2021 International Swimming League – Match 7, Day 1: Live Recap


  • Thursday, September 16 – Friday, September 17
  • 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm EST (8:00 pm – 10:00 pm Local Time)
  • Piscina Felice Scandone, Naples, Italy
  • Short Course Meters (25m – SCM) Format
  • ISL Season 3 Schedules, Start Times, & More
  • Teams Competing: Cali Condors, Toronto Titans, Iron, New York Breakers
  • Omega Live Results

Match 7 of the 2021 regular season of the International Swimming League will be the final time fans see the Cali Condors race in Naples as it is (already) their 4th appearance. The Condors will have a tough battle with the Toronto Titans who are fresh off their first-ever ISL team victory in Match 5. Iron and the New York Breakers are also strong in certain areas and will clamor for 3rd place.



Day One Lane Assignments

  • Lanes 1&2: Toronto Titans (TOR)
  • Lanes 3&4: Cali Condors (CAC)
  • Lanes 5&6: Iron (IRO)
  • Lanes 7&8: NY Breakers (NYB)

Women’s 100 Butterfly

Toronto’s Louise Hansson held on for the win over Kelsi Dahlia of the Cali Condors, touching 55.42 to 55.54. Hansson’s swim steals the points from teammate Laura Stephens and Iron’s Alys Thomas, giving Toronto 12 points. The Condors will equal that though with a 2nd-place finish from Dahlia and a 4th-place finish from Erika Brown.

Men’s 100 Butterfly

No jackpot but Marius Kusch gets another win for the Titans in the men’s 100 fly. New York’s Matt Temple and Jakub Majerski have good swims to place 2nd and 5th, respectively, giving the Breakers 11 points to match Toronto, which also pulls in 11 points. The Cali Condors earn just 8 points in this race while Iron earns just 7 points.

Women’s 200 Backstroke

Despite an early issue with the backstroke wedge that delayed the start of the race by about a minute, Beata Nelson gets a huge jackpot win and brings in 19 points for the Cali Condors, however, teammate Kathrin Demler failed to make the time standard so Cali is deducted a point, giving the Condors 18 overall. Toronto’s Lisa Bratton and Kylie Masse place 2nd and 3rd giving the Titans 13 points while Daryna Zevina from the Brekers places 4th for 5 points. Iron gets zero points in this race.

Men’s 200 Backstroke

Coleman Stewart produces a very fast final 50 to surge ahead of early-leader Cole Pratt of the Toronto Titans and get the win in 1:50.98. Pratt places 2nd while his teammate Jay Lelliot places 5th giving the Titans 11 points overall, 1 more than the Condors who place 1st and 8th. Iron picks up a much-needed 11 points while the Breakers earn a mere 5 points.

Women’s 200 Breaststroke

Lilly King gets the win for the Cali Condors with a 15-point jackpot, but New York picks up a vital 13 points with 2nd- and 3rd-place finishes from Molly Renshaw and Abbie Wood. Molly Hannis of the Condors fails to meet the minimum time standard and is deducted a point. Toronto earns just 5 points while Iron gets only 4 points in the women’s 200 breaststroke.

Men’s 200 Breaststroke

Toronto’s Anton McKee looked like he was going to get his first victory of the season but couldn’t hold on in the final 50 meters and ended up fading to 4th. Erik Persson gives Iron their first win of the session in the men’s 200 breaststroke and steals a point from the Breakers, earning 10 points. Iron teammate Bernhard Reitshammer places 7th giving Iron a total of 12 points in the race. The Cali Condors place 2nd and 6th for 10 points total while Toronto hauls in 9 points.

Women’s 4 x 100 Freestyle Relay

The Toronto Titans get a huge 30-point jackpot win in the first relay of the match, stealing the points from their second team as well as squads from New York and Iron. Both Cali Condors relays scored to give the Condors 22 points total. Iron comes away with just 12 points and New York only 10 points.

Team Points Update

  1. Cali Condors – 94 points
  2. Toronto Titans – 91 points
  3. New York Breakers – 58 points
  4. Iron – 47 points

Men’s 50 Freestyle

Justin Ress gets a narrow victory over Iron’s Thom de Boer, an Olympic finalist in the 50 free. Cali’s Jesse Puts places 3rd to give the ‘Dors a total of 5 points while Iron will bring in 11. The Toronto Titans slide back a bit with only 6 points while the Breakers earn just 5 points.

Women’s 50 Freestyle

Kasia Wasick and Michelle Coleman bring the Titans a huge 26 points with a 1-2 finish. For Wasick it is a massive 19-point jackpot, stealing all of the points from both Breakers swimmers, as well as points from Iron and Cali. Overall, Iron gets just 6 points while Cali gets just 5 points.

Team Points Update

  1. Toronto Titans – 123 points
  2. Cali Condors – 114 points
  3. Iron – 64 points
  4. New York Breakers – 63 points

Men’s 200 IM

Finlay Knox pulls off the win in the men’s 200 IM as teammate Alberto Razzetti places 3rd to give the Titans 16 points. This is Cali’s worst showing of the day, netting just 3 points. The Breakers and Iron remain locked in the battle for 3rd as each earns 9 points.

Women’s 200 IM 

Despite an early lead by Cali’s Beata Nelson, New York’s Abbie Wood picked it up in the middle 100 to win the race, 2:05.08 to 2:05.82. Wood’s swim was a big one for New York as she gets a 15-point jackpot and steals points from both Cali and Iron, as well as her teammate Marrit Steenbergen. Toronto earns 9 points while Iron and Cali earn just 6 points and 7 points, respectively. All in all, Wood’s success turns out to be a win for the Toronto Titans as well since it prevents the Condor from getting a major point haul.

Men’s 50 Breaststroke

Nic Fink blasts a 26.14 to win the men’s 50 breaststroke and earn 15 points. Vitally for Iron, Fink’s jackpot comes at the expense of both Breaker’s swimmers as well as Toronto’s McKee. Iron earns 11 points while Toronto gets just 6 points. All told, the men’s 50 breaststroke was a great race for both Cali and Iron though it was a disaster for New York.

Women’s 50 Breaststroke

Lilly King and Molly Hannis place 1-3 in the women’s 50 breast, giving the Condors a total of 21 points thanks to King’s 15-point jackpot. Toronto’s Kelsey Wog is deducted a point for failing to make the time standard, while Iron’s Jenna Strauch and New York’s Molly Renshaw see their points stolen. Iron earns 7 points thanks to a 2nd-place finish from Ida Hulkko while Toronto gets just 5 points and New York just 4 points.

Men’s 4 x 100 Freestyle Relay

Toronto reclaims the lead thanks to a huge 38-point jackpot win. Each of the four teams saw one of their relay squads jackpotted, though the Condors and Iron each had a relay team that failed to make the minimum time standard, meaning both the Condors and Iron are deducted 2 points.

Women’s 50 Backstroke

New York’s Alicja Tchorz pulls an upset from lane 7 to win the women’s 50 backstroke in 26.38, getting her hand on the wall 0.07 ahead of Toronto’s Kylie Masse. Cali finishes 3rd and 4th for a total of 11 points though Toronto comes away with 11 as well. Iron gets only 3 points, a major detriment to their fight for 3rd with New York.

Men’s 50 Backstroke

Coleman Stewart gets a 12-point win in the men’s 50 backstroke, though Cali is also deducted a point for Brodie Williams failing to meet the time standard. Iron places 2nd and 3rd for a total of 13 points while Toronto does not fare so well, earning just 5 points. New York, meanwhile, gets 7 points.

Team Points Update

  1. Toronto Titans – 211 points
  2. Cali Condors – 200 points
  3. New York Breakers – 122 points
  4. Iron – 121 points

Women’s 400 Freestyle

The Toronto Titans did exactly what they needed to in order to distance themselves from the Cali Condors. Toronto’s Julia Hessler gets the win while teammate Kaersten Meitz placed 4th. Similarly, Iron went from 1 point under New York to 21 points ahead of New York thanks to 2nd- and 3rd-place finishes by Barbora Seemanova and Veronika Andrusenko. Neither Breakers swimmer met the minimum time standard meaning the Breakers are deducted 2 points total. Cali gets 9 points on the board, which is about as good as they could have hoped for in this race.

Men’s 400 Freestyle

Brendon Smith gave the New York Breakers a huge swing in momentum with a 15-point win in the men’s 400 freestyle. Iron, who was so strong in the women’s 400 freestyle, gets 7th and 8th here with each swimmer failing to make the minimum time standard, meaning Iron is deducted 2 points. Toronto places 2nd and 3rd for 21 points total while Cali pulls in 14 points, a solid showing for them in one of their weakest events.

Once again, Iron and New York are only separated by 1 point.

Team Points Update

  1. Toronto Titans – 256 points
  2. Cali Condors – 223 points
  3. Iron – 139 points
  4. New York Breakers – 138 points

Women’s 4 x 100 Medley Relay

The Cali Condors dominated the women’s medley relay earning 30 points total. Toronto earns a total of 22 points while Iron gets just 12 and New York just 10 points. Beata Nelson got the better of Kylie Masse as the backstroke lead-off, posting a 56.62 to Masse’s 56.91. Toronto’s Louise Hansson split a 55.28 in the butterfly on the Titans’ 2nd-place relay, while Kayla Sanchez put up a 51.82 freestyle split on Toronto’s 5th-place ‘B’ relay.

The Cali Condors have earned the right to pick the stroke for the 50 skins race on day 2, though Iron and Toronto will each get to eliminate a stroke first.

Men’s 4 x 100 Medley Relay

Despite not having Caeleb Dressel to swim butterfly, the Cali Condors still dominated the men’s 4 x 100 medley relay, jackpotting 3 other teams including one of their own. Iron did well to score both of its relays, netting 20 points.

The Cali Condors have again earned the right to pick the stroke for the 50 skins race on day 2, though Toronto and Iron will each get to eliminate a stroke first.

Team Standings – Day 1

  1. Toronto Titans – 292 points
  2. Cali Condors – 283 points
  3. Iron – 171 points
  4. New York Breakers – 158 points

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Eric the eel > Phelps
1 month ago

this is basically attack on titans

Reply to  Eric the eel > Phelps
1 month ago


Reply to  Khachaturian
1 month ago

Attack on Titan is a popular anime and manga series.

1 month ago

Any available ways to watch?

Jhon Snow
Reply to  Uncle_Reco
1 month ago

Isl.global but you need to subscribe

Reply to  Eric the eel > Phelps
1 month ago

Thank you! First chance to watch a match live since Season 1

Eric the eel > Phelps
Reply to  Uncle_Reco
1 month ago

cbc only broadcasts titans matches but its better than nothing

1 month ago

Did they ever address the buffering issues on the livestream?

Robert Griswold
Reply to  Breezeway
1 month ago

Nope. It’s still doing it

Daniel Carr
Reply to  Breezeway
1 month ago

Ok for me so far, but probably tempted fate now

Robert Griswold
Reply to  Daniel Carr
1 month ago

True, it’s going strong at the moment😂

Daniel Carr
Reply to  Robert Griswold
1 month ago

Not anymore, buffering again for me now 😂

Jhon Snow
Reply to  Daniel Carr
1 month ago

Still buffering for you?

Reply to  Breezeway
1 month ago

Getting better it seems

Daniel Carr
1 month ago

The paid link on the ISL website seems to be streaming ok for this match

Eric the eel > Phelps
1 month ago

Rowdy when he sees a stacked field in the ISL : “it’s over 30.000” *breaks saiyajin calculator*

Reply to  Eric the eel > Phelps
1 month ago

Literally useless numbers since no one understands what those mean

Eric the eel > Phelps
Reply to  CY~
1 month ago

do maths bro

Reply to  CY~
1 month ago

My theory is that it’s the average amount of dollars those athletes are owed by the ISL for last season.

Games Juy
1 month ago

I used to race brodie Williams alot when we were kids and obviously he’s compared to most but he was clearly a pick of desperation by cali.

1 month ago

Stewart negative split his 200 back!

1 month ago

Abbie Wood should be DISQUALIFIED!

Eric the eel > Phelps
Reply to  wow
1 month ago

just stop

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