2023 Women’s Division I NCAA Champs: Final Night Photo Vault


It’s nearly 2am and I’ve just finished processing all the images from tonight’s (or last night’s?) finals. Such a great last session of the meet, helped by an epic DJ that got everybody hyped up. Here are my favorite shots from the night, let me know which are your favorite in the comments!

Virginia NCAA Champions (photo: Jack Spitser)

Sally Foley (photo: Jack Spitser)

Paige McKenna (photo: Jack Spitser)

Noelle Peplowski (photo: Jack Spitser)

Kelly Pash (photo: Jack Spitser)

Aly Breslin (photo: Jack Spitser)

Alabama Cheering (photo: Jack Spitser)

Virginia Relay (photo: Jack Spitser)

USC (photo: Jack Spitser)

Texas Celebration (photo: Jack Spitser)

Stanford Celebration (photo: Jack Spitser)

Louisville Celebration (photo: Jack Spitser)

Emma Davidson (photo: Jack Spitser)

Legend Coleman Hodges (photo: Jack Spitser)

Elise Garcia (photo: Jack Spitser)

Alex Walsh, Kate Douglas and Elizabeth Beisel (photo: Jack Spitser)

Alex Walsh, Gretchen Walsh, and Kate Douglas (photo: Jack Spitser)

Todd DeSorbo after the 200 Fly (photo: Jack Spitser)

Texas After The 200 Fly (photo: Jack Spitser)

Samantha Tadder (photo: Jack Spitser)

NC State Cheering (photo: Jack Spitser)

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