2018 D1 Conference Champs Week 1: Fastest 200 Medley Relay Splits

Here is a compiled list of the fastest splits in all 4 strokes from the 200 medley relays on the 1st night of competition in the first week of Division 1 conference meets. The top 5 were taken for women, and the top 3 for men (because there were less men’s conference meets this week).

Day 1 saw some monster splits thrown down in these relays, including (but certainly not limited to) Erika Brown‘s 20.81 anchor split for Tennessee, Lilly King‘s 25.84 breast split for Indiana, Caeleb Dressel‘s 17.92 anchor split for Florida, and Peter Stevens‘ 22.99 breast split for Tennessee.


 Elise Haan (NC State) 23.59  Lilly King (Indiana) 25.84  Zhesi Li (Ohio St) 22.36  Erika Brown (Tennessee) 20.81
 Ally Rockett (Indiana) 23.63  Jorie Caneta (Texas A&M) 26.41  Alyssa Marsh (Duke) 22.55 Caitlin Cooper (Virginia) 21.23
 Emma Ball (Florida) 23.68 Bailey Andison (Denver) 26.59  Haley Black (Auburn) 22.65  Bailey Scott (Alabama) 21.35
 Klaudia Nazieblo (Virginia Tech) 24.03 Peyton Kondis (Houston) 26.97  Christine Jenson (Indiana) 22.67  Freya Rayner (Ohio St) 21.40
 Caroline Baldwin (North Carolina) 24.04  Bailey Bonnett (Kentucky) 27.03  Madeline Banic (Tennessee) 22.84  Alyssa Tetzloff/Emmy Sehmann (Wisconsin) 21.56

**Haley Hynes (Mizzou) split a 23.75 backstroke, and Miranda Tucker (Michigan) split a 26.46 breaststroke, but both relays were DQ’d. The DQs didn’t have to do with either swimmer, but since the relay time wasn’t official, they were left out of the list.**

If you were to add up the fastest split in each stroke, the final time would come out to 1:32.60, which would break the American, NCAA, and US Open records by 1.50 seconds.


Luke Kaliszak (Alabama) 20.85 Peter Stevens (Tennessee) 22.99 Zane Waddell (Alabama) 20.07 Caeleb Dressel (Florida) 17.92
Michael Taylor (Florida) 21.11 Nils Wich-Glasen (South Carolina) 23.24 Jan Switkowski (Florida) 20.16 Kyle Decoursey (Tennessee) 18.14
Brock Bonnetti (Texas A&M)/ Javier Acevedo (Georgia) 21.24 Wyatt Amdor (Kentucky) 23.31 Liam McCloskey (Auburn) 20.24 Zach Apple (Auburn) 18.70

The fastest men’s splits add up to 1:21.83, which interestingly, is well under the American Record of 1:22.40, but is off Texas’ NCAA and US Open Record of 1:21.54 from NCAAs last year.

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2 years ago

This is my favorite time of the year, championship season!!

2 years ago

Don’t forget Emmy Sehmann, who split 21.56 in freestyle, on UW – Madison’s 200 medley relay! 🙂 She is an awesome, genuine, and kind swimmer!

2 years ago

Caitlin Cooper split a 21.23