3x in a short period.

Reply to  Doggiepaddle
21 days ago

Very impressive that they were sub-22 all three rounds considering their PBs were 22 low/21 high coming into tonight

21 days ago

Interesting that they both swam PBs the second time – I assume it’s easier to swim fast when you don’t have Dressel Alexy etc and next to you creating tidal waves

Really LONG
Reply to  Andy
21 days ago

It would actually cause draft which would make them faster, assuming Dressel and Chaney are ahead

Reply to  Really LONG
21 days ago

true and they swam w/ little rest between races