NC State Crushes NCAA, U.S. Open Record In 200 Medley Relay With 1:20.67


NC State came to play in the opening event of the 2023 Men’s NCAA Championships, as the Wolfpack took down the NCAA and U.S. Open Record in the 200 medley relay by nearly a half second.

The quartet of Kacper Stokowski (20.36), Mason Hunter (22.95), Nyls Korstanje (19.15) and David Curtiss (18.21) combined for a time of 1:20.67, taking 46 one-hundredths off the previous mark of 1:21.13 set by Florida last year.

Runner-up Arizona State also went under the old record in 1:21.07, while the Gators were just .01 slower than last year but fell from first to third.

Record Split Comparison

Florida, 2022 NCAAs NC State, 2023 NCAAs
Adam Chaney – 20.19 Kacper Stokowski – 20.36
Dillon Hillis – 23.20 Mason Hunter – 22.95
Eric Friese – 19.36 Nyls Korstanje – 19.15
Will Davis – 18.38 David Curtiss – 18.21
1:21.13 1:20.67

Stokowski was two-tenths shy of his fastest 50 back ever, a 20.16 from last year’s NCAAs, while Hunter was 12 one-hundredths quicker than he was at ACCs on breast. The real gains for the Pack came on the back half, as Korstanje dropped the second-fastest butterfly split in history to put NC State in the lead after ASU inched ahead after Leon Marchand‘s blistering breast leg.

On the anchor leg, David Curtiss came through with a scintillating 18.21 leg to put NC State in the clear of both the record and the rest of the field. Last year, Curtiss anchored the third-place Wolpfack relay in 18.76.

Arizona State’s runner-up showing was propelled by Marchand, who delivered the fastest breaststroke split of all-time in 22.27. He was joined by Jack Dolan (20.61), Max McCusker (19.74) and Jonny Kulow (18.45).

Marchand’s split overtakes the previous fastest breast leg of 22.39 produced by Max McHugh two heats earlier.

Third-place Florida had a noteworthy 18.03 anchor leg from Josh Liendo, signaling that he’s on good form for the rest of the week.

Split Comparison: Top 3

NC State Arizona State Florida
Kacper Stokowski – 20.36 Jack Dolan – 20.61 Adam Chaney – 20.38
Mason Hunter – 22.95 Leon Marchand – 22.27 Aleksas Savickas – 22.98
Nyls Korstanje – 19.15 Max McCusker – 19.74 Eric Friese – 19.75
David Curtiss – 18.21 Jonny Kulow – 18.45 Josh Liendo – 18.03
1:20.67 1:21.07 1:21.14


All-Time 200 Medley Relay Rankings (Performers)

  1. NC State, 1:20.67 – 2023 NCAA Championships
  2. Arizona State, 1:21.07 – 2023 NCAA Championships
  3. Florida, 1:21.13 – 2022 NCAA Championships
  4. California, 1:21.24 – 2023 NCAA Championships
  5. Texas, 1:21.36 – 2022 NCAA Championships
  6. Tennessee, 1:21.43 – 2023 SEC Championships
  7. Indiana, 1:21.52 – 2023 NCAA Championships

In terms of performances, four of the five fastest ever occurred in tonight’s heat:

This marks NC State’s first-ever national title in the 200 medley relay. Last year, the team of Stokowski, Rafal Kusto, Korstanje and Curtiss placed third.

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Boxall's Railing
1 year ago

Korstanje’s fly split and solid reaction times on exchanges were the difference makers for NC State in this one.

No excuse for the guys on other teams who had 0.3+ RTs today, especially on a 200 relay! I don’t know if that’s due to lack of practicing or just mental errors in the moment, but leaving “free tenths” on the table.

Demarrit Steenbergen
1 year ago

Derek Maas on Alabama with the 22.39 breast. Watch for him in the 100.

1 year ago

Love seeing Cullen so pumped for his alma mater! Go Pack!

K Chilly
1 year ago

Amazing swim all around. Every swimmer was right on their best split ever if not much faster. The splits on this relay feel like one of those conversations where people discuss how fast their relay could potentially go if everyone performed at their true potential.

1 year ago

Y’all didn’t believe me! Go Pack!

1 year ago

Eric Friese choked lol

Florida could’ve won (easily) if Liendo swam fly and any one of their 18 mid 50 free splits swam. AND they could’ve brought a 400 IM scorer in Vargas

MAJOR coaching mishap

Reply to  Andrew
1 year ago

They don’t have any 18-mid 50 free splits outside of Chaney (swimming backstroke), McDuff (essential for all other relays), and Liendo. They could take a gamble with switching Friese or Alberto Mestre with 18-highs into free and Liendo into fly, but that change probably doesn’t get them the victory either way.

Sal Paradise
1 year ago

I love David Curtiss jumping out of the water immediately so he can scream more

1 year ago

Go Pack!!!!

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