2019 M. NCAAs: Conference Scoring Breakdown Through Day 2

by Robert Gibbs 11

March 29th, 2019 College, News


  • Wednesday, March 27 – Saturday, March 30
  • Lee & Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center, Austin, Texas
  • Prelims 10 AM / Finals 6 PM (Central Time)
  • Defending champion: Texas (4x) (2018 results)
  • Psych Sheet
  • Live results

One of the fun things about intercollegiate sports is that fans get lots of different ways to argue about whose team is better. And while your school may have bitter rivalries within your own athletic conference, it makes your team look better when you’re in a “better” conference, right?

We see this from time-to-time in swimming, and seemingly a little more recently, with suggestions along the lines of, that the ACC is improving, or that the SEC isn’t as strong this year. And while there’s really no way one to decide these things, here’s a little data you can use to help you to further your own argument however you’d like. We’ll follow up with a fuller breakdown, either after each of the next two nights, or as part of our post-meet analysis.

In short, the ACC has scored the most total points as a conference through day 2, with NC State leading the conference with 136 points. But Pac-12 and the SEC are within 10 points of the ACC. Cal has scored 212 of the Pac-12’s 326 points, while no team in the SEC has scored more than Florida’s 76 points, but nine teams have scored (same as the ACC). Indiana currently leads the Big 10, accounting for 155 of the conference’s 288 points, and Texas has racked up 188 points for the Big 12. Meanwhile, schools outside of the Power 5 Conference, aka “Mid-Majors,” have scored 82 points, with 70 points coming from Harvard. Note that these scores include diving.

Quick Glance

Conference Points
ACC 336
SEC 328
Pac-12 326
Big 10 288
Big 12 188
Mid-Major 82
Total 1548


Full Breakdown

Team Conference Score
NC State ACC 136
Louisville ACC 71
Virginia ACC 38
Duke ACC 17
Georgia Tech ACC 15
Miami ACC 13
Virginia Tech ACC 6
Notre Dame ACC 3
ACC total 336
Indiana Big 10 155
Ohio State Big 10 40
Michigan Big 10 30
Minnesota Big 10 29
Purdue Big 10 17
PennState Big 10 17
Big 10 total 288
Texas Big 12 188
Big 12 total 188
Harvard Mid-Major 70
Penn Mid-Major 7
Navy Mid-Major 4
Denver Mid-Major 1
Mid-Major total 82
California Pac-12 212
Arizona Pac-12 42
USC Pac-12 32
Stanford Pac-12 22
Arizona St Pac-12 18
Pac-12 total 326
Florida SEC 76
Missouri SEC 60
Alabama SEC 60
Texas A&M SEC 54
Tennessee SEC 30
Georgia SEC 21
South Carolina SEC 13
Kentucky SEC 5
SEC total 328

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Coach M

breakdowns are good! I just hope Michigan can get back on track I feel really bad for them

Carol Glover

It would be great to see the psyche sheet scoring in another column to see which teams had to go all in at conference.

peter davis

Virginia 38
USC 32
Michigan 30
Tennessee 30
Stanford 22
Georgia 22

Take any 2 of these formerly elite teams, and they combine for less than, or in one case equal to, 70 points.

Harvard alone has 70 points.

Michigan or Tennessee, Stanford, and Georgia combined have 74 points.

Harvard 70.

Excluding diving, the bottom half of the ACC and the SEC – Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky, LSU, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Notre Dame, Duke, Miami – COMBINED have 66 points.



USC, Michigan and Georgia are definitely still elite… Georgia is making due with what they have, and Michigan simply had a first day that is as much the polar opposite of how perfect Cal’s was as possible. They can still finish within the top 8 if they get back on track


Not with the MAN Vols diving TEAM…They put two in the big final today. Tennessee diving outscoring the swim team! We gonna calll ourselves the UT DIVE and swim program! Give that diving coach huge raise and get the swim coach in gear!


And the 400 IM just made that entire post irrelevant…


Tennessee has scored 8 points in swimming (22 diving) and this am they got NOBODY scoring in individual events!!! Their divers will bail them ut so they do not look as bad as they are…sad decline of a storied program.