2023 Division I Men’s NCAA Championships: Day 1 Finals Live Recap


The last meet of the 2023-23 NCAA season kicks off tonight, with the men’s 200 medley relay and 800 free relay being contested.

Florida comes in as the fastest 200 medley relay team in history and the defending champions, but there’s going to be several other teams such as Cal, ASU, NC State, and top seed Tennessee who are all in the 1:21-low range and can challenge the Gators. One thing to look out for in this relay is a potential 19-point 50 back leadoff. With Bjorn Seeliger going 20.08 last year, that 20 second barrier seems ripe to be broken, and swimmers like Adam Chaney and Kacper Stokowski all have a shot at getting under. Jordan Crooks, the first swimmer to split 18 on a 50 fly, will also be on this relay and looking to better his 18.90 split from SECs. Crooks also went a 17.93 50 free flat start at SECs, which means that we could also be looking at 17-point relay splits in this race.

The 800 free relay will be top seed Arizona State’s chance to snap Texas’s three-year win streak in this race. With swimmers like Leon Marchand and Grant House almost certain to get under the 1:30-barrier, it’s going to take the Longhorns everything they’ve got to defend their title and keep their NCAA record in this event. Meanwhile, schools like Cal, Indiana, Stanford, and NC State will be vying for the next few top spots here. Last year, we saw two sub-1:30 splits—how many more will we see today?

200 Medley Relay—Timed Finals

  • NCAA Record: 1:21.13 — Florida (2022)
  • Meet Record: 1:21.13 — Florida (2022)
  • American Record: 1:21.88 — Cal (2018)
  • U.S. Open Record: 1:21.13 — Florida (2022)
  • Pool Record: 1:21.82 — USC (2018)
  • 2022 Champions: Florida — 1:21.13

Top 8:

  1. NC State — 1:20.67
  2. Arizona State — 1:21.07
  3. Florida — 1:21.14
  4. Cal — 1:21.24
  5. Indiana — 1:21.52
  6. Tennessee — 1:21.59
  7. Louisville — 1:22.43
  8. Virginia — 1:22.51

What. A. Race.

NC State was utterly dominant in this men’s 200 medley relay, as Kacper Stowkowski (20.36), Mason Hunter (22.95), Nyls Korstanje (19.15), and David Curtiss (18.21) smashed the NCAA record by 0.46 seconds in a time of 1:20.67 and win their first-ever 200 medley relay title. Korstanje’s split was 0.4 seconds faster than his split on this relay last year, and also stands as the second-fastest fly split of all-time. In addition, Curtiss was also over half a second faster than his anchor leg from last year.

In second was ASU’s Jack Dolan (20.61), Leon Marchand (22.27), Max McCusker (19.74), and Jonny Kulow (18.45), who combined for a 1:21.07 and also got under the previous NCAA record. Marchand’s 50 breast split was the fastest 50 breast of all-time, 0.12 seconds faster than Max McHugh’s 22.39 that was clocked in heat one of this relay. McHugh, meanwhile, got 0.01 of a second faster than his previous fastest split ever of 22.40.

Florida, the defending champions, finished third. Adam Chaney (20.38), Aleksas Savickas (22.98), Eric Frieise (19.75) and Josh Liendo (18.03) put up a good fight, swimming just 0.01 of a second slower than their winning time from last year.

Cal’s Bjorn Seeliger had the fastest 50 back leadoff at 20.28, and helped Liam Bell (22.99), Dare Rose (19.85), and Jack Alexy (18.11) combine for a 1:21.24 and take fourth. Indiana’s Brendan Burns (20.60), Van Mathias (22.53), Tomer Frankel (19.56), and Gavin Wright (18.83) finished fifth, which is a major improvement from their 15th place finish last year. Mathias was a big difference maker, going over a second faster than the Hoosiers’ breaststroke split last year.

Jordan Crooks, the fastest 50 flyer ever, was a little slower than his SECs split, but he still clocked a very fast 19.27 split. Other notable relay splits from this race included Chris Guliano‘s 18.28 anchor for Notre Dame, and Kalle Makinens 18.37 anchor for Auburn.

800 Free Relay—Timed Finals

  • NCAA Record: 6:03.89 — Texas (2022)
  • Meet Record: 6:03.89 — Texas (2022)
  • American Record: 6:03.89 — Texas (2022)
  • U.S. Open Record: 6:03.89 — Texas (2022)
  • Pool Record: 6:05.31 — NC State (2018)
  • 2022 Champions: Texas — 6:03.89

Top 8:

  1. Texas — 6:03.42
  2. ASU — 6:05.08
  3. Cal — 6:06.41
  4. Indiana — 6:07.97
  5. Florida — 6:08.79
  6. NC State — 6:09.38
  7. Stanford — 6:11.49
  8. Auburn — 6:11.64

Texas was dominant to win their fourth-straight NCAA title in the 800 free relay, as Luke Hobson (1:29.63), Coby Carozza (1:30.50), Peter Larson (1:33.14), and Carson Foster (1:30.15) combined for a time of 6:03.42 to break the NCAA, US Open, and American record. Hobson’s leadoff time makes him tied as the fourth-fastest performer of all-time and the fifth man in history to go 1:29-point on a flat start.

ASU’s Grant House (1:31.92), Patrick Sammon (1:32.78), Julian Hill (1:31.96) and Leon Marchand (1:28.42) combined for a time of 6:05.08, though if House was closer to his flat start PB of 1:30.23 then ASU could have had a shot at beating Texas. Marchand’s split was mind-boggling, being the fastest in history and the first relay split under 1:29 (and also going out 42.28 to the feet).

Taking third was Cal’s Gabriel Jett (1:31.35), Lucas Henveaux (1:31.90), Patrick Callan (1:33.63), and Destin Lasco (1:29.53). Jett dropped nearly a second off his best time of 1:32.41, while Lasco’s split was amongst one of the fastest in history. In addition, Lasco also had an incredible back half, splitting 20.80/23.24/22.84/22.65/

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1 year ago

Marchand! No record is safe. What makes him so great, esp. when he isn’t as physically impressive in height or muscle mass or body structure as a Phelps or a Peaty or a Dressel or a Milak?

Octavio Gupta
1 year ago

Technique, stamina, efficiency, lung capacity

Stephen Strange
1 year ago

Laughs in Skinny Legend aka Chlorine Daddy

Reply to  Stephen Strange
1 year ago

LOL! Good one!

1 year ago

My guesses for tomorrow if everyone shows up for prelims

200 IM-2/1
50-1/1, maybe 2/0
Total-5/2, maybe 6/1

500-2/2, maybe 3/1
200 IM-2/2
Total-4/4, maybe 5/3

200 IM-1/2, maybe 1/3
50-0/1, maybe 1/1
Total-1/5, maybe 2/6

200 IM-0/0

Reply to  ArtVanDeLegh10
1 year ago

500 – 1/1
200IM – 1/1
50 – 2/1
Total – 4/3

Reply to  Breezeway
1 year ago

50 – 2/1 for NC State is going to be tough

There are going to be so many close races in prelims, a tenth here or there is going to cause big swings in points. It’ll be interesting what teams get 7th/8th and 15th/16th and what teams are on the outside looking in.

Reply to  ArtVanDeLegh10
1 year ago

It will be very tough! I’ll take 1/2 also

Reply to  Breezeway
1 year ago

Texas could go 3/2 in the 500.
Hobson and Johnston then either Enyart/Carozza for that 3rd spot. Who knows maybe they all go 4:10-4:11 or better and all get in. Zettle could easily sneak in the B final too.

The problem is everyone but Cal can’t miss in the morning.

Reply to  Breezeway
1 year ago

I mean let’s look at the list. In no exact order, We’ve got crooks/liendo/seeliger, curry/Chaney/Ramadan/brownstead, Korstanje/Curtiss/minakov/Guilliano/santos/Macduff/elaraby/Dolan. There’s 15 I could see making the A final

Not-so-Silent Observer
Reply to  Breezeway
1 year ago

I actually think STATE will. Be 1/2 in the 500. Pleage, Dant, Gallant

Reply to  Breezeway
1 year ago

Agreed except I see NCSU going 3-1 or 2-2 in the 50. The sprinters are on.

Reply to  ArtVanDeLegh10
1 year ago

Who’s the second up for Cal in the 50?

Reply to  Bobthebuilderrocks
1 year ago


He split 18.5-18.6 at Pac 12s. Went 19.1 individually.
He split 18.1 today. I could easily see him going 18.7-18.8 tomorrow.
He seems to be on and CAL always shows up for prelims.

Former Cal Student
Reply to  ArtVanDeLegh10
1 year ago

I think Alexy has proven to be a relay machine, but he hasn’t quite shown his individual prowess (outside of the 100 free). The 18.1 split today was IMPRESSIVE, but I suspect he’ll more likely be in the B-final tomorrow. I hope you’re right and he does make the A-final though.

Reply to  ArtVanDeLegh10
1 year ago

Did not see the 18.1! Damn!

1 year ago

After day 1, I still think Cal is winning. And I still have no idea for 2-5. Gonna be an exciting meet!

Reply to  chickenlamp
1 year ago

Texas could push as high as 2. And I had them at 5 when the psych sheets came out! Can’t wait to see Leon go 329 and Carson 330!

Paula Dean Farris
1 year ago

Dynasty is over for Texas. Hate to see Eddie pull an MJ and come back to under preform

Adam Depmore
Reply to  Paula Dean Farris
1 year ago

He’s a coach. A better comparison would be Gregg Popovich. Keeps developing incredible talent and is finding a way to continually build the program.

Bob is more like Phil Jackson. He had his Jordan (Phelps), now he has his Kobe (Leon.)

Reply to  Paula Dean Farris
1 year ago

The dynasty has been over for years. Cal has out swum Texas the last 4 NCAAs

1 year ago

Tight team race between the top 5 incoming! Excited

Konner Scott
1 year ago

Just watched the 8FR video. Surprised there wasn’t a trail of brown water behind Carson.

Reply to  Konner Scott
1 year ago


1 year ago

I was crying after the first relay; and now, I am LAUGHING after the 800 free — holy cow, NCAA record and everything else for Texas Longhorns. It’s goin’ to be funNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!

1 year ago

Does anyone else read through these recaps (when they didn’t get to watch the races live) – and literally say “holy %#$@!” out loud several times, while reading the different splits?

Reply to  Eouai
1 year ago

I like scrolling down and seeing a crossed out record, then another, then another…. Crazy swims tonight!

Gen D
Reply to  John
1 year ago

Or trying to go on swimswam, and finding it broken, and wondering “ok, geez, what did [whoever did a crazy swim] they go!?”

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