2021 Pac-12 Women’s Championships: 400 Free Relay Split Analysis



  1. Cal, 1519.5
  2. Stanford, 1445
  3. UCLA, 1169
  4. USC, 1006
  5. Utah, 951.5
  6. Arizona, 827
  7. Washington State, 533

In case you missed it, the Cal Bears won the 2021 Pac-12 team title here in Houston. Propelling the Bears’ win was their 400 free relay win, completing a 5-for-5 relay sweep. Cal won the event by 3 seconds with a 3:11.27, the No. 3 time in the NCAA this season. USC wound up in second at 3:14.18 while UCLA’s 3:15.28 was 0.05s ahead of Stanford to place third overall.

Cal had the three-fastest 100 free splits, with junior Izzy Ivey swimming the only sub-47 split at 46.81. Ivey earlier won the 100 free final in a 47.54. Teammates Robin Neumann (47.96) and Elise Garcia (48.10) all split under 48.20 while Eloise Riley had the fastest lead-off time in 48.40. Riley earlier placed 5th in the 100 free final at 48.77. Riley’s lead-off time would have placed 3rd.

The next-fastest split came from UCLA’s Claire Grover, splitting a 48.17. USC also had two solid splits from Jemma Schlicht (48.25) and double breaststroke winner Kaitlyn Dobler (48.37). In fact, both USC’s and Stanford’s relay swimmers swam under 49 seconds.

Stanford’s fastest relay splits came from Lauren Green (48.71) and lead-off Emma Wheal (48.75). Notably, 100 free A-finalists Amalie Fackenthal and Anya Goeders did not swim in tonight’s relay. After swimming a pair of 48-highs this morning, Fackenthal and Goeders swam 49.2s to place 7th and 8th in the final respectively. Breaststroke Allie Raab (48.89) and mile champion Morgan Tankersley (48.98) were in the water instead.

Split highlights out of the exhibition relays include Cal’s Alicia Wilson (48.73), Ayla Spitz (48.88), and Isabelle Stadden (49.01).

Full Women’s 400 Free Relay Results


  1. Cal, 3:11.27
  2. USC, 3:14.18
  3. UCLA, 3:15.28
  4. Stanford, 3:15.33
  5. Cal B, 3:16.37** (DQ)
  6. Arizona, 3:17.06
  7. Utah, 3:20.02
  8. UCLA B, 3:20.48**
  9. Arizona B, 3:20.62**
  10. Cal C, 3:22.53**
  11. Arizona C, 3:24.93**
  12. WSU, 3:25.87
  13. Utah B, 3:27.08**

All 100 Free Lead-Offs and Flying Splits

Cal Izzy Ivey 46.81
Cal Robin Neumann 47.96
Cal Elise Garcia 48.10
UCLA Claire Grover 48.17
USC Jemma Schlicht 48.25
USC Kaitlyn Dobler 48.37
Cal Eloise Riley
48.40 lead-off
Stanford Lauren Green 48.71
Cal Alicia Wilson
UCLA Sophia Kosturos 48.75
Stanford Emma Wheal
48.75 lead-off
USC Anicka Delgado
48.78 lead-off
USC Marta Ciesla 48.78
Arizona Kayla Filipek 48.78
Cal Ayla Spitz
Stanford Allie Raab 48.89
Stanford Morgan Tankersley 48.98
Arizona Jamie Stone 49.00**
Cal Isabelle Stadden
UCLA Delaney Smith 49.15
UCLA Rachel Rhee 49.17**
UCLA Ella Kirschke
49.21 lead-off
Arizona Molly Batchelor 49.30
Utah Audrey Reimer 49.42
Utah Madeline Woznick
49.46 lead-off
Arizona Amalie Mortensen
49.48 lead-off
Arizona Julia Heimstead 49.50
Cal Rachel Klinker 49.63**
Cal Ema Rajic
49.75**lead-off (DQ)
UCLA Brooke Schaffer 50.00**
Arizona Alayna Connor 50.11**
Cal Mara Allen 50.12**
WSU Chloe Larson
50.27 lead-off
Utah Reagan Cathcart 50.45
UCLA Madeleine Wright 50.59**
Utah Kayla Miller 50.69
UCLA Nora Clarkowski
50.72** lead-off
Arizona Casslyn Treydte 50.74**
Arizona Grace Anderson
50.77** lead-off
Arizona Tia Lindsay
50.96** lead-off
Arizona Hannah Farrow 51.08**
Utah Alyssa Watson
51.16** lead-off
Arizona Maddy Burt 51.28**
Cal Alexa Skorus-Neely
51.33** lead-off
Utah Emma Lawless 51.39**
Cal Emma Davidson 51.45**
Arizona Skylar Dikeman 51.61**
WSU Paige Gardner 51.62
WSU Taylor McCoy 51.77
Utah Emma Broome 52.05**
WSU Micheele Van Rooyen 52.21
Utah Kate Leary 52.48**

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