2018 NCAA Division II Men’s Championships – Day 3 Prelims Live Recap

2018 NCAA Division II Men’s Swimming and Diving Championships

  • Dates: Wednesday, March 14 – Saturday, March 17
  • Swimming: prelims 10am, finals 6pm; Diving: 2pm
  • Location: Greensboro Aquatic Center, Greensboro, North Carolina (Eastern Time Zone)
  • Defending Champions: Queens (results)
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Day 3

Men’s 500 Yard Freestyle – Prelims

  • NCAA DII: 4:17.09  3/11/2016   Dion Dreesens, Queens (NC)
  • Meet: 4:17.09  3/11/2016   Dion Dreesens, Queens (NC)


  1. Adam Rosipal, FR Indy 4:23.66
  2. Mackenzie Hamill, JR Simon Fraser 4:23.99
  3. Rolando Hernandez, SO Simon Fraser 4:24.80
  4. Franco Lupoli, SR Nova S’eastern 4:25.28
  5. Joan Casanovas, SO Drury University 4:25.43
  6. Alexandre Reinbrecht, SR Drury University 4:25.69
  7. Andrew Woinoski, SO Simon Fraser 4:27.42
  8. Tim Samuelsen, SO Missouri S & T 4:27.51
  9. Grantas Dapkus, JR NMU 4:27.93
  10. Matthew Holmes, JR Florida Southern 4:28.50
  11. Marti Penedes, FR Oklahoma Baptist 4:28.94
  12. Mar Faerber-Gonzalez, FR Wingate 4:29.84
  13. Brandon Schuster, SO Cal Baptist 4:30.32
  14. Reed McKinney, FR Drury University 4:30.34
  15. Luka Planinc, JR Florida Southern 4:30.34
  16. Throstur Bjanason, FR McKendree 4:30.38

Federico Brumana of Drury dropped 7/10 to win the first heat in 4:30.85. Heat 2 went to Simon Fraser sophomore Rolando Hernandez, who destroyed the heat with a 5.3-second improvement of his seed time. Hernandez won in 4:24.80, 5.5 seconds ahead of second-place finishers Reed McKinney of Drury and Luka Planinc of Florida Southern, who tied with 4:30.34.

Heat 3 featured a thrilling finish between Indy freshman Adam Rosipal and Simon Fraser junior Mackenzie Hamill. They battled down the stretch and came to the wall separated by only .33. Rosipal dropped 2 seconds to win the heat with 4:23.66; Hamill dropped 3 to go 4:23.99. Northern Michigan junior Grantas Dapkus was third with 4:27.93.

Nova S’eastern senior Franco Lupoli won the penultimate heat, holding off a fast-charging Alexandre Reinbrecht of Drury, 4:25.28 to 4:25.69. Third in that heat was Simon Fraser sophomore Andrew Woinoski with 4:27.42.

Drury sophomore Joan Casanovas won the last heat in 4:25.43, followed by Missouri S&T sophomore Tim Samuelsen from the outside lane (4:27.51) and Oklahoma Baptist freshman Marti Penedes (4:28.94).

Men’s 100 Yard Backstroke – Prelims

  • NCAA DII: 46.27  3/10/2016   Marco Palacios, Florida Southern
  • Meet: 46.27  3/10/2016   Marco Palacios, Florida Southern


  1. Paul Pijulet, SR Queens (NC) 47.11
  2. Giulio Brugnoni, FR Delta State 47.13
  3. Rodrigo Codo Berti, JR Indy 47.28
  4. Harry Shalamon, SO Grand Valley 47.41
  5. Iskender Baslakov, FR Fresno Pacific 47.49
  6. Dmytro Drobnych, JR Wayne State 47.51
  7. Brandon Dyck, FR Florida Southern 47.64
  8. Lajos Budai, SO NMU 47.85
  9. Zach Bunner, SR Queens (NC) 48.11
  10. Baptiste Leger, FR Queens (NC) 48.24
  11. Pavel Semochkin, FR Drury University 48.30
  12. Jacob Leahy, FR Cal Baptist 48.34
  13. Josh Walters, FR Cal Baptist 48.60
  14. Renars Bundzis, JR NMU 48.63
  15. Alen Mosic, FR Queens (NC) 48.65
  16. Sebastian Holmberg, SR Wingate 48.78

Queens freshman Alen Mosic dropped 6/10 to win heat 1 with 48.65, getting the backstroke heats off to a good start. Grand Valley sophomore Harry Shalamon led heat 2 over Fresno Pacific freshman Iskender Baslakov (47.49).

Delta State freshman Giulio Brugnoni edged Indy junior Rodrigo Codo Berti to win heat 3 in 47.13. Codo Berti went 47.28 for second, while Wayne State junior Dmytro Drobnych finished third in 47.51.

The final heat went to defending champion and top-seeded Paul Pijulet of Queens in 47.11. Lajos Budai of Northern Michigan touched second in 47.85, while Queens freshman Baptiste Leger came in third with 48.24.

Men’s 100 Yard Breaststroke – Prelims

  • NCAA DII: 51.63  3/13/2015   Anton Lobanov, Nova S’eastern
  • Meet: 51.63  3/13/2015   Anton Lobanov, Nova S’eastern


  1. Andrea Bazzoli, SR Drury University 52.68
  2. Henrik Dahrendorff, SO Saint Leo 53.06
  3. Justin Winnett, JR Lindenwood 53.74
  4. Luis Jasso, SR Florida Southern 53.78
  5. Sasha Palazzo, SO Wayne State 54.04
  6. Fernando Morillas, SR Oklahoma Baptist 54.09
  7. Giacomo Viazzo, SO Wingate 54.12
  8. Eric Tolman, SO Cal Baptist 54.14
  9. Edgar Chin, SO UCSD 54.24
  10. Christopher Mayes, SR Queens (NC) 54.35
  11. Davion Conley, SO Oklahoma Baptist 54.38
  12. Nicholas Arakelian, SR Queens (NC) 54.46
  13. Marius Mikalauskas, JR Grand Valley 54.46
  14. Inigo Alarcia, SR Queens (NC) 54.51
  15. Jan Zuchowicz, FR Indy 54.54
  16. Joshua Bedford, SR Colorado Mesa 54.71

There were only three heats of men’s 100 breast, and they were fast. Florida Southern senior Luis Jasso opened with a 53.78 win over Oklahoma Baptist senior Fernando Morillas (54.09) and Cal Baptist sophomore Eric Tolman (54.14).

Saint Leo sophomore Henrik Dahrendorff stunned the field I heat 2 with a 9/10 drop from his seed time to win with 53.06. Second to the wall was Lindenwood junior Justin Winnett (53.74). Wayne State sophomore Sasha Palazzo came in third in 54.04.

Drury senior Andrea Bazzoli dropped .97 to win the final heat in 52.68, the only sub-53 in the field. Behind him were Oklahoma Baptist sophomore Davion Conley (54.38) and Queens senior Nick Arakelian (54.46), who had come in with the number 1 entry time.

Men’s 200 Yard Butterfly – Prelims


  1. Marius Kusch, JR Queens (NC) 1:44.40
  2. Janko Radmanovic, SR Findlay 1:45.45
  3. Cristian Vasquez, JR Lindenwood 1:46.42
  4. Matheus Isidro, SO Lindenwood 1:47.06
  5. Nazarii Kosylo, SO Wingate 1:47.28
  6. Aaron Taske, SO Missouri S & T 1:47.42
  7. Matija Pucarevic, FR McKendree 1:47.71
  8. Leonardo Laporte, SO Southern Conn 1:47.81
  9. Kristijan Stunkovic, SR Oklahoma Baptist 1:47.88
  10. Zach Bunner, SR Queens (NC) 1:48.11
  11. Miguel Bernotti, FR Florida Southern 1:48.47
  12. Young Tae Seo, JR Drury University 1:48.57
  13. Justin Quiroga, JR Cal Baptist 1:48.70
  14. Joao Pedro Barreto, SO Catawba 1:48.78
  15. Kian Quigley, JR Lindenwood 1:48.85
  16. William Shanel, SR Truman St. 1:49.08

Northern Michigan junior Ryan Leonard got things started with a half-second drop to win heat 1 in 1:49.47. Lindenwood sophomore Matheus Isidro clocked a 1:47.06 to win a close race over Wingate sophomore Nazarii Kosylo (1:47.28) and Missouri S&T sophomore Aaron Taske (1:47.42).

Findlay senior Janko Radmanovic won heat 3 in 1:45.45, with Fresno Pacific sophomore Aleksei Averchenko and Southern Connecticut sophomore Leonardo Laporte in pursuit. Averchenko went 1:46.93 but was later DQd for a 15 meter violation. Laporte finished with 1:47.81.

Defending champion and NCAA record-holder Marius Kusch of Queens won the final heat in 1:44.40. Second to the wall was Lindenwood junior Cristian Vasquez (1:46.42), ahead of Oklahoma Baptist senior Kristijan Stunkovic (1:47.88) and Drury junior Young Tae Seo (1:48.57).

Men’s 800 Yard Freestyle Relay – Slower Heats

  • NCAA DII: 6:18.46  3/10/2017   Queens (NC) (Dreesens, Pijulet, Kusch, Arakelian)
  • Meet: 6:18.46  3/10/2017   Queens (NC) (Dreesens, Pijulet, Kusch, Arakelian)

Top 8 from morning session:

  1. Missouri S & T 6:33.11
  2. NMU 6:33.90
  3. Lindenwood 6:33.99
  4. Carson-Newman 6:36.82
  5. Delta State 6:37.30
  6. TAMPA 6:37.66
  7. Jewell 6:39.72
  8. UCSD 6:40.69

Carson-Newman won the first heat of men’s 800 relays with 6:36.82, improving their seed time by 2.2 seconds. Jonathan Lancaster (1:38.88), Nikola Tadic (1:39.45), Caleb Howell (1:39.94), and Macelo Fi Gueiredo (1:38.55) contributed to the win.

The second heat featured a thrilling finish. Northern Michigan and Lindenwood had been battling for the lead, trading stroke-for-stroke from the halfway mark. Missouri S&T, about 1 second behind the leaders at the last exchange, crept up on them and pulled even at the 700 wall. Missouri S&T anchor Morgan Meyer passed them on the 750 wall and came home for the heat win 6.33.11, a 4-second drop from their seed time. The Miners’ splits were: Kevin McPherson (1:38.35), Eirik Nielsen (1:38.25), Ethan Shih (1:39.57), and Meyer (1:36.94). NMU finished second in the heat with 6:33.90, just touching out Lindenwood (6:33.99).

Both heats were under review but neither produced a DQ.

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International Championships

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