2022 French Elite Championships: Day 6 Finals Live Recap


  • Tuesday, April 5th – Sunday, April 10th
  • Limoges Métropole, France
  • LCM (50m)
  • World Championships & European Championships Qualifier
  • FFN Selection Policy
  • Entries
  • Results

Tonight’s finals session includes the women’s 400 IM, men’s 400 IM, women’s 50 breast, men’s 50 back, and women’s 50 free. Timed finals of the men’s 1500 free are also taking place today, the fastest heat of which will be swum at the end of tonight’s finals session.

Perhaps the most anticipated race of the night is the women’s 50 free, where Marie Wattel, Melanie Henique, and Charlotte Bonnet were bunched together this morning. This is a stacked field, featuring 3 of the France’s top swimmers currently. Henique is the French Record holder, while Wattel has the fastest time of the season in this field.


  • French Record – 4:34.17, Fantine Lesaffre, 2018
  • FINA ‘A’ Cut – 4:43.06


  1. Cyrielle Duhamel – 4:47.23
  2. Alexandra Dobrin – 4:47.46
  3. Camille Tissandie – 4:49.02

In a thrilling A final, Cyrielle Duhamel managed to hold off Alexandra Dobrin to claim the women’s 400 IM title. Duhamel established an early lead, out-splitting Dobrin on fly 1:04.13 to 1:05.65. With virtually identical back splits, 1:13.68 for Duhamel and 1:13.72 for Dobrin, Duhamel hit the halfway mark 1.57 seconds ahead of Dobrin. Although Dobrin would out-split Duhamel on both breaststroke and freestyle, the early deficit was too great for her to overcome.

Camille Tissandie was out right between Duhamel and Dobrin, splitting 1:04.95 on fly, but a poor 1:14.84 backstroke split put her into a deficit which she wouldn’t be able to overcome.


  • French Record – 4:09.65, Leon Marchand, 2022
  • FINA ‘A’ Cut – 4:17.48


  1. Emilien Mattenet – 4:16.37
  2. Jaouad Syoud – 4:19.21
  3. Tom Remy – 4:20.95

Emilien Mattenet posted an incredible swim tonight, roaring to victory in the ‘A’ final with a 4:16.37. The swim is huge for Mattenet, as he came in more than a second under FINA ‘A’ cut time of 4:17.48.

He was in control of his race from the beginning, splitting 58.87 on fly, then swimming a 1:05.06 on backstroke. The impressive thing about his backstroke leg was the way he split it. Mattenet embraced the tried and true philosophy of swimming faster on the 2nd 50 of the stroke. He split 33.29 on the first backstroke 50, then sped up immensely, clocking in at 31.77 on the 2nd 50. A 1:13.10 breast split and 59.34 free split got Mattenet home, 3 seconds ahead off anyone else.


  • French Record – 30.96, Sophie de Ronchi, 2009
  • FINA ‘A’ Cut – 31.22


  1. Florine Gaspard – 31.17
  2. Justine Delmas – 31.72
  3. Chloe Braun – 32.27

Belgium’s Florine Gaspard dominated the field in the women’s 50 breaststroke, winning by over half a second with a 31.17, slipping just 0.05 under the FINA ‘A’ cut. Of the French swimmers, Justine Delmas was in clear control, cruising to silver in 31.72, followed a half-second back by Chloe Braun in 32.27. Braun, for her part, barely fended off Laurie le Henaff, who posted a 32.32 to place 4th. Though none of the French swimmers got the FINA ‘A’ cut today, Delmas and Braun were both under the ‘B’ cut, with le Henaff finishing just 0.01 off of the FINA ‘B’ cut as well.


  • French Record – 24.07, Camille Lacourt, 2010
  • FINA ‘A’ Cut – 25.17


  1. Mewen Tomac – 24.89
  2. Kai Van Westering – 25.32
  3. Yohann Ndoye-Brouard – 25.44

Mewen Tomac blasted a 24.89 to clench the title in the men’s 50 backstroke, making him the sole performer sub-24 second in Sunday’s final. Kai Van Westering and Yohann Ndoye-Brouard kept it close for silver, though Van Westering came out on top. Veteran Jeremy Stravious finished in 4th with a 25.66, while Indian National Record holder Srihari Nataraj placed 5th in 25.67, about 0.49 off his personal best.


  • French Record – 24.34, Melanie Henique, 2020
  • FINA ‘A’ Cut – 25.04


  1. Marie Wattel – 24.82
  2. Melanie Henique – 25.00
  3. Charlotte Bonnet – 25.05

Marie Wattel edged National Record holder Melanie Henique by 0.18 to win the women’s 50 freestyle on Sunday. Henique had a great reaction time of 0.57 versus Wattel’s 0.67 reaction time, though Wattel produced more power down the stretch of the pool and overtook Henique. Charlotte Bonnet rounded out the podium, finishing 3rd in 25.05, fully o.20 ahead of 4th-place finisher Anna Santamans.


  • French Record – 14:44.72, David Aubry, 2019
  • FINA ‘A’ Cut – 15:04.64


  1. Damien Joly – 15:02.69
  2. Joris Bouchaut – 15:06.28
  3. Sacha Velly – 15:12.51

Damien Joly notched a FINA ‘A’ cut en route to winning the men’s 1500 freestyle on Sunday, notching a 15:02.69 to win by nearly 4 seconds.

Joly, Bouchaut, and Velly were all bunched up through the first 500 meters, then over the middle 500 Joly began to distance himself from Bouchaut, while Bouchaut put a few seconds between himself and the teenager Velly. By the 1000-meter turn, Joly was exactly 3 seconds ahead of Bouchaut (9:57.73 to 10:00.73, respectively), while Velly maintained 3rd position in 10:04.04. Though Joly came away with the gold, Bouchaut had the fastest final 100 split by far, posting a 57.93 to Joly’s 1:00.75. Bouchaut’s final 50 meter split was a 27.76.


Only two new names were added to the French World Championships roster today: Melanie Henique via the women’s 50 freestyle, and Emilien Mattenet via the men’s 400 IM.

Cyrielle Duhamel 200 IM Maxime Grousset 50 fly, 100 free, 50 free
Marie Wattel 50/100 free, 100 fly Florent Manaudou 50 fly, 50 free
Emma Terebo 100 back Yohann Ndoye Brouard 100/200 back
Mary-Ambre Moluh 50/100 back Mewen Tomac 50/100/200 back, 200 IM
Analia Pigree 50 back Hadrien Salvan 100/200 free
Charlotte Bonnet 100/200 free Jordan Pothain 200 free
Melanie Henique 50 free Damien Joly 800 free, 1500 free
Leon Marchand 200 IM, 200 fly, 200 breast
Antoine Viquerat 200 breast
Emilien Mattenet 400 IM
Mehdy Metella* 100 fly

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Bobo Gigi
9 months ago

Well. Nothing amazing on that last day of competition.
It was as expected a pretty boring week.
The confirmation of MAM’s talent in the 100 back and the revelations of Terebo, Avetand, Salvan and Mazellier have saved the meet.

9 months ago

Where did the British Trials disappear to 🙁

There's no doubt that he's tightening up
Reply to  Bud
9 months ago

Just as the big one, the men’s 200 free final starts lol

9 months ago

meanwhile in Stockholm Märtens just swam 1:45:44 in the 200 free, Sjöström and Hansson did 56s in the 100 fly (and yeah Sjöström did a world leading yeasterday in the 50 fly with 25:05…)

Last edited 9 months ago by SwimJon
Reply to  SwimJon
9 months ago

Wow, that’s some fast swimming. Why isn’t there more reporting on this meet. Maybe Sjöstrom changes her mind about racing the 100 fly this summer now.

Reply to  Germanizer
9 months ago

I don’t understand why she would drop her best event. I hope she swims 50/100 fly, 50/100 free

Reply to  Hswimmer
9 months ago

So do I! However, with all the realay duties…

Reply to  Hswimmer
9 months ago
Reply to  Germanizer
9 months ago

She also said she wouldn’t race 100 fly in Tokyo.

9 months ago

Having the French championships on election day confuses me a little. Must be hard to focus on punching a ticket to the World Champs while also having to take out the time to determine the political future of your country for the next 5 years (or well – the first round of that decision at least)

Richard Cooper
Reply to  Koen
9 months ago

No worry, Macron has McKinsey on his team and with them all’s fair game; they own FINA.

Reply to  Koen
9 months ago

You are absolutely right. Ignoring your citizen’s duty has a consequences of having a dictators like Lukashenko and Putin in Belorussia and Russia. Don’t say later that there is nothing you can do and you are just an athlete who love sport. That you are afraid to raise your voice against because you will be smashed like a bug.

Bobo Gigi
Reply to  Koen
9 months ago

People who can’t go to the polling station on Election Day can still use the proxy vote.
We have now a parody of democracy in France but at least we still have a simple, fair and secure voting process.
Hopefully we’ll never copy the joke which is the US voting system.

Here’s the voting system in place in France. I’m trying to sum up.
Only one day to vote, the Election Day, always on Sunday in metropolitan France. On Saturday in French overseas departments and territories and in French Polynesia. Saturday or Sunday for French expatriates depending on the country.
Polling stations have opened everywhere at 8 AM.
Personally I’ve voted this morning at around… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by Bobo Gigi