2017 U.S. Open: Day 4 Finals Live Recap


Swimmers are gearing up for day 4 finals of the 2017 U.S. Open in Long Meadow, New York. Tonight, we’ll see swimmers compete in the 200 free, 100 breast, 100 back, and 400 medley relay. Olympic champion Ryan Lochte will swim in his first final of a USA Swimming meet since the Rio incident. He’s the 7th seed for tonight’s 100 back final.


  • American: Allison Schmitt, 1:53.61, 2012
  • U.S. Open: Allison Schmitt, 1:54.40, 2012
  • U.S. Open Meet: Megan Romano, 1:57.54, 2012
  1. GOLD: Meaghan Raab, NAC, 1:58.71
  2. SILVER: Gabby Deloof, UN-1, 1:58.92
  3. BRONZE: Claire Rasmus, TAMU, 2:00.49

Michigan’s Gabby Deloof had over a half second advantage over Georgia’s Meaghan Raab at the halfway point, flipping in 57.53. Raab began to creep up on the 3rd 50, though, and was able to catch Deloof down the stretch to win it in 1:58.72 ahead of Deloof’s 1:58.92.

Texas A&M teammates Claire Rasmus and Katie Portz battled closely for 3rd place. Rasmus had the better back half, getting her hand to the wall in 2:00.49 to out-touch Portz (2:00.51) but 2 hundredths. PLS’ Miranda Heckmann followed in 2:00.73 to round out the top 5.


  • American: Michael Phelps, 1:42.96, 2008
  • U.S. Open: Michael Phelps, 1:44.10, 2008
  • U.S. Open Meet: Pieter van den Hoogenband, 1:46.23, 2005
  1. GOLD: Jeff Newkirk, QSTS, 1:48.17
  2. SILVER: Long Gutierrez, CAL, 1:48.58
  3. BRONZE: Matt Hutchins, WA, 1:49.68

Texas’ Jeff Newkirk knocked a full second off his former best 1:49.33 to win tonight’s 200 free title. Newkirk rolled out to the early lead in 52.40 and was able to hold off a late charge from Cal’s Long Gutierrez (1:48.58) to take the win in a new lifetime best 1:48.17. In an extremely close battle for 3rd, Wisconsin’s Matt Hutchins (1:49.68) edged out Stanford’s Liam Egan (1:49.71) and Kentucky’s Isaac Jones (1:49.74).

Gutierrez’s 1:48.58 for silver was a new Mexican National Record, clearing his own former record of 1:48.87 from the 2015 Pan American Games.


  • American: Lilly King, 1:04.13, 2017
  • U.S. Open: Jessica Hardy, 1:04.45, 2009
  • U.S. Open Meet: Jessica Hardy, 1:04.45, 2009
  1. GOLD: Chloe Tutton, GBR, 1:08.23
  2. SILVER: Andee Cottrell, CARD, 1:08.40
  3. BRONZE: Jorie Caneta, TAMU, 1:08.66

The top 5 women in the 100 breast were all bunched into the 1:08-range. British breaststroke standout Chloe Tutton came out on top, sweeping the breaststroke titles as she touched out Louisville’s Andee Cottrell with a 1:08.23 to Cottrell’s 1:08.40. Texas A&M’s Jorie Caneta made her move on the back half, but came up just short of silver with a 1:08.66.

FAST’s junior star Zoe Bartel was just a few tenths back for 4th place in 1:08.95, while LIAC’s Margaret Aroesty (1:08.96) rounded out the top 5.


  • American: Kevin Cordes, 58.64, 2017
  • U.S. Open: Kevin Cordes, 58.74, 2017
  • U.S. Open Meet: Kevin Swander, 59.40, 2009
  1. GOLD: Ian Finnerty, IU, 1:00.09
  2. SILVER: Tommy Sucipto, AUS, 1:00.67
  3. BRONZE: Michael Andrew, RPC, 1:00.81

Indiana’s Ian Finnerty and RPC’s Michael Andrew were separated by just a tenth at the 50, but Finnerty continued to build on his lead through the back half to win in 1:00.09. Andrew faded to 3rd as Aussie Tommy Sucipto ran him down for the silver, touching in 1:00.67 to Andrew’s 1:00.81. Sucipto’s 18-year-old teammate George Harley also dipped under 1:01, barely missing the top 3 with a 1:00.96 for 4th place.


  • American: Missy Franklin, 58.33, 2012
  • U.S. Open: Kathleen Baker, 58.57, 2017
  • U.S. Open Meet: Hayley McGregory, 59.11, 2008
  1. GOLD: Elise Haan, WOLF, 1:00.59
  2. SILVER: Kylie Stewart, ABSC, 1:00.60
  3. BRONZE: Lisa Bratton, TAMU, 1:00.63

It came down to the touch in the women’s 100 back as 3 swimmers raced stroke-for-stroke into the finish. NC State’s Elise Haan and Georgia’s Kylie Stewart flipped in a tie as they each registered a 29.70 at the halfway mark. They almost had identical closing splits as well, with Haan (1:00.59) out-touching Stewart (1:00.60) by a hundredth for the win. Texas A&M’s Lisa Bratton nearly chased them down on the back half, but ran out of room with a 1:00.63 for 3rd ahead of Texas’ Claire Adams (1:00.99).


  • American: Ryan Murphy, 51.85, 2016
  • U.S. Open: Aaron Peirsol, 51.94, 2009
  • U.S. Open Meet: Nick Thoman, 52.51, 2009
  1. GOLD: Arkady Vyatchanin, NYAC, 53.91
  2. SILVER: Christopher Reid, BAMA, 54.54
  3. BRONZE: Xavier Mohammed, GBR, 54.62

NYAC’s Arkady Vyatchanin was the only man to turn in a sub-54 tonight, winning by a half second with his 53.91. Bama’s Christopher Reid (54.54) and Great Britain’s Xavier Mohammed (54.62) raced neck-and-neck  earn 2nd and 3rd respectively. Texas A&M’s Brock Bonetti was the only other man to break 55 with a 54.99 for 4th place, followed by U.S. Olympian Ryan Lochte (55.16).


  • American: USA, 3:51.55, 2017
  • U.S. Open: USA, 3:55.23, 2010
  • U.S. Open Meet: AUS, 4:04.64, 2013
  1. GOLD: Texas A&M, 4:05.95
  2. SILVER: Kentucky, 4:07.00
  3. BRONZE: Wisconsin, 4:10.92

Texas A&M’s Lisa Bratton led off with a 1:00.50 backstroke split, the fastest 100 back posted at this meet today, and the Aggies started to run away with it from there until the 3rd leg. Kentucky’s Haley McInerny (59.93) pulled the Wildcats into the slight lead with her butterfly split, but the Aggies’ Claire Rasmus brought it home for the Aggies in a 55.34 free split to win it.


  • American: USA, 3:27.28, 2009
  • U.S. Open: USA, 3:32.48, 2010
  • U.S. Open Meet: GBR, 3:36.55, 2008
  1. GOLD: Alabama, 3:39.11
  2. SILVER: Cal, 3:39.64
  3. BRONZE: Texas A&M, 3:40.01

Bama’s Christopher Reid (55.29) put up the fastest back split of the field to get the ball rolling for the Crimson Tide, with Alabama leading through the 200 mark. Cal made a comeback with Matt Josa‘s 52.46 on the fly leg, but teammate Long Gutierrez (49.24) couldn’t hold off Bama’s 100 free champ Robert Howard (48.53) on the anchor leg.

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5 years ago

I think that Long G broke the Mexican national record in the 200 free.

Coach Mike 1952
Reply to  Lauren Neidigh
5 years ago

why a down vote for Laura trying to help out?

Lauren Neidigh
Reply to  Coach Mike 1952
5 years ago

Some people just scroll through to downvote and don’t even read the comments. Oh well.

bobo gigi
Reply to  Lauren Neidigh
5 years ago

😆 No, is it possible that some nasty and idiot people can do that? 😆
That’s why these vote machines bring nothing to the website and should be removed.
And if you don’t like a comment or if you disagree then you can respond. But I wonder if these guys are able to write a sentence with more than 2 words….

Speed Racer
Reply to  DLswim
5 years ago

And that is why Team USA is the toughest team to make. When 17year olds had faster times at Nats than a 1:48.5

5 years ago

What a meet for Alabama’s Robert Howard! Never heard of him before this year, dudes time drops have been insane so far.

5 years ago

Any on y’all counting on Lochte anytime soon, good luck! Dude is in his 30s and a dad and is getting a dad bod full force

Distance Swimmer
5 years ago

Locate really should retire, his time has come and gone, the Rio scandal made his career no better either. End while you’re sorta in a good place rather than fall out over the next 2/3 years

Reply to  Distance Swimmer
5 years ago

Why? He is not what he once was, but if he still enjoys doing it, why not? Grevers and Ervin are still out there. Coughlin competed past her prime and Vollmer still hasn’t retired. The real issue seams to be his work ethic. Grevers, Plummer, Phelps and Vollmer have kids but they didn’t use that as an excuse. He needs to decide what he wants and stop blowing smoke.

Distance Swimmer
Reply to  Cate
5 years ago

That’s what I’m talking about, he’s in it for the $$ and attention at this point. After Rio it was clear he wanted to have fun outside of swimming but he can’t have all that fun and still swim and with a child on the way too

Reply to  Cate
5 years ago

Correction; it is fellow swimmer Michael Phelps that is infamous for “blowing smoke.”

5 years ago

Arkady Vyatchanin,is he a US citizen? There was no asterisk next to his name.
Lochte looks a tad out of shape. Hope he gets his groove back.

Reply to  don
5 years ago

Yes, Arkady is now a US citizen!

Reply to  don
5 years ago

Been a while (year or two) I think he was cleared to race right after us trials but he was technically a citizen for longer

5 years ago

Lochte with a 55.16 here

Reply to  SwimmerForever
5 years ago

Just let him work ! ! ! 55 is cause of how tired he is,
I’m sure he’ll go a 48 at his taper meet. ??

Reply to  PACFAN
5 years ago

Well, yeah it would seem he didn’t (work). Hope he’s not hanging on just for sponsors. Would like to believe, like Ervin and Grevers he enjoys the life.

samuel huntington
5 years ago

Jeff Newkirk gonna be a big swimmer for Texas this upcoming year

5 years ago

Let’s go Locthe! Feeling a 54- something? He could challenge for the podium, great warmup for the 200 IM.

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