2022 Tennessee Invite: Day 2 Prelims Live Recap


The second day of the 2022 Tennessee Invite has arrived. This morning, prelims the 400 IM, 100 fly, 200 free, 100 breast, and 100 back will take place. Tonight’s finals session will also include the 200 medley relay and 800 free relay.

A reminder that this meet is running in a dual meet format. That means only three swimmers from a team are permitted to qualify for the ‘A’ final of an event. Additionally, any post grads will be relegated to the ‘C’ final.


  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut – 50.92


  1. Kate Douglass (UVA) – 49.76
  2. Gretchen Walsh (UVA) – 49.89
  3. Ellie Vannote (UNC) – 52.28
  4. Lexi Cuomo (UVA) – 52.62
  5. Carly Novelline (UVA) – 52.82
  6. Sara Stotler (TENN) – 52.98
  7. Brady Kendall (MICH) – 53.48
  8. Manon Compagner (CNU) – 53.62

Kate Douglass and Gretchen Walsh wasted no time this morning, speeding to sub-50-second swims. They were the only swimmers in the field under 52 seconds this morning, clearly setting themselves apart from the rest of the field.

UNC had a strong swim from Ellie Vannote to finish third this morning with a 52.28.

UVA’s Lexi Cuomo clocked a 52.62 for fourth, taking Virginia’s final spot in the ‘A’ final. Cavaliers freshman Carly Novelline touched fifth with a 52.82, but as the fourth UVA swimmer in the event, she’ll be bumped out of the ‘A’ final.

In Novelline’s place, UNC’s Elizabeth Sowards (53.68) will be bumped into the ‘A’ final.


  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut – 44.82


  1. Jordan Crooks (TENN) – 44.82
  2. Boyd Poelke (UNC) – 45.78
  3. Bjoern Kammann (TENN) – 46.05
  4. Bence Szabados (MICH) – 46.44
  5. Gui Caribe (TENN) – 46.50
  6. Gal Groumi (MICH) – 46.54
  7. Tim Connery (UVA) – 46.55
  8. Luke Brice (TENN) – 46.61

Like Douglass and Walsh in the women’s 100 fly, Tennessee’s Jordan Crooks wasted no time throwing down a quick time this morning. Crooks broke the meet record, speeding to a 44.82 to lead the field this morning by nearly a second. Not only was the swim a meet record, it marks a personal best for Crooks and his first time under 45 seconds in the event.

Tennessee had a good showing in the event, seeing four swimmers finish in the top eight. Bjoern Kammann was third in 46.05, Gui Caribe was fifth with a 46.50, and Luke Brice finished eighth in 46.61. As the fourth-fastest Tennessee swimmer in the event, Brice won’t be in the ‘A’ final tonight. Instead, UVA’s Josh Fong (46.69) will be bumped into the ‘A’ final.


  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut – 4:03.62


  1. Kathryn Ackerman (MICH) – 4:10.89
  2. Ella Nelson (UVA) – 4:11.15
  3. Sophia Wilson (UVA) – 4:13.84
  4. Abby Harter (UVA) – 4:14.22
  5. Devon Kitchel (MICH) – 4:17.86
  6. Kate McCarville (TENN) – 4:18.16
  7. Michelle Morgan (UNC) – 4:18.97
  8. Claire Donan (MICH) – 4:19.62

Michigan and UVA both maxed out with three swimmers qualifying for the ‘A’ final of the women’s 400 IM. Michigan’s Kathryn Ackerman led the field this morning, swimming a 4:10.89. She was just ahead of UVA’s Ella Nelson, setting up a race for tonight.


  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut – 3:39.16


  1. Landon Driggers (TENN) – 3:43.58
  2. Jared Daigle (MICH) – 3:46.10
  3. Eitan Ben-Shitrit (MICH) – 3:48.28
  4. Patrick Hussey (UNC) – 3:49.06
  5. Gus Rothrock (TENN) – 3:49.09
  6. Aidan Crisci (UNC) – 3:49.38
  7. Jaque Wenger (MICH) – 3:51.88
  8. Patrick Sleater (UNC) – 3:52.46

Tennessee’s Landon Driggers, a transfer from DII U Indy, led the field this morning by a wide margin, swimming a 3:43.58. Driggers was great on backstroke this morning, splitting 54.55.

Just as they did in the women’s 400 IM, Michigan managed to get three swimmers into the ‘A’ final here as well, led by fifth year Jared Daigle, who was second in 3:46.10. Notably, two of the Wolverines who qualified for the ‘A’ final, Eitan Ben-Shitrit and Jaque Wenger, are both freshmen.


  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut – 1:42.84


  1. Brooklyn Douthwright (TENN) – 1:43.60
  2. Sara Stotler (TENN) – 1:46.21
  3. Riley Francis (MICH) – 1:46.51
  4. Katie Crom (MICH) – 1:46.56
  5. Abby Samansky (TENN) – 1:46.60
  6. Julia Burroughs (TENN) – 1:46.88
  7. Christey Liang (MICH) – 1:47.06
  8. Sophia Kudryashova (MICH) – 1:47.41

Tennessee and Michigan performed spectacularly in the women’s 200 free prelims this morning. Brooklyn Douthwright was the fastest in the field by an order of magnitude, swimming a 1:43.60. The swim comes in just 0.15 seconds off Douthwright’s personal best, which she set at the SEC Championships last season.

Sara Stotler, another Vol, was the next swimmer in, touching in 1:46.21, which is about a second off her personal best.

The Michigan freshmen showed up and showed out for their team in this event. Riley Francis was third this morning with a 1:46.51, marking a new personal best and Michigan’s top swim of the morning. Freshman teammate Katie Crom was fourth at 1:46.56, taking 1.01 seconds off her personal best.

Christey Liang, another Michigan freshman, swam a personal best of 1:47.06 for seventh.

Tennessee and Michigan each had four swimmers in the top eight this morning, meaning the slowest from each team won’t be able to advance to the ‘A’ final. Tennessee’s Julia Burroughs and Michigan’s Sophia Kudryashova will be bumped out of the ‘A’ final, bumping in UVA’s Maxine Parker (1:47.55) and UNC’s Georgia Nels (1:48.00).


  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut – 1:31.98


  1. Joaquin Vargas (TENN) – 1:34.77
  2. Tomas Sungaila (UNC) – 1:34.88
  3. Nick Radkov (UNC) – 1:35.03
  4. Rafael Ponce de Leon (TENN) – 1:35.47
  5. Louis Dramm (UNC) – 1:35.57
  6. Will Jackson (TENN) – 1:35.73
  7. Sebastien Sergile (UVA) – 1:35.95
  8. Eduardo Moraes (MICH) – 1:36.05

Tennessee’s Joaquin Vargas led the 200 free this morning with a 1:34.77, touching just ahead of UNC’s Tomas Sungaila (1:34.88).

This event marks one of UNC’s best of the meet so far. The Tar Heels had three swimmers advance to the ‘A’ final. Nick Radkov finished third in 1:35.03, while Louis Dramm came in fifth with a 1:35.57.


  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut – 58.10


  1. Alex Walsh (UVA) – 58.17
  2. Kate Douglass (UVA) – 58.59
  3. Mona McSharry (TENN) – 58.78
  4. Jaycee Yegher (UVA) – 59.18
  5. Emma Weber (UVA) – 59.53
  6. Skyler Smith (UNC) – 59.93
  7. Letitia Sim (MICH) – 1:00.02
  8. Anna Keating (UVA) – 1:00.20

Alex Walsh looked good this morning, swimming a 58.17 to establish the top time of the morning by nearly half a second. In her second race of the session, Kate Douglass was right behind, finishing second in 58.59.

Setting up a great race for tonight, Tennessee’s Mona McSharry was also a 58 this morning, touching third with a 58.78.

UVA had five swimmers finish in the top eight this morning, which means Emma Weber and Anna Keating won’t be able to race in the ‘A’ final tonight. In their place, Tennessee’s Kailee Morgan (1:00.62) and Michigan’s Devon Kitchel (1:01.52) will be bumped into the ‘A’ final.


  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut – 51.40


  1. Noah Nichols (UVA) – 51.51
  2. Jarel Dillard (TENN) – 52.33
  3. Michael Houlie (TENN) – 52.38
  4. Brett Champlin (TENN) – 52.68
  5. Lyubomir Epitropov (TENN) – 53.68
  6. Max Iida (UVA) – 53.73
  7. Brendan Fitzpatrick (MICH) – 53.91
  8. Dylan Citta (UNC) – 54.08

UVA’s Noah Nichols has been great all fall, and continued that into today, swimming a 51.51 for the top time of the morning by nearly a second. Nichols posted the fastest split in the field on both 50s of the race, going out in 24.25 and coming home in 27.26.

Tennessee had a strong showing in the event, getting four swimmers into the top eight. Jarel Dillard was second this morning in 52.33, just ahead of Michael Houlie‘s 52.38.

As the fourth Tennessee swimmer in the field, Lyubomir Epitropov will not advance to the ‘A’ final and Michigan’s Ansel Froass (54.34) will instead be in the ‘A’ final.


  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut – 50.89


  1. Gretchen Walsh (UVA) – 50.37
  2. Kira Toussaint (UN-TN) – 51.56
  3. Grace Countie (UNC) – 51.79
  4. Greer Pattison (UNC) – 51.93
  5. Josephine Fuller (TENN) – 52.36
  6. Carly Novelline (UVA) – 52.49
  7. Sophie Lindner (UNC) – 52.54
  8. Emma Karam (UNC) – 53.21

In her second swim of the session, Gretchen Walsh led the women’s 100 back prelims by over a second, speeding to a 50.37. She sits just 0.06 seconds off the meet record with the swim.

Tennessee pro swimmer Kira Toussaint was second this morning, swimming a 51.56. As a pro, Toussaint will be relegated to the ‘C’ final tonight, opening up a spot in the ‘A’ final, which will be filled by UVA’s Ella Bathurst, who swam a 53.33 this morning.

UNC had four swimmers finish in the top eight this morning, led by Grace Countie, who swam a 51.79. Teammate Greer Pattison was also under 52 seconds, posting a 51.93.

Sophie Lindner was seventh this morning in 52.54, while Emma Karam was eighth in 53.21, rounding out the Tar Heels. As the fourth-fastest UNC swimmer in the field, Karam can’t advance to the ‘A’ final and Tennessee’s Brooklyn Douthwright (53.40) will instead be bumped into the ‘A’.


  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut – 44.79


  1. Jordan Crooks (TENN) – 45.55
  2. Bjoern Kammann (TENN) – 46.73
  3. Wyatt Davis (MICH) – 46.81
  4. Nick Simons (TENN) – 46.83
  5. Matt Brownstead (UVA) – 47.01
  6. Jack Aikins (UVA) – 47.22
  7. Max Edwards (UVA) – 47.24
  8. Harrison Lierz (TENN) – 47.33

Jordan Crooks is on a roll this week in Knoxville. After breaking the meet record in the 100 fly earlier in the session, Crooks did it again, taking down the 100 back meet record as well with a 45.55 100 back. The swim also marks a giant personal best for Crooks, whose previous best was a 47.25 from last year’s Tennessee Invite.

The Vols had a strong showing in the event as a whole, with Bjoern Kammann taking second in 46.73. Two other Vols, Nick Simons and Harrison Lierz, finished in the top eight as well. Lierz is the fourth Tennessee swimmer, and therefore can’t be in the ‘A’ final tonight, so UNC’s Walker Davis (47.54) will instead be bumped in.



UVA 63, Tennessee 28

UVA 66, Michigan 25

UVA 70, UNC 21

UNC 51, Michigan 40

UNC 39, Tennessee 52

Michigan 40, Tennessee 51

Carson-Newman 13, UVA 78

Carson-Newman 13, Tennessee 78

Carson-Newman 13, Michigan 78

Carson-Newman 13, Michigan 78


UVA 35, Tennessee 75

UVA 54.5, Michigan 54.5

UVA 64, UNC 45

UNC 45, Michigan 64

UNC 36, Tennessee 73

Michigan 41, Tennessee 69

Carson-Newman 13, UVA 94

Carson-Newman 13, Tennessee 94

Carson-Newman 13, Michigan 90

Carson-Newman 13, Michigan 90

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Sherry Smit
1 year ago

It’s kinda scary thinking about Gretchen’s 49.8 100 fly prelims. Is she going to break 49 tonight?
Also on another note, it will be interesting seeing their NCAA lineups.
Alex: 500 FR; 100 BR; 200 FL?
Gretchen: 50 FR; 100 FR; 100 FL?
I’m excited, Alex may as well swim the 1650, she easily can throw down a sub 16 swim. UVA tends to have their girls swim events that they think they can win. Kate with the 200 BR, Alex 200 FL/400 IM. Gretchen 100 FR.

Reply to  Sherry Smit
1 year ago

I feel like there’s no way Alex doesn’t swim the 200 IM, given that Kate most likely won’t be doing it. Also think she’s probably a lock for the 400 IM as well

Sherry Smit
1 year ago

Where is Skirboll?

1 year ago

Is Virginia expecting Aimee Canny to arrive in the spring or … ?

Reply to  SwimGeek
1 year ago

I haven’t asked lately, but yes the plan was always for a spring arrival. South Africa finishes their school year in December.

Update: I asked, she arrives next month. Everything is on track and good to go.

question mark
1 year ago

michigan freshmen women are carrying!!!

Samuel Huntington
1 year ago

Tiltmann with a :54 100 back?

Reply to  Samuel Huntington
1 year ago

Yeah curious what happened there

Reply to  Swammer11
1 year ago

could be anything, a few other UVA swimmers have been off. The recent events definitely took a toll, a bug could be going around, different rest schedules, etc. No real point in speculating or reading much into midseason results

1 year ago

Short handed or not, Tennessee is swimming lights out. Crazy to think how deep this girls team could be at SECs if full strength. And then you add arguably our best recruiting class ever and shore up the sprint free depth next year…big things comin!

Reply to  VFL
1 year ago

Men are swimming lights out. Women’s ( they are not “girls”!) team not so much because UVA is their main competition and they are not holding up against them

Reply to  Swammom
1 year ago

UVA are national champs and favored to do it again. Tennessee women are going real well with who they have on deck…

Reply to  Swammom
1 year ago

I bet your kid’s swim coaches love you!

1 year ago

Brooklyn D looking good 🧡🇨🇦!!

Reply to  Smom
1 year ago

She’s going real well.

Octavio Gupta
1 year ago

The camera angle on this live stream is giving me vertigo