2018 TAGS: Nitro Swimming Wins 13th Team Title, 20 Meet Records Fall

by Spencer Penland 6

August 01st, 2018 Club, News, Previews & Recaps

2018 Long Course Texas Age Group Championship

  • July 25th-28th
  • Lee & Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center, Austin, TX
  • Long Course Meters
  • Results

Top 5 Team Scores


  1. Nitro Swimming – 1949
  2. Lakeside Aquatic Club – 1395.5
  3. Cypress Fairbanks Swim Club – 1359
  4. Texas Ford Aquatics – 1175
  5. Blue Tide Aquatics – 1072


  1. Nitro Swimming – 1314
  2. Cypress Fairbanks Swim Club – 756.5
  3. North Texas Nadadores – 662
  4. Lakeside Aquatic Club – 598
  5. Alamo Area Aquatic Association – 588


  1. Texas Ford Aquatics – 868
  2. Lakeside Aquatic Club – 797.5
  3. Nitro Swimming – 635
  4. Cypress Fairbanks Swim Club – 602.5
  5. Blue Tide Aquatics – 571

The 2018 Texas Age Group State meet was held this past weekend, with Nitro Swimming winning its 13th combined team title, and the women’s team title as well. 14 year old Ana Herceg was one of Nitro’s top scorers, winning all 5 of her individual events, and breaking 3 individual meet records and a relay meet record. Herceg started out her meet by throwing down an impressive 2:01.87 to anchor the Nitro girls 13-14 800 free relay to victory. Trinity Hoang led that relay off with a 2:10.70, followed by Cammi Schaufelberger (2:11.94) and Sydney Rawie (2:10.41), finishing in a new meet record of 8:34.92. Later in the meet, Herceg posted a new best time of 2:03.19 to win the girls 13-14 200 free, breaking the previous meet record.

Herceg also won the 200 IM in record-fashion, coming close to breaking the 2:20 barrier with her final time of 2:20.82. She took that race out with a quick 1:05.16 (30.25/34.91) on the 1st 100, and posted an equally fast 31.40 on the free leg. Her other record came in the 200 back, where Herceg shattered her personal best of 2:19.57 with a final time of 2:16.35. She was out in 32.48, and then posted 50 splits of 34.74, 34.82, and 34.31 respectively. Herceg’s other 2 inidvidual wins came in the 50 and 100 free. In the 50, Herceg dropped a whopping 1.41 seconds to break both 28 and 27 seconds for the first time, touching in 26.86. She took the 100 free with a 58.12, finishing just .01 seconds off her personal best of 58.11.

Nitro’s Jeremy Kelly, a 12 year old, was another big points contributor for Nitro, also winning 5 indivdual events and breaking 3 meet records. Kelly broke meet records in the 50 and 100 back, posting times of 29.34 and 1:03.44 respectively. Kelly also won the boys 11-12 200 back, posting a time of 2:15.68, missing the meet record by .12 seconds. His other 2 wins came in the 50 free and 100 free. He won the 50 with a 25.69, setting a new meet record. His winning 100 time was 56.00, marking a 3.2 second drop from his previous best time.

Dean Jones (Magnolia Aquatic Club), who is listed as Gary Jones in the results, had an impressive meet, winning 3 individual events, and breaking 2 meet records, as well as a National Age Group Record. Jones’ first win came in the boys 11-12 200 fly, where he broke not only the meet record, but the NAG record as well with his final time of 2:11.07. He then took the boys 11-12 200 free, finishing in 2:03.04 to knock 2.49 seconds off his personal best. His 3rd win came in the 100 fly, where he posted a 1:00.11, narrowly missing the 1:00 barrier, and shattering the previous meet record by 1.89 seconds.

Ella Flowers, a 14 year old from Rice Aquatics, posted a new meet record in the girls 13-14 400 IM, touching in 4:56.34, breaking 5:00 for the first time in her career. Flowers also won the girls 13-14 200 breast with a 2:37.84. Zhier Fan, a 14 year old out of Metroplex Aquatics, took the boys 13-14 100 breast in a new meet record, finishing in 1:06.93. He also took the boys 13-14 200 breast with a 2:24.56, narrowly missing that meet record.

Andrew Zou, an Austin Swim Club 12 year old, won the boys 11-12 50, 100, and 200 breast, setting a meet record in the 200. In the 50 breast, Zou posted a speedy 32.47, marking a best time by 1.1 seconds, and a missing the meet record by just .04 seconds. His 100 came in at 1:10.60, another 1 second drop, but was less than a second off the meet record. Zou swam the 200 breast in 2:29.98, shedding 5.34 seconds off his previous best, and setting a new meet record.

Evan Roberts, a Waterloo Swimming 12 year old, broke the meet record in the boys 11-12 50 fly, posting an impressive 27.71. The Texas Ford Aquatics 11-12 boys 400 medley relay team of Michael Sachau, Grant Hu, Collin Woods, and Trevan Valena claimed victory and set a new meet record. Sachau led of in 1:10.12, followed by Hu (1:15.88), Woods (1:06.70), and Valena (59.84), touching in a final time of 4:32.54.

Kayla Fu, a 12 year old out of First Colony Swim Team Inc, claimed victory in the girls 11-12 50 free, 100 free, 200 free, and 200 IM, setting a new meet record in the IM. Fu swam a 2:23.96 to win the 200 IM, marking a solid time drop of 2.53 seconds, and a new TAGS meet record. She also won with times of 27.43, 59.37, and 2:10.04 in the freestyles.

Kendall Wallace, A Swim Houstin Aquatic Center 12 year old, broke the meet record in the girls 11-12 50 breast, posting a 34.11. 10 year old Carolina Mauldin of Alamo Area Aquatic Association broke 4 10&U girls meet records. Mauldin took the 200 IM in a quick 2:37.16, setting a new meet record. She also broke records in the 200 and 400 free, throwing down very fast times of 2:18.36 and 4:50.44 respectively. Mauldin’s 4th record came in the 100 fly, where she nearly broke 1:10, finishing in 1:10.57.

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4 years ago

Here’s a thought: Texas All-Star Team vs California All-Star Team

Reply to  socalswimcoach
4 years ago

This was (somewhat) attempted via the NACC competition involving SoCal, Pacific, Gulf, and Mexico. Gulf never had a very good turnout and it was frankly a dishonest show of what talent they had.

4 years ago

I officiated at this meet and it was great being on deck watching these kids do their thing. Lots of talent coming up in the Lone Star State.

4 years ago


Right Dude Here
Reply to  swimmertx
4 years ago

Had to do a double take, thought this article mentioned the God-King because of your comment.

25 free champ
4 years ago

Texas produces lots of good football players but something less known is how many good swimmers they produce. Congrats to all who participated in TAGS!